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Must stop writing headlines before coffee, and the Feed

Got a late start because someone woke me way early this morning, which triggers fitful sleep until I get enough REM sleep to be functional. The bad part about things like this morning is I’m never really sure when I have actually woken up. I started writing the headline this morning in that state and it kept coming out gibberish or desperately not funny. Hence the headline you see this morning.

El Paso is not a good place to be riding a bicycle this month. SUV strikes, kills boy riding bike in Central El Paso Nothing on the mode or who was to blame, just that the speed of the weapon vehicle was not judged to be a factor. If speed wasn’t a factor I bet outward visibility was… And as this wreck was in a residential area the only change that would be made to the infrastructure would be reducing the speed limit to 20 MPH (or maybe 10 MPH) and making hitting a kid an automatic “driver at fault for not paying attention to kids in the street”.

This next one is about that cab driver. I have been seeing reports that he “felt threatened” by the guy on the bike and that is why he hit the gas (and that part of the story keeps changing too, sometimes he “misses the brake” and sometimes he deliberately accelerates). Cabbie Who Maimed Tourist Blames Cyclist And yes I left a few (several?) comments on this one. The physical evidence of the cyclist’s bike (crushed rear wheel) and the cab (bike tire mark on front bumper) back up the cyclist’s story that he was being threatened by the driver when the cyclist hit the hood of the cab (I would link the pictures but the tests I did never went back to the same picture). Then the cabby says this: I personally feel that if that man on the bike didn’t bang on my car, maybe this would not have happened.” Some good may come from this, however. After Cab Driver Maims Tourist, Councilman Demands NYPD Attitude Adjustment and this update on the pedestrian/hot dog eater. Tourist Maimed By Cabbie On Midtown Sidewalk Has Left Leg Amputated At The Knee And finally we find out the combination required for criminality to be suspected by NYPD when a pedestrian is hit. Manhunt For Truck Driver Who Struck Cop In AstoriaSo it takes a combination battery, robbery, grand theft auto, vehicular aggression, and one of their own getting mildly concussed to get NYPD to care about traffic injuries?” Seems that way.

A cyclist’s fatal wreck leads to a call for improved infrastructure for drivers? Cyclist’s death in Howard Beach prompts calls for a traffic signal Nice to get clarification that the driver of the weapon vehicle ran the stop sign, but if the driver ignored the stop sign why would they expect him to not run a red light?

Update on another NY wreck a little Upstate from NYC. Bike-riding teen hit by pickup truck released by hospital Has the teen cyclist said she was riding on the sidewalk? Because this is a wreck where the cyclist could say what happened.

Down the road from NYC another cop is hit-and-run. Philly Bike Officer Struck by Hit-&-Run Driver: Police Nothing on the mode, but isn’t it amazing how fast they can find a hit-and-run driver when the victim has a police radio?

A NJ cyclist is not so lucky and his assailant is still at large. Bicyclist Injured in Hit-and-Run The picture of the wrecked bike shows an obvious hit from behind wreck but also does not show if the bike was equipped with rear lighting. It does appear to show that the cyclist was hit hard enough to remove at least one shoe, maybe the left one (the picture is a bit on the grainy side). Since there was a high curb and a heavy bike there was no place for the cyclist to bail for hit-from-behind protocols to work, so that only leaves getting the infrastructure right to do anything about this wreck.

Update on the salmon ME cyclist severely injured in a hit-and-run. Reward offered in Brunswick hit-and-run that left cyclist with broken leg As I keep telling people, riding salmon just means you get a couple seconds more to watch the wreck happen, not that you get to dodge the wreck. Bicycles can’t sidestep over a curb to avoid impact like a pedestrian can.

Update on the MD cyclist killed by a hit-from-behind driver. Driver error apparent cause of cyclist’s death Driver trying to pass a cyclist on a blind hill encounters oncoming traffic before even getting to the cyclist and runs the cyclist over from behind instead of standing on the brakes. A lovely piece of work that driver is. More Track Coach Killed In Bike Accident and Annapolis High track coach dies of injuries in roadway accident

A NC wreck that has changed between filtering and creating the link, when I filtered the link was a hit-and-run with no suspects. Suspect in death of cyclist allegedly set apartment fire Isn’t that lovely, the driver that murdered a cyclist was escaping from trying to burn down her ex’s apartment. The original link had the cyclist proceeding with the right of way when the weapon vehicle hit him. From what little information I can get this was not a wreck that a human cyclist could have avoided, and infrastructure would have been little help either. The picture shows a bicycle that was hit from behind at a high rate of speed.

A SWCC wreck in IA. Bicyclist struck by car and injured Notice the driver “saw the cyclist at the last second and could not avoid” hitting her. I would love to see the wreckage from this one as the narrative is exactly how most SWCC wrecks where the cyclist was JRA down the right edge of the right lane work out. Intersection protocols if the cyclist was actually crossing the road, hit-from-behind if the cyclist was JRA and hit that way to avoid, and infrastructure to prevent no matter which way it happened.

More on the SWSS wreck in NV. Bicyclist dead after being hit by car in Vegas Did nobody look at the wrecked bike standing straight up with the weapon vehicle parked on the left side of the rear wheel? The driver hit the cyclist from behind due to cognitive blindness, not because the cyclist “swerved” from the sidewalk. More Coroner IDs bicyclist dead after being hit by car in Vegas; police say man rode into lane

Update on the OR hit-and-run that left a cyclist with a mouthful of broken glass from the weapon vehicle. Woman charged in crash that injured cyclist and more local Arrest made in Barbur hit-and-run case These 2 reports Show that there was nothing the cyclist could have done to avoid this wreck except not be there, and pictures (on another site) show that the infrastructure was terrible with the cyclist having to share the lane with 50-60 MPH traffic and no place to get away from an aggressive driver. So fix the infrastructure to prevent.

A young CA cyclist is broadsided and dragged under a motor vehicle. Boy seriously injured after being hit by vehicle in Oxnard The kid was hit in a residential area with very limited sight lines due to privacy fences on both sides of the alley. The clear area extends basically across the sidewalk before the kid is in the street. So lower the speed limit and make hitting a kid in that area the fault of the driver for going too fast to stop for a kid unless it can be proven the kid did not allow the driver to avoid.

And from the Great White North a cyclist is hit by a car because he wasn’t wearing a helmet. Young cyclist injured in Oshawa collisionBoy struck trying to cross Rossland Road wasn’t wearing a helmet” What, you thought I was kidding? Intersection wreck, protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A cyclist in far West Canuckistan is hit with a car. Cyclist hit on Pat Bay Highway this morning had minor injuries The cyclist mis-judged the speed of the vehicles while she was trying to cross the road, and the driver wasn’t looking at the road in front of (him?) and ran into the cyclist.

Last link, do cars cause unethical behavior? Can Your Car Make You An Unethical Driver?

And those are all the links that gave me fits about bicycles and stupid drivers. There were a whole lot more that gave me fits about things that have nothing to do with this blog so those don’t get posted, but rest assured I do have fits about things that are not bicycles or related to transportation.

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