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Still alive, and the Feed

One thing that keeps getting (pounded, hammered, dumped) on me as I get closer to my Death Day is one glaring fact: I’m still alive and the guy that tried to kill me isn’t. I’m having problems because of the wreck, but I’m still sorta kicking and the guy that tried to kill me is pushing up daisies. His problems are over, and transferred over to his heirs. Or to parse it to the barest terms, I won.

First link ties into what I was just writing about. I don’t put up many links from this source. Bobby Labonte Injured In Bicycle Accident Nothing on the mode or location, but I’ll give that a pass for this wreck. Get well soon Bobby. Just a note that if a person with the reflexes and road sense of a Winston Cup Champion can get smacked in a bike wreck then so can the rest of us. More Labonte breaks 3 ribs in bicycle crash, will miss NASCAR race

Another TX cyclist is hit by a train. Man on bicycle killed when hit by Amtrak train in Houston-area accident, Once again let me state that trains are the easiest vehicles we have to avoid. First of all they can only be found in train tracks, it’s not like they can wander the streets looking for victims. Second trains are big, easy to see, and noisy even when they aren’t using the horn. With all those things why do cyclists continue to get killed by trains?

Another cyclist is hit in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Cyclist, car crash in Pompano Beach Left cross, which is always the fault of the driver even when there is a left turn arrow for the driver. It doesn’t look like there was such a signal in this wreck though. Intersection protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages from the wreck, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A cyclist misjudges the speed of a vehicle in the road and pulls into the side instead of behind it. Bike rider runs into van, injured & cited Intersection protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, infrastructure to prevent.

This has to rank as one of the most bizarre reports I have ever read. Mom Says Cops Killed Boy for Riding a Bike Never hit the siren or anything, just rammed the kid off his bike and then shot him as he tried to get away from the crazy cops. The instead of getting the victim medical attention they handcuffed him as he bled out?

Update on the woman killed in CA. Cyclist hit by minivan in Newport Beach dies of wounds What little I have been able to find out about this wreck is the cyclist was hit from behind approaching the intersection. How far from the sweeping turn lanes she was hit is not public information at this time but I’m willing to bet the driver was moving to the turn lane when the minivan hit the cyclist from behind. Earlier report where the vehicle was mis-identified as a Prius. Cyclist critical after collision with car

More on a hit-and-run in Portland OR. Tow-truck driver believed to be involved in Southeast Portland hit-and-run located I can’t believe that anyone driving a vehicle covered in corporate logos identifying the owner would be so stupid as to leave the scene of an injury wreck… At this point the wreck is being described as a right hook and whether the cyclist was even moving when hit is not known. If the cyclist was not moving but rather waiting at the corner for the light to change that makes this a wreck that could not be avoided without some form of precognition on the cyclist’s part. This wreck is a strong indicator of the need for barrier protected bicycle infrastructure with separate signal phases for each mode and no right on red. Actually no right on red everywhere, this seems to be one of the major killers of pedestrians everywhere it is allowed. Mrs. the Poet says she has to dodge cars making rights on red as she’s crossing with the light at least 3 or 4 times a week if not every day. More Police find tow truck driver from crash that injured teen

Another cyclist is seriously injured in the Great White North. Cyclist seriously injured after collision with car in Scarborough Intersection wreck where one of the vehicles involved ran the red. The good thing is that LEO did NOT automatically blame the cyclist for running the red so there may be evidence the driver did. Intersection wreck but the protocols would be of no use had the driver run the red, if it’s the other way around then don’t run the red to avoid. Get the infrastructure right to prevent. More Cyclist seriously injured in collision in city’s east end

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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