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How am I having the morning after without even having the night before, and the Feed

I am suffering the effects of insufficient hydration and too much sun as a mild hangover. To make matters worse I have a monster Feed this morning and I need to get done early so I can speak to the city council again about things that need to be done for bike infrastructure in the short, medium, and long terms. I’m going to encourage Dutch-style infrastructure for the medium and long term with making existing infrastructure more of a network as a step to that in the short term. I’m going to emphasize permeability for bicycles and pedestrians while retaining the as-built impermeability of motor vehicle traffic for neighborhoods.

A ways away from WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell but still in the same state is this disturbing wreck. El Paso bike rider struck, killed by off-duty Border Patrol agent Hit from behind on a straight road with no traffic, can you say manslaughter? And the driver was claiming SWSS as well. Anyway, hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. One thing that I would like to see added to short-term infrastructure is a change in law that any hit-from-behind of a vulnerable user be investigated as manslaughter or homicide.

Another death in the most deadliest state in the US (bad grammar intentional) to walk or ride a bike for 9 years running. Bicyclist Josh Chitty hit and killed in Jacksonville SWCC wreck with the victim never regaining consciousness before dying. As I don’t have access to any pictures of the wrecked vehicles I can’t say how to avoid what really happened.

And it’s not just the motor vehicles that can kill you in FL. A squirrel causes bike accident in Sandsprit Park This is exactly the kind of situation the “squirrel test” was created for. And for those not familiar just Google the quoted phrase. Not an avoidable wreck and unless you have some kind of squirrel-proof fence infrastructure just changes the location of the wreck.

An intersection wreck kills a FL cyclist and they aren’t blaming him automatically, so he probably had the right of way. Person Struck & Killed In Auburndale Intersection wreck so maybe using the protocols would avoid or mitigate the damage from the wreck. Unknown at this point if better infrastructure would have prevented the wreck but it seems unlikely as the traffic controls on the built infrastructure should have prevented this wreck.

A child cyclist is hit in NC. Child struck by car while riding bike Since they didn’t immediately blame the cyclist I’m thinking the driver was at least partially at fault in this wreck. Other than that though I can’t say what to do to avoid the wreck, but I’m fairly sure getting the infrastructure right would have prevented the wreck.

A NJ wreck that looks an awful lot like a buzz job. Bicyclist, 55, killed in Alpine I would have to know which arm was injured, but the combination of one arm and head injuries looks like someone passed too close and caught an arm with a mirror or the side of the vehicle.

More on that MN wreck from last week. Bicyclist struck, injured by car while riding in central Minnesota tour and Bike tour participant hit by car near Paynesville, Minn. also Bemidji cyclist struck, injured during central Minnesota tour And the one that made me smile FORMER POLICE CHIEF INJURED IN BIKE RIDE Oh, boy, he hit a cop…

A MI wreck has an update. Ossineke man investigated for bicyclist death The wreck was hit-from-behind besides being a hit-and-run, so protocols to avoid or mitigate damages. But this case appears to have been a deliberate act of murder in a residential area, which makes the infrastructure part of the equation… problematic. In a residential area cyclists and motor vehicles mix in a 12.5 MPH speed limit zone that cyclists are required to obey as well as drivers. Homicidal drivers attacking cyclists in a residential area is really not something that infrastructure can prevent.

A cyclist is hit in IN (I never get tired of that pun). Bicyclist, 15, struck by car, transported to Riley Nothing on the mode and the location was “near” the intersection but not actually in it.

A KY cyclist is sneak-attacked from behind. Man injured after hit and run in Noble Park If a cyclist isn’t safe riding in a park, where in that community will he be safe on his bicycle? Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or mitigate damage, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. But really, given the location of this wreck the biggest change in the infrastructure needs to be an attitude adjustment of the drivers in the area.

