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Having a large Feed even for a Monday

I’m getting a late start today because of staying up til 0300 watching You Tube videos with my host here in TN, so this will be a bit rushed feeling as we have an engagement to attend this afternoon and the Feed is freaking huge in the number of links I will have to filter.

Up first, hit-and-run has become a nationwide epidemic. Fatal hit-and-run accidents common in N.O. Might I suggest making a hit-and-run with a fatality Murder (2nd Degree Murder in states other than TX), and recycling the killer’s motor vehicle while the killer is strapped/chained behind the wheel, then showing the execution on TV so that people will KNOW that hit-and-run carries a worse punishment than anything you could get from staying around.

A wreck in Houston that is either 100% infrastructure or 100% cyclist negligence. Bicyclist killed in crash with METRO light rail in downtown Houston The one thing I wonder about with this report is why it is in the culture section rather than in the Metro News section. And after finally getting to read the full article we can see that the cyclist was at fault in this one as she crossed the tracks in front of the oncoming train that was blowing the horn. I still do not understand these kinds of wrecks, as the cyclist knows they are crossing train tracks, the train was making a lot of noise and they are really hard to miss visually… More UPDATED: Cyclist Killed When Struck by Metro Train Monday Morning

Update on a fatal wreck in San Antonio. Fundraiser planned for man killed in bike accident That the victim’s medical and life insurance were dependent on his longevity of employment and he had just changed employers which made him start all over on both are subjects that are outside the scope of this blog. I still say DUI laws in TX are too lenient for misuse of such a dangerous device as a motor vehicle.

A left cross with a drunk driver in Seattle. Police: Suspected drunk driver arrested after colliding with bicyclist Intersection wreck that could not be avoided by a human cyclist so the protocols would have at best just mitigated the damages from the impact. Get the infrastructure right (including taking away the vehicles of drunk drivers) to prevent.

A low-information report from OH about a bike wreck. Bike rider struck, injured in Hubbard As of this posting the bare fact that the cyclist was hit is all I have.

A cyclist is killed in a wreck in IN (I love that tiny pun). Former high school coach hit on bicycle, killed by Jeep And they used the wrong preposition, he was killed with a Jeep. The jeep had no volition of its own. I hate these low-information reports that don’t even give a precise location aside from “a rural road”.

An intersection wreck in IL. Two Injured In Bicycle And Minivan Crash In Litchfield The vision of the young teen cyclist was obscured by the trucks in the road next to his driveway and he pulled out in front of the weapon vehicle. I have no clue about how infrastructure could have prevented the wreck, but the cyclist being more cautious (a 13 YO male being “cautious”? Like that will ever happen) while pulling out when his visibility is obstructed probably would have avoided the wreck. No clue as to who the other person transported was, I assume the young driver might have been overcome at the carnage he wrought with his transportation of mass destruction and required a trip to hospital to calm down.

A cyclist is killed in PA. Teen cyclist, 17, dies nearly 12 hours after being hit by car in western Pa.; no charges filed And the headline covers almost all the facts in the report. No mode given, so no way of knowing what to be done to avoid or prevent the wreck. More Family, friends remember teen cyclist who died after being hit by car and Moon teen dies after being struck by vehicle while riding bike This link at least describes the wreck as a hit-from-behind, still not sure how a driver who hits another vehicle from behind and kills the operator avoids any charges.

Update on a wreck in NYC. Singaporean cyclist injured in New York crash faces $634k bill That comes to just over $500K in USD, at the high end of costs for survivable wrecks between cyclists and motor vehicles. As the driver was in the process of running from LEO after a previous criminal exploit, recovering any of those bills from the driver seem unlikely.

A right hook wreck in CA. Cyclist, car collide; woman injured I think that any time a driver “mistakes” the gas for the brake pedal while the car is in motion (presumably by placing said foot on said gas pedal) at a bare minimum a charge of negligent assault needs to be levied. Intersection wreck, use the protocols to mitigate what you can’t avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A serious wreck in the Great White North with undetermined participation of motor vehicles. Cyclist sustains serious injuries and Injured Bracebridge cyclist airlifted to Toronto hospital The second link explicitly states the suspicion of motor vehicle involvement but emphasizes the fact that it remains unknown at this point. More Cyclist found on Muskoka Beach Road with serious injuries The injuries the links all describe are consistent with a “buzz job” that may have only made glancing contact with the cyclist’s body and completely missed the bike.

Another link to yet another Ghost Bike story. Where Cyclists Once Rode, Ghost Bikes Stand Vigil I would love to live in a country where there was no need to install another ghost bike because nobody had been killed with a motor vehicle while riding in the street.

Lifestyle from L.A. CA. From Claremont to Whittier, a 21-mile bike commute is a way of life: Sam Pedroza My former commute was only a bit over 15 miles back from work after the bus quit running and 5 miles to get and from the bus on the way in, so this guy has me beat by a substantial margin (not counting the fact that I lost that job in 2002 after the extent of my brain damage became clear).

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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