Finally found all my clothes after unpacking, and the Feed

One of the bad things about coming home from a long trip is if Mrs. the Poet gets to my luggage before I recover from the bus ride at the end of the trip. Then she puts stuff away anywhere she finds a place to put it making me go on a scavenger hunt for my clothes, because where she puts things sometimes has little in common with where I put things. One of the things about this trip was I had more clothes when I came back than when I left (normal for Mrs. the Poet, not so much for me), so they did not have an explicitly established place to go when we got back. Hence the scavenger hunt for my clothes. Such is the peril of having OCD and living with another person. And I can’t blame the OCD on the wreck, either. I have been dealing with that one since I was big enough to begin controlling parts of my world as a child. I think it stems from having so little control over most of what went on around me when I was a kid.

A PA town is targeting aggressive drivers. Carlisle Police begin aggressive driver campaign If they want to catch a lot of “aggressive” drivers I suggest using an officer in hi-viz on a bicycle with a radio and another in a cruiser with a cannon. You would probably get several assaulting an officer charges a day…

Verification of what I keep saying about FL in general and Miami in particular. Miami Has Country’s Worst Drivers: Report No further comment needed. Original source Which U.S. City Has the Worst Drivers?

Update on that wreck in eastern MA. Cyclist Injured After Collision With Truck Still a left cross, but now there is a definitive statement from LEO that the cyclist had right of way in the wreck. More 13 Swimmers Rescued off Norton Point, Cyclist Injured on Katama Road

Update on a wreck in IL has the cyclist riding salmon. Man hurt when vehicle hits bike The fact that the cyclist was riding salmon didn’t really have much bearing on this wreck as the drivers were still going too fast for conditions because they hit the cyclist on the far side of a blind hill crest.

A CO LEO that ran into a sidewalk cyclist while crossing the sidewalk from a driveway actually gets a ticket. Fort Collins officer, cyclist ticketed for crash The cyclist was riding in the sidewalk because of no lights but still got a ticket for not having lights, but as the cyclist could have just as easily been a pedestrian hit in the sidewalk the officer got a ticket, too.

A WA cyclist gets left crossed by a driver running a red. Seattle bicyclist critically injured in collision with SUV Intersection wreck where the protocols might have mitigated the damages had the cyclist enough time to react. As the driver was not using the existing infrastructure properly I don’t think changing the infrastructure would have made a great deal of difference.

A SWSS wreck in CA. Former Marysville High student struck, killed on bicycle I really would like to see the pictures they took of the crime scene to find out where the cyclist was hit in relation to the rest of the lanes, if the shoulder was blocked, and what the back of the wrecked bike looked like. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and as many who left comments agree the infrastructure needs improvement for all modes of travel, not just bicycles.

Another SWSS wreck, in MS. Boy, 14, Hit by Car While Riding Bike Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or mitigate and get the infrastructure right to prevent, and in this case that includes educating LEO that cyclists belong in the streets and roads and that it is the obligation of the passing vehicle operator to execute a safe pass, even for a bicycle being passed.

A left cross in Upstate NY. Injured Canandaigua bicyclist released from hospital Left cross because the weapon vehicle operator did not look for himself and followed the direction of the driver waving him through the intersection. The cyclist had like tenths of a second to react and avoid this wreck because of the waving driver obstructing his view of oncoming traffic.

A wreck in the Great White North leaves a cyclist bleeding in the road. Cyclist seriously injured in Waterloo hit and run The weapon vehicle left the side mirror at the scene, which sounds a lot worse than it really is since the standards were changed that required side mirrors to break away at low impact to allow determining the make and model of a vehicle used to hit-and-run. Now if the weapon vehicle was made prior to 2006 than it was a significant hit on the cyclist…

Still in the Great White North an update on a wreck I seriously questioned last week. Local doctor succumbs to injuries The narrative still does not implicate a motor vehicle because they didn’t find motor vehicle debris at the scene, but I know from personal experience that a car or truck can hit a cyclist hard enough to cause injury or death with parts of the vehicle that don’t leave marks or debris behind.

An anti-cycling media outlet has a hissy over a cyclist carrying cargo. On your bike…Rider transports door frame with bicycle Note the tags with the article… bicycle crime indeed.

Update on a lifestyle article from IA and CO. Munson: Partial RAGBRAI ride is a total win for victim of brain injury As the Ozzies say, “Good on ya mate!”

And those were all the links that gave me fits today.

Billed @€0.02, Opus

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