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Happy Tuesday, and the Feed

This post may take a while to complete and may not get actually posted until I get home to my own WiFi because I will be leaving for the Dawgbus this afternoon to return to the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. And I’m sitting in the Nashvegas bus station with WiFi showing a strong connection, but unable to open a link from e-mail. And after disconnecting and reconnecting I finally can open a link.

Up first is two links to a breaking story out of CO. Bicyclist killed after colliding with semi in Lakewood and Fatal semi-cyclist accident shuts down Lakewood intersection The wreckage looks like a recent model RANS Stratus, similar to the bike I used to ride inter-city for years after my wreck, until I bent the frame when the chain jammed. Anyway the wreck has already been identified as a right hook almost on top of the cyclist, and was witnessed by another cyclist following the victim. The cyclist had no place to go as he was essentially run over from behind by the back of the trailer as the truck turned on top of him, so the protocols are out the window on this wreck. I’m not sure what kind of infrastructure would prevent a similar wreck as long as semis had to turn into destinations on the opposite side of bike infrastructure from the motor vehicle traffic lanes.

More on the cyclist killed after getting hit with a train in Houston. Bicyclist Killed After Crashing Into Light Rail Train In Houston Still nothing on why the cyclist was hit by/with the train, but a lot on how.

A cyclist is killed by a blind driver in AL. Alabama man dies after bike hit by car for second time in a year One word: Infrastructure!

A cyclist is in critical condition after getting hit-and-run in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike 9 years in a row. West Palm Beach Cyclist Injured In Hit-And-Run Identified Intersection wreck so it may be assumed that intersection protocols may have helped avoid or mitigate the damages from this wreck. Getting the infrastructure right would prevent the wreck with a 90% certainty. Among other things the weapon vehicle needs to be taken away from the driver and shredded with live video on TV and posted to YouTube.

A journo in CA is harassed while gathering information on a bike wreck by one of the people collectively responsible for the wreck. Cyclist Injured on Polk Street Block Where Merchants Fought Protected Lane Intersection wreck, so the protocols may have helped but as it seems the hit-and-run driver crossed the centerline when the cyclist was hit the protocols are pretty useless in that kind of situation. Had the intended infrastructure been in place then this wreck would not have happened.

Another hit-and-run wreck near S.F. in CA. Hit-and-Run Driver Injures Bicyclists in Campbell Hit-from-behind in the bike lane (they showed the skid marks where the driver entered the bike lane to hit the cyclists in the video) so only a protected bike lane would have prevented this wreck. The driver of the weapon vehicle was observed turning off the headlights to avoid detection, so he (?) had to have either hit the cyclists on purpose or because he was drunk or distracted and then left on purpose. More Campbell: Hit-and-run driver sought after injuring bicyclists in San Jose Bike Party

The driver that ran into a group of cyclists returning from a farm trade show is charged in the death of the one that died. Illinoi man charged with felonies in accident that killed cyclist, injured 4 others Why no charges for the 4 other cyclists he assaulted with his deadly weapon?

A stop sign rolling cyclist is injured in IA. 12-year-old hit by car while riding bike in Norwalk Intersection wreck, intersection protocols to prevent and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Another KS wreck in the eastern part of the state. Another Kansas Bicycle Rider hit, killed UPDATE Intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid and fix the sensor on that stop light to prevent. Looking at the Street View shows a traffic sensor for the light that is completely unable to detect a bicycle. The cyclist would have had to either wait for a vehicle coming her direction to trigger the light, or run the red light treating it as a stop sign.

More on that left cross wreck that cost a cyclist the tip of her thumb in Seattle. Cyclist loses part of her thumb in South Lake Union crash Ow, OW and OWW!

A terrible reminder of why you should not carry unsecured cargo on your bike, especially on the handlebars. Bicyclist injured in unusual crash at Tumalo Park Not much I can say except to properly secure all cargo when you ride. More Bicyclist in Sunday crash dies of injuries

A SWSS wreck in OR. Cyclist hurt in freeway crash in satisfactory condition The cyclist was hit while legally riding in the shoulder of the road. Perhaps someone could tell me where the cyclist supposedly swerved from to be hit while riding the shoulder?

A cyclist left-crosses himself in far West Canuckistan. 80-year-old cyclist killed in crash Intersection wreck implies intersection protocols to avoid, and I guess infrastructure would have prevented a wreck like this if it was done right. What “right” would look like is a problem I leave to professionals. I just would like to see what it would work like in a simulator first before any concrete or asphalt are laid. That’s the problem with most bike infrastructure designed by “professionals”, it’s designed by people who haven’t ridden a bike since they were in elementary school.

A cyclist is hit by a car pulling out of a driveway in the Great White North. Cyclist injured after collision with car There was discussion that the cyclist was on the sidewalk but that would not excuse leaving the scene. Intersection wreck (every driveway is an intersection) so the protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right (which is apparently desperately needed if the cyclist was on the sidewalk) to prevent.

An entire article trolling for page hits by spreading F.U.D. about infrastructure. Could New Bike Sharing Program Increase New York Bicycle Accidents?

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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