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Rush post before D&D, and the Feed

The bi-weekly D&D game I play in has been moved to 1400-2100 from our previous 2000-0100 time slot because one of our players has both a character that is critical to the module we are playing right now, and a new 3rd shift job that would prevent him from playing our regular time slot. Also school will be starting soon and one of our regular players will be starting 5th grade next week and the 0100 ending for our regular game was a little late for him and was upsetting his sleep schedule for school.

Update on a IA wreck that I never got a link for, but I have the link to the update. Daughter of injured bicyclist says he’s doing better The wreck was hit-from-behind and I’m amazed that LEO actually issued tickets that more or less accurately described what happened. Protocols to avoid or mitigate damage and get the infrastructure right to prevent. Kudos to IA for having statutes available to prosecute in this case. Now if they had punishments similar to shooting someone instead of similar to going 20 over in a school zone…

Proof from MN that cyclists are not the only ones to run stop signs. Cyclist struck, injured during central Minn. tour and Bemidji cyclist struck, injured during central Minnesota tour The driver ran a stop sign and ran right into the cyclist on a through road. Not much that intersection protocols can do about that and as the driver ignored infrastructure in the built environment I don’t see that changing the infrastructure would help unless it included grade-separated bicycle infrastructure that the driver could not get to by merely running a stop sign.

More on that PA right-hook hit and run. Carlisle bicyclist injured by hit-and-run driver Hmm, the driver circled back and talked to the bleeding cyclist in the street before running…

A mail truck runs a stop sign and almost takes out a cyclist in UT. Cyclist collides with mail truck, critically injured Intersection wreck, but in this case protocols would not have helped as the weapon vehicle left no time to react after running the stop sign. Infrastructure would only have helped if the bicycle was physically separated from motor vehicle traffic. I have been on 3300 South (but not since the late ’70s) and it is (was) a medium-speed arterial with residential neighborhoods on either side in that stretch.

A confusing narrative from the Great White North. Leamington cyclist suffers life-threatening injuries in crash The cyclist “pulled out into the path of the slowly crossing pickup truck” and “apparently lost control, causing him to fall off of his bike and strike his head on a metal sewer plate“. So the truck did or didn’t hit him? Because it’s real easy to “lose control” and “fall off” your bike when you get hit with a truck.

Same town, different wreck and a great advertisement for wearable ID. Injured cyclist identified Again a wreck that has “hit-and-run” written all over it but because the bike was not damaged in the wreck LEO have nothing to go on and assume the cyclist crashed on his own.

And those were all the links about bicycles that gave me fits. There were a lot more links that gave me fits, but they were about completely different things.

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