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Another all-day run to the Lab Rat Keeper, and the Feed

I’m ticked off at DART (Dallas Area Random Transit) for what happened today. When I catch the 0700 bus to Downtown Garland Station I get to the LRK about 0820, but when I wait for the next bus I get to the LRK at 1020. That 45 minute difference in departure time results in a 2 hour difference in arrival time because there is a hole in the schedule where the bus only goes half-route instead of continuing all the way to the stop where I get off for the LRK. I can see a partial route for the first or last runs of the day (they got those, too) but dumping people halfway through the route in the middle of the day and making them wait until the next schedule is just stupid, pardon me, Stoopid.

And because I had more than one destination I had all the transfers and waits for those to contend with. Fortunately I took the laptop with me and I was able to find some free WiFi and do a little filtering before I got home, but otherwise the transit portion of the day’s errands was mostly nap time.

That cabbie is still making international news… NYC cab driver who hit and injured tourist blames cyclist, says crash was not his fault Yeah, and I’m the next Pope (hint, I’m not Catholic)…

A WI cyclist is killed by a driver that did not check to make sure there was no oncoming traffic in the lane before pulling out to pass. Green Bay-area man, 48, killed in Saturday bicycle crash The cyclist was hit head-on when the operator of the weapon vehicle tried to pass a truck pulling a horse trailer with the cyclist in the oncoming lane… Not an avoidable wreck for a human cyclist. The only way that infrastructure could prevent a similar wreck is if it completely removed the motor vehicles from the equation.

Another cyclist is hit head on in CA this time. Vehicle Hits Bicyclist on Santa Margarita Parkway Since I still haven’t found a report that suggested the cyclist was on the wrong side of the road that only leaves one other option…

And another cyclist is killed just up the (figurative) road from the previous paragraph. Update: Bicyclist Dies from Injuries Suffered in Minivan Crash the link was originally about a seriously injured cyclist this morning… nothing about the mode of the wreck, but the location given as I post this is some kind of intersection with the cyclist proceeding along the through route. Intersection protocols might have avoided or mitigated damages in this wreck, infrastructure would have prevented it, so RIP cyclist. More Breaking news — Newport Beach bicyclist dies of injuries from Tuesday collision

A cyclist is seriously injured where America’s day begins, the fancy way of saying Guam. BREAKING NEWS: Bicyclist may have suffered serious injuries after auto-bicycle accident in Ordot At this point it appears the elderly cyclist failed to yield to traffic in the street as he left the parking lot.

From the far away Eastern reaches of the Great White North a cyclist’s death results in criminal charges… for violating workplace safety laws? Truss company charged over highway death The cyclist was struck by an overhanging load and the regulators decided that the death was a result of negligence on the part of the manager that approved the load and the driver for taking the load. More. Newfoundland company charged in death of bicyclist struck by overhanging truss and Newfoundland company charged in death of bicyclist who struck overhanging truss

Infrastructure! news from CA. Dividing Lines: Cyclist Deaths Require Changes That Won’t Come Soon Enough

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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