What? Starting a post before noon? And the Feed

I know it’s amazing that I am actually home and starting to filter the Feed and do the post and it’s not even noon yet. After the events of this week this seems like I have an eternity to work with here. In reality I have to go grocery shopping and attend a church board meeting, so I will have to rush a bit to get this done.

A pinball wreck in CA sends a cyclist to hospital.
Cyclist injured in Santa Clarita crash
Nothing on who hit whom first, at this point I don’t even think LEO knows what happened. At any rate pinball wreck is essentially unavoidable as there are too many random components to take into account. Get the infrastructure right to prevent a similar wreck.

Still in CA a cyclist is injured and LEO are sitting on the details. Bicyclist injured in crash Nothing on the mode, just that the cyclist had a back injury from the wreck (which ain’t hard to do). Intersection wreck assume that intersection protocols will help avoid or mitigate the outcome of the wreck, and that infrastructure will prevent it.

A Seattle pedestrian is assaulted with a motor vehicle. Police: Driver rams pedestrian for telling her to hang up and drive I would say that is also the kind of driver to “nudge” a cyclist she thought was “impeding” her on the road. I wonder if the SPD is actively looking for the Honda with expired tags?

An SC town has a spate of cyclist not at fault wrecks, so this media outlet tries to blame cyclists for not following the law. 3 deadly bicycle crashes in July spotlight laws on Grand Strand After mentioning the numerous “Bikes may use full lane” signs around town they still found a way to blame the cyclists for getting hit…

A media outlet in CO jumps on the “helmets first” “bicycle safety” bandwagon. Keeping kids safe while bike riding

Infrastructure in FL still going nowhere and cyclists are getting riled up about it. Critical Mass: It’s Time for Miami Police and Motorists to Respect Bike Riders

A cyclist in far West Canuckistan is given a ticket for parking her bike in the bike rack (no I’m not making a bad joke). Office building installs bike racks, tickets cyclists who use them

Drivers will hate you for riding a bicycle even if you’re the most considerate cyclist in the world. Law of the jungle

Last link, a cyclist finds boy parts off the side of a bike path. Coroner to examine human remains found near Montebello bike path I have found body parts in the street before, but I saw them being removed from the body they had been attached to during the wreck. This would be worse.

And that actually does it, all the links that gave me fits (about bicycles, there were a lot more that gave me fits that had nothing to do with bicycles, particularly the one about marketing tampons to 12YO girls) and it is just barely 1500.

Billed @€0.02, Opus


One response to “What? Starting a post before noon? And the Feed

  1. “Far West Canuckistan” has a wonderful ring to it!


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