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Still steaming, and the Feed

I’m not going to lie to you, I’m still upset and angry about my bike getting stolen yesterday. As you might have read in the comments to yesterday’s post I had a “Pharaoh’s Curse” protection on Blue, now we just have to wait for someone with an unexplained incurable rash to show up at an ER. 😉 As I also posted I don’t know if this curse actually works because for the trigger to work I can’t be present until after the bike is stolen.

A bike wreck in KS where they didn’t automatically blame the cyclist but waited for actual information. Youth injured in truck-bike accident And as of this posting they are still waiting on information about who was doing what, where, and in which direction.

Another cyclist gets a back injury in CA. Bicyclist injured in crash I thought this wreck was familiar but it turns out this wreck was in a different city than the one I reported on yesterday.

A wreck in far West Canuckistan caused by a driver forcing the cyclist off the road and into unridable conditions. Cyclist injured on Highway 101 The driver honked at the cyclist to get off the road and the cyclist was forced into loose gravel, wet sand, and trash, where he fell. The only thing that the cyclist could have done to avoid this wreck was to stay on the road and wave the motor vehicle around him to pass. Getting the infrastructure right would have negated the need for the driver to honk in the first place.

A cyclist is killed in a parking lot in Canuckistan. Cyclist killed in parking lot of P.A. Tim Hortons Tim Hortons’ doughnuts are to die for but not literally become deceased. And that’s only true in Canada. I don’t know if they use the same ingredients supplier but they don’t travel well, or if their US supplier just doesn’t measure up to the Canadian supplier, or what, but Tims are demonstrably better in Canada. Anyway, this appears to be an intersection type wreck so apply intersection protocols to avoid. Infrastructure wouldn’t help even if they had different drive-throughs for bikes and motor vehicles… You would still have to navigate the parking lot at some point.

Update on a cyclist killed by a cement truck in the Great White North. Update: Company issues statement on death of cyclist

A good bike safety story focuses on the actual cause of many car/bicycle wrecks. Widow of Bloomer coach, teacher killed in crash warns of distracted driving’s dangers Long time readers know that talking on a cell phone impacts driving skills about the same as being over the 0.08% BAC limit for drunk driving and much worse than the proposed national 0.05% limit. Cell Phone vs Drunk Driving MiniMyth experiment performed by the MythBusters presents the evidence in video form.

Yet another “helmets first” bike safety story. It’s back-to school time … and kids on bikes! To its credit this article actually includes some useful information for parents after the helmet claptrap.

More bike safety news not about a specific recent wreck. The Decline of Bike Crashes The number of cyclists is exploding while the number of cyclists hit is slowly creeping upward, validating the “safety in numbers” theory that there is a “knee” in the statistics when a sufficient number of cyclists hit the roads compared to the number of cyclists getting hit. WI appears to have crossed that “knee” threshold.

Lawyer blatherings about a bike wreck in TX. Renowned Bicycle Injury Lawyer Jeff Nadrich Comments on Injury of Famed BMX Cyclist James Shepherd

Infrastructure! news from Scotland. Change in liability could help to keep cyclists out of hospital

Lifestyle in CA. A SUPERCOMMUTER 8K of commuting miles by bike per year. It makes my 2.5K look timid.

Last link speaks for itself. Los Angeles’ 2nd Annual CLITORAL MASS! 8/24/13 That is a copy and paste, I didn’t change a thing in that title… WoaB endorses this event, you go gurrls!

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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