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Overstufed and (somewhat) happy, and the Feed

I am just returned from dinner at Monell’s as I fire up the laptop to compose this post. Tonight was ribs, catfish, lasagna, and fried chicken with green beans, turnip greens, corn pudding, mashed potatoes and fried zucchini as the vegetables. Add the salads and desserts and you have a very full blogger trying to stay awake to make the post…

Up first is a story that is appearing far too often lately. Ambulance delay blamed in death of Buffalo man The cause of death is the bullet that impacted the cyclist, which is the part of the story I refer to as happening too often lately, this being the third cyclist shooting this year that I know of and I’m sure there have been a few that I haven’t heard of. Not sure how a human cyclist is supposed to avoid this kind of event, we already spend too much time trying to avoid the getting hit by cars events.

Speaking of stuff that has been happening too frequently. Police: Saginaw man shot while riding bicycle on city’s East Side This was an apparent random shooting and may not have even been intended for the cyclist as the victim. Last I read was there was a group of people nearby having a difference of opinion when the shooting took place. I usually get 2 or 3 of these a year, I have never had 2 in the same day before.

We are nearing the end of this story in OH. Bicyclists gearing up for sentencing of motorist who killed Lunken rider I barely remember this one it was so long ago, even with the reminders from the linked article. If you are even somewhat local to this wreck I urge you to send a letter or show up in person in your bike clothes.

Update on a MD cyclist who was hit by a dump truck after rolling a stop sign. Severn School Community Mourns Loss of Latin Teacher The cyclist apparently mis-judged the speed of the approaching dump truck and paid the ultimate price for his failure in depth perception. Intersection wreck, protocols apply and get the infrastructure right to prevent. That the wreck happened at all is a real shame because the writeup makes him look like a real peach of a guy…

Nearing the end of the story in this AZ wreck. Guilty plea in death of Chandler boy, 11, struck and killed on bicycle I would personally like to see this scumbag spend the rest of his miserable life behind bars since we can’t strap him behind the wheel of the car as it gets recycled, but we have to live within the limitations of the law which are unfortunately under a year. Fortunately he faces considerably more time for violating his bail restrictions for the other crimes he was accused of, so it’s a wash.

And a CA DA can’t figure out how to charge a driver driving without a license with illegal possession of a deadly weapon in the hit-from-behind wreck of a child cyclist in a bike lane. Man who gravely injured Palo Alto boy to face misdemeanor charge Several paragraphs of excuses why they couldn’t actually charge the driver with anything serious enough to cover the results of hitting the cyclist on his way to school in a bike lane while driving with meth in his system.

Another OR cyclist is seriously injured by a motor vehicle. Injured cyclist upgraded to serious condition The cyclist was apparently at fault in this one (but I don’t know exactly what happened) but there was a great deal of attention focused on the intersection and how it might have played a part in the wreck.

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike for nine years running, LEO have to prosecute this hit-and-run in favor of the cyclist who was hit. Video Captures Hit & Run Accident That Injured Bicyclist This is a classic example of the left cross wreck, the cyclist had the right of way (in fact the cyclist was more than halfway though the intersection before the weapon vehicle got to the stop bar) and the weapon vehicle operator fails to avoid the cyclist who was nearly clear of the intersection at the time of the impact. Intersection protocols were observed by the victim (notice the attempt to turn away from the impact), but only mitigated the results. Infrastructure would not have helped as the existing infrastructure would have worked had the driver paid attention to what was on the road in front of him and not treated the left turn as an extension of the on-ramp he was entering.

Two wrecks in the Great White North that were not the cyclists’ fault. UPDATE: Two charged with careless driving Note that as much attention was paid to the cyclist’s helmet use as was spent on the drivers hitting the cyclists from behind.

More lawyer blatherings from the Great White North. Hanson Duby, Toronto’s Leading Personal Injury Law Firm, Advises Bikers to Be Cautious After Cyclist Dies in Hit-and-Run Accident Since the cyclist was not at fault in the wreck in question shouldn’t they be admonishing the people who would be paying their fees not to hit cyclists?

From Jolly Olde, a driver is convicted of killing a cyclist and most likely will get a fine lower than if he had thrown a gum wrapper on the pavement (sidewalk). Motorist killed cyclist, 56 I would be astonished if the driver sees any kind of jail time, and totally expect a fine along the lines of the £35 fine a taxi driver got recently.

And those are all the links that gave me fits tonight.

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