Sunburned and tired, Wreck-Free Sunday

OK I know this is late but I have had a busy day today. I had just enough time to have coffee and get dressed before leaving to work a car wash at my church. Since I have all the flexibility and agility of a stone gargoyle I was part of the advertising team instead of the washing team. This means I was wearing various costumes during the day, including just bike shorts, a long flowing skirt with a flower print, various T-shirts, and unfortunately no hat. That led to getting sunburn on my face, scalp, and the most uncomfortable one, the whites of my eyes. Yep, I sunburned my eyeballs on the outside…

It was an interesting event, that was cut short when police came to take custody of a man having a medical episode. The bad thing is the guy was confused, and disoriented but the police treated it like a crime scene and blocked access to our car wash, effectively shutting us down about an hour early. We still made good money but we could have made more without getting shut down during the peak traffic period of the day. The customers had just started rolling in when this happened and we got shut down and we had to turn people away.

After we got shut down we couldn’t leave until the police did, which took until after our planned shutdown and go home time. Then we had to get fed as we had spent all day at the church, then come back for evening services.

Suffice it to say I hurt, I’m tired, and fortunately I had enough to eat so at least I’m not hungry. I need a shower something fierce because road dust sticks to sunscreen like glue. I have to go to the work meeting if the city council to try to get bike infrastructure rolling (there is a route change that needs to be made to make our infrastructure meet up with neighboring cities’ infrastructure, and there is some infrastructure needed to connect residential areas to retail and jobs). That means I might have to cut short the post or compose the post in 2 stages. So either I leave something out, or I make a late post (again).

PSA, Opus


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