Running way late after doing errands all day, and a huge Feed

I had bills to pay and things to do today, and I had to do them by DART, so what would have been maybe a couple hours work with Blue became an all-day thrashfest interspersed with lots of waiting for the next bus/train. The thrashfest was because there was the possibility that I could avoid spending hours waiting for the next bus or train if I got done in time, but I never did. But bills are paid now, so things are good. What’s not good was I was going to spend part of this evening talking to the city council about the wreck from just before I left for New York, and how that demonstrated the need for both bicycle specific traffic patrols, and the need for LEO education on bicycle laws. (Seriously, thinking it wasn’t legal to make a left turn on a bicycle?) But the bus was either just early, or way late, and after spending 10 minutes standing at the bus stop in 100°F temperatures (after walking 0.4 miles to get to the stop) I decided I had had enough for the day and went home and fired up the laptop and started on the blog.

A VA cyclist is killed riding ninja. Suffolk man riding bicycle killed in car accident Yeah the thing is when you’re riding ninja you have to ride as if you are invisible, because drivers can’t see cyclists covered in LEDs and reflective tape and neon colors, much less a cyclist with no lights and no reflectors. Also hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and of course get the infrastructure done right to prevent. More Friend: Bike rider killed while heading to girlfriend’s home

A ME driver manages to hit not one but 2 cyclists on a sidewalk. Truck strikes Maine bicyclists riding on sidewalk; man, toddler in bike seat critically hurt The driver managed to take out another car and a building after hitting the 3 cyclists. I don’t see any way a human cyclist could have avoided this wreck, and I don’t see anything that physical infrastructure could do to prevent it. “Dumbest stuff on wheels” is on the idiot box right now and I think this driver was rejected from the program for being too stoopid for the show.

A MA wreck that is about as information-free as a UK wreck report. Bicyclist, Yarmouth police officer injured in collision at Pan-Mass All I know about this wreck is that the cyclist and the moto-cop “bumped” into each other…

A NY state cyclist has a “discussion” with a driver after crashing while riding drunk. Summit County police blotter: Belligerent cyclist allegedly chucks bike at driver … don’t ride drunk.

A NJ driver gets a ticket for assaulting two minors with a weapon of mass destruction. 2 children riding bicycles injured by Lakewood hit-and-run driver, police say The driver had a “Brake failure” while on a test drive to purchase the vehicle while driving without a license. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and get the idiots off the road to prevent. Maybe by making them recycle their cars while still behind the wheel?

A Windy City area cyclist manages to survive what looked like a nasty wreck. Wheeling cyclist walks away from crash with car The cyclist was ambulatory after the wreck, which was a big change from the previous wrecks in the area. No mode or location given but it seems likely that since the cyclist was not immediately blamed for the wreck the driver might have been at fault.

Also from IL is this fatal wreck. Bicyclist killed in accident with pickup truck near Arcola Buzz job, use hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and enforce existing passing laws to prevent a similar wreck. And bust this guy down to shoeleather for buzzing this cyclist to death. And another link with closed comments. More Bicyclist killed riding along US 45 between Arcola, Tuscola

A UT cyclist has a common problem when a cyclist is the victim of a hit-and-run. Injured Utah cyclist has no memory of hit-and-run crash Even when there is no obvious head trauma many times the cyclist never sees the weapon vehicle in a hit-and-run, which makes finding the weapon vehicle a problem for forensics, meaning you really hope the weapon vehicle leaves identifiable parts behind for forensics. Hit-from-behind wreck, use the protocols to avid or mitigate, and as (almost) always infrastructure needs to be right to prevent another wreck like this. I liked most of the comments that went with the article.

A CA cyclist is hit by a driver in a parking lot sidewalk and in the bike lane in this confusing report. Cyclist Injured by Car Leaving Parking Stall Near End of Fiji Way The geometry of this wreck is entirely unknown because they kept moving the location of the wreck from behind the car to in front of the car in the parking lot, to the sidewalk and then into the road, making this a very drawn out crime scene.

A cyclist died from his injuries in AZ. Santa Cruz Cyclist Killed in Arizona The charges filed from when the cyclist was still alive have been withdrawn, I hope so that stronger charges can be filed.

A WA cyclist is injured by an idiot in a truck. Bicyclist critically injured after being struck by truck near Enumclaw The cyclist was struck from behind on a winding road because the driver was going too fast for conditions (a common theme in today’s post). Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

From the Great White North, a little girl and her dad can’t get away from drunk drivers even on a dead-end street. Girl learning to ride bike hit by suspected impaired driver The driver had been tracked all over town driving erratically, but LEO couldn’t catch her until she hit the kids bike and (presumably) made the weapon vehicle undrivable, because she was still at the scene when LEO (and medical assistance) arrived. Since the mode was not given I can’t offer suggestions on how to avoid or reduce the injury severity, and I don’t think infrastructure would have helped prevent a drunk driver on a quiet residential street. I’m thinking the only thing that could prevent a similar wreck would be public flogging of drunk drivers followed by destroying their cars on live TV. And that would fly like a lead balloon.

Another cyclist is hit in the Great White North. CYCLIST INJURED IN CRASH WITH VEHICLE And again they felt the need to let us know that a person strapped inside a semi-armored vehicle was uninjured when colliding with a cyclist.

A wreck in the UK that is so unusual I’m putting it in the post. Chelmsford: Bus passenger in his 90s is seriously injured in crash The cyclist left his bike at the scene and wandered away from treatment, if you know the cyclist please get him to medical attention as he was believed to have been severely injured and needs to be seen by a doctor.

Ditto. Cyclist dies after collision with Branscombe house No comment.

Another UK Twitter twit. Daisy Abela: “I was not drunk, and nor was it a hit and run” The tweet in question was about hitting a cyclist and knocking the side mirror off her car while drunk… And that has to be a really talented cyclist to ride on the passenger side of the car with his head through the side window. While removing the mirror…

Hit-from-behind in Oz. Cyclist killed in collision with car The driver was going too fast for conditions when he came around a corner and ran over the cyclist from behind. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

“Justice” in the UK. Family frustrated that death driver has walked free Kill a cyclist because of a known medical condition, not only do you walk away a free man, you drive away a free man. TANJ!

Infrastructure! news from the UK. Hats on for cyclists? With deaths at a five-year high — calls for helmets to be made compulsory are getting louder. But not everyone agrees

Lifestyle from VA. Lanie Kruszewski Memorial Bike Ride

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

Billed @€0.02, Opus


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