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Running way late after visiting the Lab Rat Keeper, and the Feed

Yep I went to the Lab Rat Keeper today yesterday and tried to do something else on the way home. That meant I ended up getting home about 1730 after leaving the house about 0800. That is the joy of getting around by DART in all the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, you get to wait hours for connections and getting across town by going downtown and back out to another suburb instead of going directly to where you need to go because the cross-town buses only run once an hour during the middle of the day. So if you miss a transfer you get to waste an hour waiting around. I missed 3 transfers by minutes (I could see the bus passing in the distance as my bus approached the stop), which meant I lost 3 hours to waiting around to catch the next. And all I managed to get done was two things, including visiting the LRK. I know, sad. And not in the teary-eyed meaning of the word. ETA: I got about 1/3 of the way through the Feed and I started having leg issues on the injured leg and had to pack it in about 0200 and go to bed and start over (later) in the morning. Well I had planned on starting in the morning but I had other things to do this morning, including a trip to Harbor Freight to pick up some stuff for the house and the bike shop, then make another trip to the bank to pay the mortgage and a side trip to the hardware store to pick up another fill valve for one of the toilets that decided to run continuously (after I just replaced the valve in December). So I didn’t get back to work on Tuesday’s post until 2000 Wednesday… and I feel like crap from riding around about 23 miles in 103°F (in the shade with shade not being anywhere near the street).

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Appearance postponed for alleged OBT shooter If someone could carefully read this article and decipher which one was riding the bike I would appreciate it (pronoun problems).

More from the most deadliest state. Teen riding bike hit by truck in Venice It looks like the kid was hit right at the end of the ramp off the bike path that just dumped the cyclist into the street. Both operators appear to be at fault here, the cyclist and the driver, but I’m placing most of the blame on the infrastructure. FL, even when they build bike infrastructure they still manage to screw it up somehow.

Example number bazillion of why people riding bikes get killed in FL. Bicyclist, 73, dies after being ran over by semi in Punta Gorda The guy was hit in the sidewalk by a semi, and nobody asks why the semi drove onto the sidewalk when there was somebody on it. Left turn I can see the driver not noticing the rider, but for a right turn the driver would have to drive alongside the cyclist before turning in front of him, and still they blame the cyclist.

More CARnage in FL. Bicyclist, 14, critically injured by hit-and-run driver They caught the guy, good. The cyclist was riding salmon on the shoulder when the driver left the road to hit him, bad. But I get the feeling that riding salmon had nothing to do with this wreck and the victim riding a bicycle had everything to do with it. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and get the crazy drivers off the roads until decent infrastructure can be built (and not letting them back behind a wheel even then) to prevent.

Things aren’t much better in GA. Teens hospitalized after car crashes with bike Two kids riding double on a single bike and they get hit head-on but they weren’t riding salmon? I think there’s lots of information left out of this one.

A cyclist has a real bad day in AL. Man injured while riding bike through construction on Dallas Ave.

A CT cyclist loses control when he hits debris in the road and dies. Boy killed in Wilton bike accident in one sentence they blame the lack of a helmet and the next say the helmet may not have changed anything. No motor vehicle involvement suspected due to multiple witnesses.

A cyclist hits an SUV in NH. Teen bicycle rider not badly hurt after colliding with SUV The cyclist was either right or left crossed by the SUV leaving the side street (the article didn’t say which) [sarcasm]so it was obviously the cyclist’s fault[/sarcasm]. Intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A tragic wreck caused by bad infrastructure in IL. Boy struck and killed by truck on Oakton The child was playing in a residential driveway and not even in the street when he was hit by a semi that overlapped the driveway. I’m not sure how to avoid this one as if I’m reading the report right the kid was “too close” to the road, not actually in it, but prevention is simply a matter of keeping semi trucks away from residential areas. Since this appears to be an area that grew up along a highway I don’t know how they are going to do that as the obvious solutions are expensive, re-routing the highway or demolishing the houses next to the highway are both costly endeavors with only “safety” to show for the result. More Family devastated after boy, 4, killed on bike in NW Suburbs

A Seattle cyclist with a bit more “pull” than most gets hit. Seattle Councilmember Conlin injured in car-bicycle crash You can bet that is one wreck that will get better treatment than the usual cyclist fender-bender and arm breaker. The cyclist was cut off by a person making an illegal u-turn. That means intersection protocols to avoid or mitigate, and infrastructure to prevent (had the cyclist been on segregated infrastructure the car would not have been able to cut him off).

