Nothing funny to say today and the Feed

Not that I’m saying that I’m depressed or that everything I saw so far in the Feed is a downer or anything like that, just that at the time I was trying to do the headline that I post before I put anything else down on this composing page I had nothing funny to say. Maybe I should save being funny in real life and with my friends until after I write the headline, except that I haven’t spoken to anyone or otherwise communicated except to make the point that if all the North Texas fans of Wapsi Square had a convention we could hold it in a phone booth, assuming anyone could find such a thing anymore.

The Big Story today is a cab driver becoming unhinged at a cyclist and taking out not just the cyclist but several people on the sidewalk as well. New York City cyclist hit by cab driver claims incident was sparked by road-rage and No Charges For Cab Driver Who Cost Tourist Her Foot also Sian Green’s Father, Boyfriend, Fly to NYC: Tourist’s Foot Severed in Cab Crash and Leicester tourist loses foot in a horrible hit from NY cab and one of the things that bugs me the most TV’s Dr. Oz Rushes to Scene of Taxi Accident The guy didn’t even leave the studio he was taping in until after the ambulances and EMTs were on the scene. The real hero was the plumber using his own clothes to control the pedestrian’s bleeding from her crushed legs. More British tourist, Sian Green run over by taxi now to have more of her leg amputated. another one UK woman loses part of her leg in NYC cab incident I’m not even through the first page of links yet British tourist Sian Green, 23, on first day of dream trip to New York, has leg severed when taxi mounts pavement Sorry about the auto playing video on that link British tourist’s leg severed as New York taxi runs her over not done yet Taxi Crash: ‘Devastated’ Father Flies To US still more YIKES! British Tourist Had Foot Severed After Hit By NYC Taxi (PHOTOS) Oh Gawds it never ends!!! Dr. Oz and Plumber Aid Woman Struck by Taxi in N.Y.C. more British Tourist Severs Leg In New York Taxi Collision I think I might be able to see the end of the first page of links… N.Y.C. Taxi Accident Victim Identified as British Fashion Student Sian Green another one New York taxi horror: Eye witnesses describe ‘terrible’ moment cab ploughed into British tourist Sian Green more Brit’s leg severed after New York taxi crash I’m calling this one the last link because I need to put up something else in the blog Sian Green, British Tourist Whose Foot Was Severed By Taxi, Joined By Father Jason OK all those links that said the driver was “avoiding” the cyclist are propagating misinformation, the driver was trying to kill the cyclist with his cab, not avoid him. Second the cab driver is facing only a ticket for this mess, and the maximum fine is slightly more than the fine for riding a bicycle on that same sidewalk without hitting anything. Cab driver’s ticket is currently (as I compose this post) $350. Ticket for riding a bicycle on the sidewalk is $270. Why just ride peacefully on the sidewalk when for just $80 more you can commit mayhem and cut off a woman’s legs? And yes I’m more than a little annoyed at that.

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike a cyclist is shot in the head. Jacksonville teen shot in head while riding bike dies I loved how the woman made it look like it was the cyclist’s fault for being there to get shot, just like so many claim when a cyclist is hit with a motor vehicle it was the cyclist’s fault for being there to get hit…

IL cyclists are at risk when riding in suburban Chicago streets. Two teen bike-riders hit by cars in Park Ridge Two separate wrecks in the same day, one a hit-from-behind and the other a crossing cyclist. Use the appropriate protocols for either wreck to avoid or mitigate damage, and get the infrastructure right (at least one cyclist was hit in a residential area in front of a school) to prevent.

Another IL cyclist is hit. Girl riding bike hits ambulance in Freeburg Umm, I was looking at the picture of the wreck and it looks like that’s the back wheel of the bike under the right front wheel of the ambulance. I think there is a geometry problem here and I’m not sure if it’s what I’m seeing in the picture or what the drivers of the ambulance saw. Intersection wreck so use the protocols to avoid and as this was in a residential area reduce the speed limit so that motor vehicles can avoid children in the street.

A Chicago cyclist is assaulted while riding her bike. Bike-A-Bee Founder Injured In Hit-And-Run Crash This was not a hit-and-run, this was an assault with intent… No avoiding something like this and unless the infrastructure takes cyclists out of reach of someone in the passenger side of the vehicle infrastructure won’t be of much use either.

A MI cyclist is hit in a wreck with little information at this time. Teenager hospitalized after being struck by vehicle while riding bike The local description of the wreck scene is something that seriously needs calming as it has no place for a cyclist to get off the road and the speed limit is way too high for a driver to avoid a cyclist on the other side of a blind hill crest. Hit-from-behind protocols are only applicable if there is someplace to go when the motor vehicle comes behind you and there ain’t noplace to go with this infrastructure.

A NC cyclist is hit by a light armored vehicle. High Point woman injured when SUV and bicycle collide Interesting, the unconscious cyclist swung wide on the turn where she was hit by the SUV driver who was uninjured in the wreck. Anyone actually believe this?

A VT cyclist can’t avoid a driver blocking the crosswalk. Girl on bicycle injured in Burlington accident The driver was trying to beat the light and cut off the cyclist in the crosswalk. There is a geometry problem on this one as if the cyclist was crossing with the light and the driver was trying to beat the light unless the driver was making a left turn then they shouldn’t have interacted. But there is a driver facing charges and a little girl with injuries that were not specified, so I guess the driver was making that left?

More about the cyclist injured by an electric wire ripped from its moorings and left hanging over the road like a booby trap. Cyclist Seriously Injured In Gateshead Electric Cable Accident As I pointed out yesterday cyclists don’t have enough eyes to spare to avoid this kind of wreck.

Infrastructure! news from the UK. More cyclists hurt as ‘driving getting worse’ I have been saying this for years as fatalities went down but cyclist, pedestrian and now motorcyclist fatalities have gone up, the cars were getting better at protecting people in wrecks, drivers are still just as bad as they ever were. You can tell that either drivers are getting better or VMT are going down when death and injury are going down at nearly the same rate for all victims instead of just the ones that were in the cars.

Last link, we all know this stuff if you are a regular reader of this blog but it’s nice to have it all on one page. Take a cue from Pee Wee and pedal your butt around town I’m not happy with the tone of the article, but the information is good.

And those are all the links that gave me fits, except about that one wreck in NYC, I just gave up on that one.

Billed @€0.02, Opus


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