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Getting an early start on the post, and the Feed

I’m actually doing the early parts of this post on Sunday night after I got back from my grandson’s first birthday party. He was adorable as usual, got in a good nap before the party, and was in a good mood all afternoon long. The amusing thing is my grandson does not like either cake or ice cream. It kinda makes me wonder about the genetics on the other side of his family tree… 😉

A song lyric said “I was flying in from Lubbock and saw Jesus on the plane.” I’m sure this cyclist would have appreciated divine intervention in her wreck. Woman on Bike Hit By Car on Quaker Since the mode is not explicit but there was no intersection given I’m going to go with a possible hit-from-behind wreck here, so use the protocols to avoid or to mitigate the damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A TX cyclist is killed in a SWCC wreck. Port Arthur police identify cyclist struck and killed Friday morning Other than not crossing the road (maybe) I don’t know what the cyclist could do other than the intersection protocols to avoid this wreck. The road was not bike friendly and getting the infrastructure right so that cyclists don’t mix with the high-speed traffic on this road is about the only thing that can prevent a similar wreck no matter how it really happened.

An announcement that had me stunned, an AR driver faces criminal charges for hitting a group of cyclists and killing one of them. Prosecutors file charges against driver who struck, injured cyclists traveling in Arkansas The driver hit a group of 13 cyclists that resulted in several ambulances full of injured and one fatality, I just never expected to see a driver in Arkansas charge with anything for hitting a cyclist.

I think nobody is surprised that a VA driver is not charged in killing a cyclist. Police: Driver Who Struck, Killed Cyclist Near Yorktown Will Not Face Charges The description of the wreck scene id one that the cyclist could not see the car and the driver could not see the cyclist. The only way to prevent future wrecks at this intersection is to clean up the sight lines and reduce the speed of the through traffic. I don’t see that second part as a viable option politically.

Another bicycle is hit in the most deadliest state to walk or ride in the US for the last 9 years running. Two bicyclists badly injured in hit-and-run on Clearwater Memorial Causeway The bike was found in pieces scattered between the road and the bike lane, the make of the weapon vehicle is not yet known, and maybe hit-from-behind protocols would have made a difference but the wreck was in the bike lane and the speed of the weapon vehicle as shown by the destruction of the bicycle makes avoiding the wreck unlikely. Infrastructure to prevent including making a high-speed hit-and-run like this a serious crime.

A NY cyclist is hit by a left-turning vehicle. Autopsy conducted on bicyclist hit at Delaware and Sheridan Intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A cyclist is hit in IN. UPDATE: Cyclist killed identified as Vectren president | VIDEO Intersection wreck use the protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. I’m going to say the wreck looked like the cyclist though this was a 4-way stop and that the other vehicle had to stop also and rolled the stop sign. The driver had maybe 1.5 to 2 seconds to see the cyclist and certainly not enough time to stop. Conclusion drawn is that the cyclist should have stopped or yielded to the driver at the intersection given the current built infrastructure. More Bicyclist’s death ‘devastating’ | VIDEO

A MI cyclist is hit by/with a car and that’s about all I know about this wreck. Boy Hit and Killed While Riding His Bike The victim was a 7YO boy, and he died on East Townsend Road in Ovid Township. And that seems to be the information released by LEO so far in this case. More Clinton County sheriff’s department: Vehicle strikes, kills boy, 7, who was riding bicycle and Boy, 7, struck, killed while biking in Clinton Co. Three links to say basically nothing…

An OH cyclist is hit-and-run… Hit And Run Injures Cyclist, Police Seeking Driver Possibly hit-from-behind as well as a hit-and-run as no intersections or driveways are listed just a block number, so protocols to avoid to mitigate damages. and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

An OR cyclist is injured in a right hook wreck. Bicyclist, sedan collide in Southeast Portland; no serious injuries Intersection wreck so use the protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. As both OR that requires drivers to yield to cyclists in the bike lane before making a right turn, and CA that requires drivers to merge with the bike lane have similar rates of right hook wrecks I don’t know what will keep bike and motor vehicle traffic moving while preventing right hooks. Separated signal phasing is the only thing I can see that will prevent US drivers from hitting cyclists in the bike lane while turning right, or draconian laws that make a right hook the equivalent of assault with a deadly weapon. One or t’other (perhaps both).