Did someone declare war on cyclists in AZ and forget to tell the cyclists? 2 cyclists OK after separate accidents minutes apart The wreck with the kids appears to be a hit-from-behind use the protocols to avoid and infrastructure to prevent, the older cyclist was a right hook intersection protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. And for both wrecks make drivers licenses hard to get and easy to lose, especially for the hit and run. That guy needs to lose his license for life, and probably his car too since without a license he won’t be able to drive it again. More Two injured in Peoria, Glendale bike accidents

From the Great White North where it borders on East Canuckistan, drivers complain about cyclists getting killed screwing up the traffic flow (no, seriously). Motorists lash out at cyclist after fatal crash That stretch of the TransCanada is the only through east-west road for more than 50 miles north or south, so the cyclists had zero choice about which road to take. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or mitigate, and get the infrastructure right to prevent, and this is an area that desperately needs a segregated and barrier-protected bike path in parallel to the highway. It would be a heck of a lot cheaper than building an entire new highway so that cyclists would have an alternative to the TransCanada. More Cyclists, motorists have to get along

From the eastern part of the Great White North we get another near-zero information link about a bike wreck. Cyclist killed in North Sydney crash Possibly a hit-from-behind wreck, protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. Verified in this link Police ID cyclist killed in North Sydney crash

We seem to have a plethora of links from north of the 42nd parallel today. Police Reports: Cyclist Seriously Injured After Collision I hope this isn’t the same charity group that lost members on the TransCanada west of this wreck. Anyway the description sounds like a front blowout and there ain’t nothin’ a cyclist can do about a front blowout. More Mannheim cyclist seriously hurt in bike rally crash east of Toronto

Another wreck from the Great White North. Cyclist collides with vehicle at intersection Intersection wreck that could have been simply avoided by yielding at the stop sign. Since I’m too tired and lazy to pull up a street view I can’t say if the other vehicle had a stop sign too but I’m going to assume not because I’m tired and lazy,

From far West Canuckistan what appears to be a buzz job that went bad. Vancouver Cyclist Killed After SUV Crash Near Hospital The cyclist “fell into the road” which in many cases means the weapon vehicle or the vehicle just in front of the weapon vehicle passed the cyclist too closely causing the cyclist to lose control and fall. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or mitigate, and until the proper physical infrastructure can be built pass laws that make death by buzz job similar in consequences to any other assault with a deadly weapon. And later links with more information leave more questions than answers. Vancouver cyclist dies after falling into traffic The cyclist was riding on the sidewalk when she fell. Maybe she was pushed. Cyclist killed after falling off Vancouver sidewalk and Cyclist hit and killed on Vancouver’s West 12th Avenue Don’t you hate it when media outlets feel the need to tell you a person riding in a light armored vehicle hitting a cyclist was not hurt in the incident? Female cyclist killed on city’s West Side

From the UK we finally get the whole story about a 2011 wreck. Cyclist dragged 60ft to his death under the wheels of lorry The cyclist clipped a curb trying to avoid the truck and went under the truck anyway… Some days are like that, take it from a guy who has been there.

A hit-and-run in Oz. Cyclist injured in hit and run in North Rocky today The wreck mode appears to have been hit-from-behind but that is only my interpretation of the narrative, it in’t spelled out specifically anywhere in the linked article. Use the protocols to avoid or mitigate and get the infrastructure right (including making hit-and-run a permanent license ban and taking the car used away if the victim recovers, or recycling the vehicle with the driver still behind the wheel if the victim dies.

A really low-information story out of Oz. Cyclist injured in highway accident But there is a really big low-res picture of a police car to go with it.

More about that cyclist dragged by a truck in Enn Zed. Onlooker saves cyclist dragged under truck Now we know about the driver that stopped the truck before the damages got too bad for the cyclist’s survival.

I’m not real sure how to classify this link, it’s either lawyer blatherings or infrastructure. Injured cyclist names 3 entities in lawsuit

This one is definitely infrastructure, but of a “different” kind. Interpublic Group Of Cos Inc (IPG:New York Consolidated) Since it is not obvious from the headline this is a story about a company offering insurance for cyclists that covers even when there is a hit-and-run. I’m keeping my eye on this one, as cycling injuries can easily outstrip the minimum coverage that many drivers get.

And it’s 0200 again, I have officially had all the links I can stand to read.

Billed @€0.10 (it has been a bad 2 days), Opus