A MA cyclist is hit pulling from a parking lot. 10yr-old bicyclist stable after being struck by car Intersection wreck, which implies the protocols may have been effective in avoiding the wreck. The area of the wreck was light retail mixed with residential which would have been a boundary condition for installing bike lanes in the Netherlands so the infrastructure would not be physically much different but legally would have been far different as the driver would have been driving slower (12-18 MPH depending on how much residential was in the mix) and the driver would have been at fault for hitting a minor. But with the much slower speed limits the driver would have had a much better chance at not hitting the cyclist in the first place and their laws that make the driver at fault for hitting children and the elderly on foot or bicycles would have had the driver’s attention levels at a much higher level.

A NH cyclist is taken out by a sneezing driver, really?! Keene man injured in Winchester bicycle accident Yep if a sneeze makes you hit a cyclist you didn’t leave enough room to pass the cyclist. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and infrastructure to prevent.

Another MA cyclist is severely injured actually crossing a road. Bicyclist seriously hurt after being hit by car on Route 6 From the picture of the bicycle I can say with assurance the cyclist was hit from the side, corroborating the “crossing the road” story. I mean seriously, they can’t all be just blind drivers trying to figure out where the bicycle they didn’t see came from, people on bikes do cross roads for the same reason as the chicken, to get to the other side. Intersection protocols to avoid or mitigate damage and get the infrastructure right to prevent. More Teen cyclist killed in Wellfleet and Teen cyclist killed in Wellfleet

A different MA cyclist is injured in a group ride. Cyclist hurt in collision The cyclist touched wheels with another cyclist and went down with significant damage. The immediate way to avoid a similar wreck is to not be in a similar situation and avoid tightly packed groups. Infrastructure would prevent this wreck by keeping cyclists from feeling like a tightly packed group was necessary to prevent getting hit with a motor vehicle.

A salmon MO cyclist gets seriously hurt. Cyclist suffers critical injuries after being struck by SUV on Delmar Funny thing, the driver’s side of the windshield is crushed, but there is no visible damage to the front of the vehicle and the front of the bicycle is damaged but the damage is more consistent with the cyclist getting hit from the left than a head-on collision. OK assuming the narrative is correct ride with the flow traffic instead of salmoning against the flow to avoid. Infrastructure to prevent (salmon cyclists are another symptom of poor to nonexistent bicycle infrastructure).

A UT cyclist is taken out by a diesel fuel spill. Diesel fuel spills in Woods Cross; bicyclist crashes I had a wreck exactly like this almost 40 years ago, and believe me you can’t see the spill until you hit it. Then you can see it because your face is inches away from it. You can also smell it and depending on which way your head was turned when you fell you might get a taste as well…

An OR cyclist ends up with a mouthful of broken glass from the weapon vehicle in a hit-and-run. Family of cyclist injured in hit-and-run asks offender to come forward Hit-from-behind wreck that must have been at a fairly high rate of speed for the cyclist to have glass in his mouth when discovered. I can’t say how angry this makes me feel with the close parallels to my own wreck of 12 years ago. Infrastructure, physical and legal, to prevent. And “let” the driver have a last ride in his car as it gets run through the shredder for recycling.

A strange wreck in the Great White North. Leamington Cyclist Seriously Injured This was the wreck from last week that I couldn’t figure out what cause the cyclist to fall over, that they now say was drunk. Don’t ride drunk, you’ll fall over and maybe kill yourself.

A truck rolls over in the middle of a bike ride and didn’t hit anyone. Man killed in Pemberton rollover, police amazed no cyclists were injured OK there are trucks rolling over everywhere this post. (look down one paragraph)

A “Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot, Interrogative” moment for a cyclist on Oz. Cyclist, 40, dies after truck crashes and rolls on top of him during early morning ride The cyclist was just where the truck rolled over. Infrastructure that routed cyclists away from areas with heavy truck traffic might have helped prevent the wreck. More Bicycle rider dies after collision with truck – Wallsend and Tributes for Les Karayan killed in a freak crash

Infrastructure from MA. Efforts stepped up after Cape bike accidents this summer

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