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Gotta make a run to the bike shop, and the Feed

I may break off composing this post in favor of making a run to my favorite LBS to pick up parts for the new bike. I know some things I need to get already including a comfy bike seat and drivetrain parts (including a new chain if I go the 10SP cassette route). One thing is also definite, if I use any of the swingarms in my inventory I need to get a claw adapter to mount a derailler, because all of them were designed for the older style derailler that mounts in the dropout channel. That particular dropout design makes building fixies easy and esthetically non-jarring (no empty derailler hanger), but it makes installing a modern derailler a bit of a pain.

An AL wreck with no information aside from the acknowledgement of the wreck happening. WVAS Local News I do not have enough information to say how to avoid or prevent this wreck. More information from a later link. Bicyclist killed in crash with motor vehicle Monday evening in southwest Montgomery Only a tiny bit more information, that the wreck was at a high enough speed to cause injury to the driver.

Another victim in the most deadliest state to walk or ride a bicycle 9 years running. Police search for hit-and-run driver who struck bicyclist in Orlando Intersection wreck but LEO don’t know which vehicle had the right of way. At least this time they are not blaming the cyclist for getting hit-and-run. Intersection protocols to avoid or mitigate damage, and infrastructure to prevent. And when they catch the driver they should recycle the weapon vehicle, if the rider dies they should recycle the vehicle with the driver behind the wheel.

More on a FL hit-and-run I covered yesterday. Cyclist killed in hit-and-run crash near Amphitheater All those people that saw the cyclist come over the concrete barrier on the overpass, but nobody saw the weapon vehicle… And being able to see the wreckage from the bike I can state with assurance the wreck mode was hit-from-behind.

Update on an Upstate NY wreck. Driver in June’s fatal bike, car crash faces civil suit Hit from behind by an impaired driver on a cell phone. Protocols to avoid and the legal infrastructure is being used to prevent future wrecks (sue the driver and his or her employer if the wreck was on company time).

Update on a MA wreck. Cyclist Injured, Woman Cited in Monday Crash This was the left-cross with a hit-and-run I reported on earlier this week.

More on that wreck in ME that took out 3 cyclists on 2 bikes and a parked car and a building. Truck strikes Maine bicyclists riding on sidewalk; man, toddler in bike seat critically hurt Not a wreck that human cyclists could avoid as they had already left the roads long before the wreck. I’m just glad none of the cyclists was caught in the secondary collisions with the parked car and the building. As Mrs. the Poet asked,”How fast was (that vehicle) going?” to knock the building off its foundation after hitting 2 bicycles and a parked car.

A wreck in WA that has a stench for me. Hikers find body of cyclist killed in logging-road crash The dog indicates that the cyclist was not alone. The severe injuries tell me that high speed was involved. Without seeing the bike I can’t say what happened, but right now it stinks to high heaven.

A driver in OR gets a ticket after hitting a cyclist 2 months ago. Garbage truck driver who hit cyclist cited Since the cyclist was legally in the crosswalk well before the driver began his turn the cyclist’s speed was not a factor in the case. As I posted with the original story this was not the kind of wreck a human cyclist could avoid and only getting the infrastructure right would prevent future wrecks like this.

Update on a wreck in CA that has me puzzled after seeing the wrecked bike. Sacto 911: South Lake Tahoe police seek witnesses to truck vs. bike crash What has me confuzzled is the condition of the wrecked bike that appears to have been crushed from above. The front wheel is only slightly pringled, certainly not even close to being tacoed and the fork is bent severely forward to the point that the bike is resting on the crank and one wheel, and the rear wheel damage does not look like the impact came from that direction either. The condition of the bike makes me think the truck landed on top of the cyclist somehow. More Bicyclist seriously injured after utility truck hits him

A child cyclist is injured in MT. 5-year-old boy riding a bicycle injured in Heights accident The reported point of impact with the weapon vehicle make this look like the kid was not riding in a straight line in a predictable manner, but then this is a residential area and the kid was riding on the same block as his house. The driver should have been driving as if there were children playing in the street. Fortunately comments left with the link from the child’s mother state the child had bumps, bruises and a mild concussion. This was a wreck in an area that would be shared space in the Dutch model which places the onus on avoiding kids on bikes completely on motor vehicle operators.

A wreck in the Great White North accentuates the need for wearable ID when you’re on your bike. Police trying to ID dead bicycle rider The cyclist was trying to avoid hitting a stray recycling bin when she was hit from behind by a bus that was passing too closely. This is what comes from riding too close to the curb, drivers don’t expect for you to move over when the curb area is blocked. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent, in this case make placing garbage cans or recycling containers in the street or bike lane a large fine or jailable if someone is hurt or killed as a result of leaving things in the street.

From Oz an experienced cyclist and outdoorsman is killed in a hit-from-behind wreck. Friends laud volunteer The victim was wearing Hi-Viz clothing and riding as prescribed by law and still got a car up his butt. I’m really looking forward to LEO finding a way to blame the cyclist on this one. One thing I found interesting and unusual is LEO have not yet talked to the driver in this wreck. I guess that since the victim can’t speak neither will the driver and only the evidence will be taken into account. Yeah, right… And BTW this one looks like only infrastructure will prevent or avoid a wreck like this. The cyclist had already done everything he could have done.

More on the other UK Twitter twit. Bromley driver in Twitter storm after claiming she ‘purposely’ ran over cyclist Yep bragging about committing a crime on social media is really dumb.

Infrastructure news from WV. Man sues Division of Highways for bicycle injuries I think what happened was the guy was riding his bike beside a road, someone working on the roads had dug a hole and did not fill it back in and it got overgrown with weeds and grass so that the hole was not visible until you got right on it, and the guy riding his bike fell into the hole which caused a sudden stop to the bike and injury to the rider. But given the confusing nature of the narrative (lawyerspeak) I could be completely off track.

Infrastructure of the legal variety from the Great White North. Police asking to keep track of ‘doored’ cyclists Windshield bias so strong that until forced they didn’t track people injured by this motor vehicle violation because the only ones injured were cyclists.

And infrastructure news from the UK. Cycling body calls for HGV removal after cyclist death The idea is to remove the most deadly thing to bicycles from the roads when the most bicycles are being ridden.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today. And I survived the trip to my LBS even with temperatures hitting 106°F while I was waiting for the bus. I now have a comfy seat and pedals to put on my new bike.

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