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Totally blew a job interview this morning, and the Feed

Well I had my first in-person job interview this morning since August (I think) of 2006, for a “personal assistant” job, and I did not get the job because of my brain damage, specifically my aphasia. Part of the job would require me to answer phones from time to time, and the interviewer thought from my responses during the interview that I probably would not be capable of handling that part of the job on a regular basis. If the guy that hit me wasn’t dead for nearly 9 years already I would cheerfully do a Blanda to his nether regions until his grandchildren flinched in the future (I think I have the name right, for the last straight-ahead kicker in the NFL and the only kicker I can remember by name(and a wiki search tells me I got both the name and the credit right)). He cost me a $100/day P/T job… for 2-3 days a week with a possible raise and promotion to full-time with benefits. I could have been making $4K a month if it wasn’t for my brain damage.

A child cyclist in OH runs a stop sign. Boy treated after riding his bike into vehicle The weapon vehicle was described as a “Neo” (cue bad Keanu Reeves Matrix pun). Anywho, the kid was seen by multiple witnesses (including one that left a comment on the article) running the stop. And that person and at least one more said the street design was at least partly to blame because people treated the street as a race track or freeway through the neighborhood. I’m going to go with bad infrastructure on this one as well, if a kid can’t play in front of his (or a neighbor’s) house then the streets are seriously bolluxed, and the neighborhood is hosed. Residential areas should be for kids to play in, not cars to speed through.

Another child cyclist is hit head on in MO. Isabella Marco airlifted to Childrens Hospital after bicycle accident Nothing much about who did what in the article but plenty in the comments. People who claimed to live there say the driver most likely was going too fast or just crossed the centerline because there were no cars coming the other way, as both actions are quite common in that stretch of street. Again complaints are made about drivers treating a residential street with supposedly traffic-calming blind turns as a freeway or race track, making this infrastructure and (lack of) enforcement related. Nothing a human cyclist of any age could have done when faced with a motor vehicle coming at you in your lane, reaction time due to the blind turn would be as near zilch as to make no difference.

And a cyclist in the Windy City “sideswipes” a car while making a left turn. Rafael Ramirez, Suburban Cyclist, Dies In Chicago After Colliding With Moving Car In Northwest Side While this might have happened I call “windshield bias” on this one. Still unless the report is dead nuts accurate I say the same thing happened to this guy that happened to me last month (driver passing to the cyclist’s right in the same lane) hit-from-behind protocols apply, and better intersection treatments to prevent.

Hit-from-behind wreck in IN. Cyclist killed this morning in Middlebury had ‘best personality,’ says boss Again a wreck that does not appear to be avoidable by human cyclists, the bike was lit up like a Christmas tree according to the link as it reads as I post this, and the SUV driver still somehow managed to not miss him. Alcohol is suspected for the driver of the weapon vehicle. [rant] And this meme is already tiresome, I don’t like wrecks that the victim had no choice about participating in. And I’m still strongly in favor of drivers who kill losing cars first, licences second, and if there was any part of the wreck that involved behavior that required deliberate action to cause the wreck, loss of freedom up to and including the death penalty. I include drunk driving in that category as well as drivers who have made statements about running cyclists and/or pedestrians over for being in the road. [/rant] More Cyclist killed in Middlebury

And the next link to pop on my screen after that rant is a hit-and-run in NYC. Bicyclist struck in hit and run and Queens, N.Y., hit-and-run driver speeds away with bicyclist on roof, flinging him off I think I read something like this and decided it was a Hollywood fantasy. Not sure what the mode was on this wreck, so I don’t know what the cyclist could have done to avoid the wreck. Also not sure if infrastructure without a concrete barrier protecting the lane would have made any difference with this wreck, but running the car and driver through a recycling shredder would definitely prevent that driver and car from ever hurting anyone ever again…

A SWSS wreck in CA. Update: Bicyclist killed in Highway 129 crash The description of the wreck is just so implausible to me. If the cyclist “swerved” in front of the first weapon vehicle then how did it get punted to the oncoming lane of travel? Logically the “swerving” cyclist should have been hit by the passenger side of the vehicle and punted (back) to the shoulder. But everything after that I can believe. Of course if you think the cyclist really swerved from the shoulder to the inside of the outside lane I have some beachfront property in New Mexico I really need to unload…

Reasons why you never tell a driver you’re not hurt in a wreck volume MCLIX. Pickup hits cyclist in St. Cloud intersection Intersection wreck, not sure if the weapon vehicle was turning left or right but intersection protocols apply either way to avoid, and infrastructure to prevent. Even in bike-friendly MN.

A wreck in WI, on the other side of the Mississippi from MN. Bicyclist killed in Madison Wednesday morning and Police seeking witnesses to fatal East Side bike crash The second link suggests another blind driver, which makes this hit-from-behind in an intersection.

Something from the UK that makes me want to strangle drivers assembly-line style. Mother who killed cyclist ‘took her eyes of the road for almost 20 seconds as she fiddled with her sat-nav’ So we have another driver essentially blind to anything smaller than a Mini on the road in front of her, assuming her testimony is accurate. Or she could have been driving down the road with her nose buried in the GPS for nearly 20 seconds, and to be totally honest about this I don’t know which scenario frightens me the worst. More Cyclist killed after woman fiddled with sat nav

Infrastructure! news from Oz. Cyclists are not the enemy of drivers

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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