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After going grocery shopping I no longer have a bicycle

Right after I posted today’s post I went to the grocery store to pick up the week’s supplies and when I got back out to load Blue he was missing from where I parked him. I should mention that I have been shopping by bike at that store and in spite of repeated requests they have never installed any place where a person could secure a bicycle. I was allowed to park by the propane tank exchange rack which was where I was parked today, even though there is nothing there to lock up to.

Fortunately I memorized my serial number so if they find Blue I can at least hope for a return of my bike. Too often when a bike is recovered LEO don’t have a serial number to match it to. And unfortunately even when they do have a number it seldom gets checked to see if it was reported stolen.

One thing I’m going to do is demand a secure place to park my next bike in the future at that store that I have been shopping at for as long as it has been there. When we moved to the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell back in 1994 that was an empty lot except for some cows grazing. Now there is a gas station with lots of other development besides the grocery store. My son used to work there before he got promoted and sent to another store. They know me by name there. I WILL get a secure and monitored place to park my bike before I bring my next bike there.

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What? Starting a post before noon? And the Feed

I know it’s amazing that I am actually home and starting to filter the Feed and do the post and it’s not even noon yet. After the events of this week this seems like I have an eternity to work with here. In reality I have to go grocery shopping and attend a church board meeting, so I will have to rush a bit to get this done.

A pinball wreck in CA sends a cyclist to hospital.
Cyclist injured in Santa Clarita crash
Nothing on who hit whom first, at this point I don’t even think LEO knows what happened. At any rate pinball wreck is essentially unavoidable as there are too many random components to take into account. Get the infrastructure right to prevent a similar wreck.

Still in CA a cyclist is injured and LEO are sitting on the details. Bicyclist injured in crash Nothing on the mode, just that the cyclist had a back injury from the wreck (which ain’t hard to do). Intersection wreck assume that intersection protocols will help avoid or mitigate the outcome of the wreck, and that infrastructure will prevent it.

A Seattle pedestrian is assaulted with a motor vehicle. Police: Driver rams pedestrian for telling her to hang up and drive I would say that is also the kind of driver to “nudge” a cyclist she thought was “impeding” her on the road. I wonder if the SPD is actively looking for the Honda with expired tags?

An SC town has a spate of cyclist not at fault wrecks, so this media outlet tries to blame cyclists for not following the law. 3 deadly bicycle crashes in July spotlight laws on Grand Strand After mentioning the numerous “Bikes may use full lane” signs around town they still found a way to blame the cyclists for getting hit…

A media outlet in CO jumps on the “helmets first” “bicycle safety” bandwagon. Keeping kids safe while bike riding

Infrastructure in FL still going nowhere and cyclists are getting riled up about it. Critical Mass: It’s Time for Miami Police and Motorists to Respect Bike Riders

A cyclist in far West Canuckistan is given a ticket for parking her bike in the bike rack (no I’m not making a bad joke). Office building installs bike racks, tickets cyclists who use them

Drivers will hate you for riding a bicycle even if you’re the most considerate cyclist in the world. Law of the jungle

Last link, a cyclist finds boy parts off the side of a bike path. Coroner to examine human remains found near Montebello bike path I have found body parts in the street before, but I saw them being removed from the body they had been attached to during the wreck. This would be worse.

And that actually does it, all the links that gave me fits (about bicycles, there were a lot more that gave me fits that had nothing to do with bicycles, particularly the one about marketing tampons to 12YO girls) and it is just barely 1500.

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The theme for the week is “Late Posts”, and The Feed

And here we are again starting a post after 2000, except it’s more like 2100 this time. I was working for the woman trying to relocate 40K volumes of printed matter and an even larger number of CDs and DVDs so that she actually has room to live in her house. Do you know how much 40K volumes of books and paperbacks weighs!? Fortunately I’m not trying to pick them up all at the same time, I’m having enough problems picking them up in the 20s and 30s and carrying them from one room in the house to another…

A wreck in TX becomes fatal. Odessa Boy Injured In Bike-Car Crash Dies Of His Injuries 7/31/13 The death was blamed on the child not wearing a helmet and running a stop sign, but people that know TX know that at least some of the blame has to be laid at the feet of the TX legislature for setting the lowest allowable permanent speed limit at the point that kills 50% of the pedestrians and cyclists hit, and just goes up from there.

A case of assault with a deadly weapon in CA. Man arrested, cyclist injured in Santa Rosa road-rage incident Cyclist was Jerry Browned, and let out a yell about it. The driver took offense and backed up to “discuss” the matter and discussed it by running into the cyclist while driving backwards then attempting to drive away from the scene with the bicycle trapped in the bodywork of the weapon vehicle, and that’s not a technical term this time the vehicle was used as a weapon. To avoid don’t get startled by a motor vehicle passing within inches of killing you, and get the infrastructure right (and possibly impeach Gov. Moonbeam) to prevent. And if you can figure out how to not get startled by a motor vehicle passing close enough to (almost) kill you I suggest your true calling is as a Buddhist monk. More Arrest Made In Santa Rosa Road Rage Hit-And-Run Accident That Injured Cyclist

Hit-and-run in NV, agent Grissom has been recalled from retirement for the case. SUV hits bicyclist, takes off in northeast Vegas The weapon vehicle left-crossed the victim while running a red light from the crossing street. This is not a wreck that a mere human cyclist can avoid, and getting the infrastructure right won’t stop an idiot from running a red light with a cyclist in the intersection. Making a license hard to get and easy to lose permanently might help with other drivers. I’m not so sure about this idiot because he already seems like the kind of idiot that would drive without a license.

