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Rush post after retrieving bike parts, and the Feed

Yep I left this AM to go to the LBS and pick up some parts for the new bike and the fill-in bike and it took most of the day to get there and back. I might not have spent so much time had I left earlier or tried to get back later, but the middle of the day is the worst time to try to get things done riding DART. All I did was go to the LBS and pick up my parts with a stop at the C-store on the way back (that I had to walk past both ways or the LBS) for a drink and a snack for the road. Total time was about 6 hours with less than 20 minutes spent getting my parts from the LBS. Yes I spent as much time waiting on transfers as I did actually moving.

A wreck with a ninja driver in TX. Car hits, injures cyclist in San Antonio Hit-and-run wreck from behind but the car was essentially invisible so no way to avoid this wreck, segregated infrastructure might have helped by getting the cyclist away from the idiot or homicidal driver.

Another report on the adult cyclist hit in a roundabout in a residential area in Reno NV. Bicyclist seriously injured after collision with pickup truck in Fernley Tuesday And the very first thing they say in the sub-head about the wreck is the cyclist was not wearing a helmet.

A NM cyclist is seriously injured by a hit-and-run driver. Crime Stoppers offers reward for info on hit-and-run driver; seriously injured cyclist sent to El Paso The cyclist evidently had lights on the bike but wasn’t wearing a glow in the dark clown suit or bullet-proof vest. Nothing on the mode or location as the bike was too badly damaged from being dragged for miles after the wreck to figure out which way it was hit from. LEO were also unsure of exactly where the cyclist was hit because of possibly dragging of the cyclist to where they found him.

A wreck in OR that makes no sense at all. Cyclist hit trying to cross I-205 in critical condition, expected to survive As I was creating the link the headline changed and so did the copy of the report. It now appears the cyclist was trying to locate a dog that had run into the freeway.

More on the cyclist killed in a right hook in CA. Amelie Le Moullac, 24, identified as bicyclist killed in SoMa crash I still don’t know how a human cyclist could avoid this wreck. Infrastructure needs to be done right instead of semi-buttocked as it was in this case to prevent.

More on the charges filed against the driver in a fatal wreck in CA. Twitter boast leads to murder charge for California teen involved in fatal collision with cyclist and Pleasanton 18-Year-Old’s Twitter Boasts Lead To Murder Charge In Death Of Cyclist And again it appears the driver was trying to find someone to kill.

Update on an AZ cyclist killed in a hit-from-behind wreck. Cyclist hit in Mesa, search continues for driver This was the tricyclist hit from behind in the bike lane.

A NC cyclist is well on the way to recovering from a wreck that human cyclists could not avoid. Cyclist struck by tree back to biking No I don’t know how to avoid getting hit by a tree.

A NJ cyclist is hit in a pinball wreck. Family: Woman died in Buena car crash while trying to avoid cyclist The driver ran into the back of a truck and then spun into the cyclist on the shoulder. The relatives narrative makes no sense (especially if they weren’t there) but as the cyclist was hit already riding on the shoulder there wasn’t much he could have done to avoid the wreck. If the relative’s narrative was accurate that means the driver was making an illegal pass on the shoulder when she saw the cyclist.

A PA hit-and-run. Carlisle police search for car, driver after bicyclist hit The wreck mode was right hook, then the driver reversed the turn and drove away leaving the cyclist laying in the street. Intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. And turn the car into recycled steel to make bicycles from.

From the Great White North comes a terrifying report of a cyclist hit while waiting at a red light. Toronto cyclist rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries The cyclist was waiting on the red light next to a driveway from a parking lot and was hit when the car apparently had a malfunction, as the report reads the engine was at full throttle with the driver trying to get out of the car as it was pushing against a pole off the side of the road. As far as avoiding a wreck like this, no human cyclist could have, and there is nothing that infrastructure could have done to prevent a similar wreck. This falls into the category of “Feces Occurreth”.

Also from the GWN they caught a guy that stole from an injured cyclist as she lay injured in the road. Police ID man accused of stealing from injured cyclist The scum that would rob someone as they are injured on the ground doesn’t deserve much good. And it looks like this may have been a pair of thieves as the driver that hit the cyclist backed his car into the victim and then drove off. Not an avoidable wreck, segregated infrastructure would prevent the wreck and robbery.

Another pinball wreck above the 42nd parallel. Moncton cyclist killed in aftermath of truck collision The cyclist died because the truck was pushed to the side he was riding on after it was hit by a smaller truck. More Cyclist killed in New Brunswick highway crash

I had to include this one just because of the headline. Lizard cyclist injured by hit and run driver UK story so nothing about the mode or location that is helpful, but the cyclist seems to have worked at a pub with the word “lizard” in the name somewhere and so he is a “Lizard cyclist”, but not an actual lizard. I’m sure the Geico Gecko is happy to hear that…

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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