A CA cyclist is hit-and-run near where another cyclist was recently killed. Fremont Police Seek Hit-Run Driver Who Critically Injured Cyclist Oops sorry, it’s an update on the wreck, not a new one near that wreck.

A CA cyclist is slightly injured by a hit-and-run driver. Cyclist injured in Palm Desert hit-and-run Intersection wreck so protocols to avoid and infrastructure to prevent. To be honest though just getting drivers to pay attention to what is on the sidewalks and not just what is coming from the left in the street will be the real way to prevent wrecks like this.

A CA blotter report of a bike wreck. Police Calls: Cyclist Injured, Purse Stolen at Jodie’s, City Tree Falls on Truck Intersection wreck and that’s all I know about it. Intersection protocols might have helped avoid or to mitigate damages, and infrastructure done right to prevent.

Another CA wreck where the driver “didn’t see” the cyclist, but at least this time they know for a fact the cyclist was proceeding legally in the middle of the lane and the “not seeing” part was the fault of the driver. WOMAN DIES FROM INJURIES SUSTAINED IN BICYCLE ACCIDENT And now you know as much about how to prevent as I do. How do you make someone see what is directly in front of them? And what can you do if they don’t?

I don’t even know any more if this is a new wreck or a re-run of an old report because of the details. Cyclist dies after being struck by car in San Bernardino This is so similar to a wreck from the early part of August, but the dateline is for today, so maybe this is a different wreck. But seriously, this wreck is so similar to the other wreck especially the weapon vehicle.

A UT cyclist is injured by a bicycle trap left unmarked in the road. Injured Ogden cyclist raises road hazard alarm The picture of the road hazard just made my blood run cold. The wrecked bike wasn’t pretty either, and the cyclist had no way to avoid it because of where it was in the road. Since the wreck was completely infrastructure caused no amount of protocols would allow a cyclist to avoid this wreck. The only thing to prevent a similar wreck is to not make bicycle traps in the street.

Another report on the CO cyclist that crashed trying to avoid a vehicle going the wrong way on the shoulder where he was trying to ride. Bicyclist injured critically in Boulder crash This one is tough for me because I’m supposed to be able to tell you how to avoid or prevent almost any wreck. well this is one that falls beyond the “almost” category. The fact that the entire group managed to avoid hitting the motor vehicle on the wrong side of the road shows that it was possible, just not for everyone to avoid hitting anything else while avoiding the car on the wrong side of the road.

A WA wreck that appears to be at least partially caused by an overloaded bicycle. Girls escape serious injury in Moxee bike accident That’s right, 3 people on one bike, with nothing about it being a triplet or even a tandem. Other than that it appears to be a hit-from-behind wreck that the cyclist on semi-control of the bike could do nothing about because of the other 2 people on the bike. To avoid first and foremost only have the number of passengers on the bike that the bike is built to handle, second once you’re riding a bike that can be maneuvered use hit-from-behind protocols. Infrastructure to prevent, because in Amsterdam it is quite common to give your best girl a ride sidesaddle on the luggage rack.

A Canuckistani cyclist is clobbered in the street with a motor vehicle. Cyclist hit, injured on Leila Since the truck was damaged in a secondary collision and the driver injured in that secondary collision, and the bicycle was mangled in the wreck making determining directionality of the original impact impossible, I have to say I have no earthy idea how to prevent or avoid this wreck. Given the secondary collision the best I can say is the cyclist may have been collateral damages from the driver having a medical emergency behind the wheel.