Another hit-and-run in AZ, after the two wrecks in minutes I reported on yesterday. 12-year-old boy left for dead, police search for hit-and-run driver I think this was one of those wrecks I posted about yesterday. From the narrative this was a hit-from-behind wreck while the cyclist was riding across the street in a crosswalk.

A deadly wreck in WI. Deadly bike crash in Town of Sheboygan The cyclist was hit from behind before being “found” dead at the scene. This sounds like a hit-and-run to me but there was no mention of that in the narrative, which smells like week-old fish to me. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent, including pulling the license from anyone caught after a hit-and-run and mandatory weapons charges if caught driving after that.

Another fatal WI wreck has a favorable outcome for cyclists still alive to ride the roads. Mosinee man convicted in bike death The original link was about a hearing in the case but by the time I got the link posted it was about a conviction on felony charges. The only better thing would have been the cyclist as still alive…

Other than the driver was at fault in the wreck I know next-to-nothing about this ND wreck. Grand Forks man hurt in pickup-bike accident Since there was no intersection mentioned I have to assume this was a hit-from-behind or a driver pulling from a driveway. Hit from behind has its own set of protocols to avoid and driveways are just uncontrolled intersections which also have their protocols to avoid. infrastructure would have prevented this wreck by keeping the idiot driver away from the squishy cyclist with the crunchy center.

A right hook in SC. Student riding bike, struck and killed by bus in Myrtle Beach No crime here it was just a cyclist trying to stay away from deadly motor vehicles killed on the sidewalk by a bus. She never actually made it to the street when she was hit. The only thing that could have prevented this wreck would be some kind of permit or license to use deadly devices for transportation, with higher classes of permits for more dangerous vehicle, and making using those vehicles subject to withdrawal with severe criminal sanctions for using the vehicle after withdrawal of the permit. And I’m only being a little bit sarcastic with this because that is the way a driver’s license is supposed to work, but seldom does.

In the Great White North yesterday’s right hook has turned into today’s hot Infrastructure topic. Cyclist’s death points to larger problems on Bank Street and Female cyclist killed in crash near Billings Bridge That it was a right hook is not under dispute by anyone except rabid bike-haters. What to be done about preventing the next one ranges from banning all bicycles from the streets to banning heavy trucks during the day, none of which are feasible. Other ideas include actually making that street wide enough for bicycles and heavy trucks and signs alerting drivers of heavy bicycle traffic in the area. And of course the favorite move when a large vehicle runs over a cyclist, calls for bicycle licenses and registration and insurance. Like those have stemmed the bloodbath from drivers to other occupants of motor vehicles, not to mention that in this case the blame seems to be falling on the truck driver in spite of the training and higher levels of licensing restrictions on such drivers. You would think that if special training for cyclists (90% of whom already drive a car and have a license) were required then someone should be able to point to a group that gets such training specific to their vehicle that has lower fatal accident rates than bicycles. More Cyclist struck and killed by cement truck near Billings Bridge

West Canuckistan has a rather strange wreck with a cyclist. Cyclist struck and killed near Osoyoos and Possible witness sought after Osoyoos cyclist run over and killed on Highway 97 The cyclist was hit while laying in the road by the weapon vehicle of the driver that stopped, but why was he on the floor in the first place? There is a second vehicle suspected of involvement with the cyclist prior to his getting hit by the Mazda. Anyway hit-from-behind, so the protocols might have helped avoid or mitigate the results of the wreck, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. And I’m not the only one to smell something rotten about this wreck. WATCH: Was Osoyoos cyclist death a hit-and-run?

More on the cyclist wreck where the cyclist “fell” from the sidewalk in front of the weapon vehicle. Vancouver cyclist dies after falling off sidewalk into traffic And I’m not the only one that thinks a sidewalk vigilante might be involved.

A SA driver is criminally charged in the death of a cyclist. Charge reinstated in death of Olympic cyclist and South African authorities reinstate charges against bus driver in death of cycling star I forgot what the mode of this wreck was, but I’m glad to see that prosecution is being pursued against a killer.

A major cause of injury to cyclists is the “door prize”, and another major city decides to start tracking this violation of the laws. Toronto police board drafts report on “dooring” The first step to fixing the problem is admitting there is a problem and finding out how big a problem it is.

And it’s 0130 and I’m ready for bed, enjoy your links.

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