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Things are cooking this Saturday, and the Feed

Slowly getting back in the at-home routine here in Casa de El Poeta here in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, minus the hot water since the water heater died while we were gone. I have been looking at replacements for the about-15-year-old water heater that was leaking steadily from the inlet fitting at the top of the tank, which means I get to make another trip to the home improvement stores around here to pick out a new one. This after I replaced the double cylinder deadbolts with single cylinder models that can be opened from the inside without a key so we don’t get trapped if there is a fire or other deadly circumstance and the keys are in whatever place we keep our keys when we are in the house and not in our outdoor clothing. So I get to choose (with input from Mrs. the Poet) the new water heater.

We went to a new burger place in town for lunch today. There was a place called “Burger Fi” that opened up in the giant strip mall north of WoaB World HQ and the kids and grandkid all went there with us for lunch. I had what they called the “B.A.D Burger”, not that it was bad, the “B.A.D.” stands for “breakfast all day”. What was ungood about it was one of the components caused rapid bottom bun disintegration that ended up with my having to finish my sandwich with a knife and fork as the fried egg was a bit on the runny side and leaked all over the bun and made a major mess of things. It was a very tasty burger, though. The fries were about as spectacular as french fries can get, crisp on the outside and tender on the inside with the skins left on after cutting into the standard french fry shape.

Another train wreck with a cyclist, this time in CA. JURUPA VALLEY: Metrolink train strikes, kills person There was next to nothing about the wreck, but a whole lot on how inconvenienced the passengers were. Nothing was said about how inconvenienced the cyclist was however. Being dead is a terrible inconvenience. Again train/bike wrecks are easy to avoid as they are only encountered on train tracks, they make a lot of noise, and are easy to see. And not to mention that most places where a bike encounters trains there is usually some kind of signal or crossing guard.

A SWCC wreck from Upstate NY. Bike-car collision sends teen to hospital And the headline changed as I was making the link. The original link blamed the cyclist right in the headline, while the link I have now waits until the third paragraph. Interesting that the driver saw the cyclist come out from behind the house all the way into the street and still managed to not stop before impacting the cyclist. Anyway every driveway is an intersection, so use the protocols to avoid or mitigate damages, and as this was a residential area this wreck probably would have happened there with the same driver, so make getting a license much harder and losing one much easier to prevent. Seriously the driver was tracking the cyclist from the time she came from behind the house until impact, in the Netherlands this would be an at-fault wreck for the driver because of the location and victim.

Update on a wreck in MA. Cyclist injured in P’town leaves hospital I’m assuming this was a different rider than the one hit by a garbage truck, mostly because I recall that the rider hit by a garbage truck was described as a local and this guy was from NY.

Another residential area wreck in UT. Youngster on bicycle runs into slow-moving pickup in Prospector Fortunately the weapon vehicle was moving at about walking speed when the cyclist was hit so everybody was fine. It should be repeatedly stated that the wreck was in an area where children play so the driver should have been alert to that fact.

A really bad wreck in CO. Cyclist seriously injured in crash north of Wolcott As of this posting LEO are not saying who was crossing the center line, but one of the two did. Given what I have read from this outlet in the past the driver was most likely at fault in this wreck because if there was anything to suggest the cyclist was in the wrong they would have been on it like white on rice. This is not a wreck that can be avoided by human cyclists, and getting the infrastructure right is the only thing to prevent a similar wreck.

A SWSS wreck in CA. Teen bike rider dies in collision near Marysville The cyclist was hit just to the left of the fog line, so hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. And the majority of the comments are ignorable.

Update on another CA wreck. Teen Arrested In Connection With Crash That Killed Cyclist In Pleasanton The charges seem appropriate to the crime, except there should be an assault with a deadly weapon charge for hitting the surviving cyclist.

A hit-and-run in FL. Cyclist Injured in Walton County Hit and Run This was either a drunk or distracted driver or a murder attempt. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right including taking sociopaths and psychopaths off the roads to prevent.

A minor wreck in far West Canuckistan. Cyclist slightly injured in Penticton Nothing on the mode, so I can’t tell you how to avoid or mitigate, but to be honest any more “mitigated” and this wreck would not have happened.

A wreck report from the Great White North that is almost UK-ish in the lack of information presented. Cyclist killed in Ajax Hit by a truck “near” an intersection, so I guess intersection protocols to avoid or mitigate but getting the infrastructure right almost always leads to wrecks not happening. Just look at the Netherlands and how few cyclists get hit by motor vehicles there in spite of almost as many cyclists in a country barely as big as some of the medium-sized eastern seaboard states. They got it figured out. More Cyclist struck and killed in Ajax

Really big news from the UK in that a driver was convicted of the most serious charge possible short of using your vehicle to commit murder. Cyclist killed after driver looked at sat nav and Distracted driver caused cyclist’s death also Driver killed cyclist while adjusting sat-nav more Distracted driver who killed cyclist convicted This is the most serious charge I have ever seen a driver convicted of in the UK except for the guy that used his truck as a weapon against a cyclist and actually confessed he hit the cyclist deliberately. That’s how unusual this conviction is. Now lets see if the sentence is anywhere near the guy with the truck, or more like the guy that got a $200 fine and 300 hours of community service. I’m pulling for the years in prison sentence but I’m expecting the hours of community service.

A left hook from Enn Zed, a country where they drive on the wrong side of the road. Injury highlights cyclists’ vulnerability As originally posted this wreck was totally the driver’s fault as he was not even halfway past the cyclist before turning across his lane and running him over with the trailer as it tracked inside the turn of the tractor. Nothing the cyclist could do to avoid this wreck and apparently he did everything he could to mitigate it which led to his survival. As the article points out this is something that will have to be taken care of by infrastructure because it was bad infrastructure that caused the wreck in the first place.

Lifestyle from Charleston SC. Cyclists gather Saturday for Edwin Gardner memorial ride This was the cyclist hit from behind on the shoulder of the roadway and knocked over the guard rail into a swamp.

Lifestyle from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Widow of cyclist Aaron Cohen gives emotional talk at MADD event

Lifestyle from the Great White North. Cyclist uses helmet camera to capture bad drivers

Legal Infrastructure! from CA. Cyclists: What to Do After You’ve Been Hit by a Car

Infrastructure news from the uK. Medics call for measures to protect cyclists in London The medicos’ advice is simplistic in that it is impossible to avoid riding on routes frequented by HGV if there is any significant distance to be covered because of a lack of permeability away from major thoroughfares where those pesky killer HGVs are to be found. I agree the badly-named “superhighways” are a big part of the problem, they are glorified bike lanes not “cyclist superhighways” and in many places are not even bike lanes but mere wayfinding via blue paint on the road “if you keep going this way eventually you will find a bike lane”.

And this one just leaves me gobsmacked. Man who killed Patterson faces new charges Less than 3 months out of prison for killing a cyclist because of his bad driving he has a string of charges against him in another vehicle-related case. I want to beat some sense into him but I don’t think I have that much cardio endurance. He already went to prison once for his bad driving, how much more does he need to learn to drive right?

And those were all the links that gave me fits today.

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