A far West Canuckistan wreck with a possible drunk cyclist. Surrey cyclist critically injured in collision with car may have been drinking, say police OK even allowing for windshield bias on the part of the LEO this does not look good. What does look good is they can’t prove or disprove reflectors, lights, and a helmet… But also no mode or location given so I can’t tell you how to avoid or mitigate the wreck. More Cyclist critically injured after being struck by a car in Surrey

Speaking of medical emergencies behind the wheel, a cyclist in the Great White North is hit by a car left uncontrolled when the driver has a diabetic loss of consciousness. Two hurt as Jeep, cyclist collide in downtown Ottawa I noticed that the cyclist’s lack of helmet is listed as a contributing cause of the wreck in spite of the facts that 1) the cyclist did not sustain any head injury, and 2) the driver that hit the cyclist was unconscious behind the wheel. Now if someone can explain how a styrofoam hat could have changed the outcome of this wreck in a positive direction please feel free to leave a comment…

Hit-and-run from the Great White North. Cyclist killed in Richmond; RCMP say it was hit and run Comments added to the levels of Stoopid displayed in the article. The driver was apparently moving at a significant rate of speed as exhibited by the piles of debris left from the weapon vehicle including the license plate. Hit-from-behind wreck but the speed of the weapon vehicle makes it unlikely that anything in the protocols would have helped avoid this wreck, getting the infrastructure right might have prevented the wreck. More Driver arrested after cyclist killed in Labour Day hit and run

Another wreck north of the 42nd parallel. Man charged in fatal crash The headline literally changed as I was creating the link, from “Cyclist badly hurt in collision” to the headline I put in the link. The story now reads that the cyclist died at the scene and the driver was “stinking drunk” according to a comment left on the link. Investigators were unable to determine if the cyclist was hit in the street or on the sidewalk and if she was riding or walking because of the seriousness of her injuries and the state of the bicycle. The only thing that could prevent a wreck like this would be legal infrastructure that prevented people from driving drunk or bike infrastructure that could stop 2 tons of metal moving at high speed from getting to a cyclist. More Police Release Name In Fatal Collision

A cyclist is seriously injured in yet another wreck in the Great White North. Cyclist suffers serious injuries after being struck by car Other than intersection wreck I can’t tell what happened in this wreck. If that was the bike involved leaning against the weapon vehicle than I’m really confused because that bike is so undamaged it looks like it could be ridden away from the wreck. Also I don’t see any other damage to the weapon vehicle than the crushed windshield, which would normally indicate a wreck where the car or cyclist ignored a red light or stop sign, but in a case like that the front wheel of the bike would be pringled and I don’t see that in the picture.

I mentioned I had a link about a driver being charged in the US, I also have a link about one being sentenced in the UK. Driver jailed for killing cyclist This is a country that less than 12 months ago sentenced a driver to 300 hours of community service and a 3-year ban from driving except to go to and from work (or essentially no ban at all) and now they send a driver to prison for 18 months. Still not anywhere close to commensurate with the actions that killed another human being.

Also from the UK a cyclist managed to grab a camera and take a picture as a thief rides off on the stolen bicycle. Injured victim takes photo of Wolverhampton theft suspect Not a recommended mode of action but if you can do it without getting hurt go for it.

A driver in South Africa is charged after the cyclist he hit dies from injuries sustained in the wreck. Bus driver charged with causing death after injured cyclist succumbs The wreck is not the important part of this story, the court proceedings are.

Infrastructure! news from Seattle. Madison Park residents want major changes to neighborhood crosswalk It now appears the cyclist was merely the unlucky first one to stumble into a pedestrian-killing piece of infrastructure that the pedestrian was lucky he was hit by a cyclist instead of the expected motor vehicle. Neither the cyclist nor the pedestrian could see each other because of bad sight lines, until the last split-second before impact.

Infrastructure news from the UK. London cyclists push for safer facilities

Lifestyle from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike as neighbors wonder why the driver that killed a kid in a hit-and-run has not been arrested. Teenager killed in hit and run in Jacksonville This was the wreck from last week where the victim was walking his bike next to 2 friends off the side of the road, and the driver still has not been arrested nor identified by LEO. I think the “not identified” part is a good thing because unless he was already in jail first the locals would lynch him, from the tone of this and preceding articles on this wreck.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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