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I was trending on twitter for a few minutes, and the Feed

I had a big surge in site views a few days ago referred by Twitter, and it turns out that I was “trending” for a few minutes before everything died down. It was to the post where I linked to the TED talk from the guy that was also crippled by a motor vehicle wreck, the one I put up Friday of last week. Other than the TED link I don’t know what I did any different that would cause that kind of surge, but it was kind of a big post, but then if that was the criteria then I should be getting a huge surge every Monday, especially from yesterday’s post.

I finally got all the things I need to have a ridable bike, now I just have to assemble the bits so that my new helmet works with my stiff neck. If someone hadn’t “put away” my mirror blanks after I had already put them away I could have been on the road already, but I had to make a special trip to this one particular hobby store to pick up new mirror blanks and that took time.

Another young cyclist is killed in IN. Police say 13-year-old boy riding bike fatally struck on street near NW Indiana ice cream shop It didn’t say if the cyclist was trying to ride and eat ice cream at the same time, or if he pulled in front of the driver, or if the driver came around the corner and hit the cyclist as he rode in the street. Without an accurate mode I can’t say how to avoid or to mitigate, but to prevent get the infrastructure right.

A wreck in IA. Cyclist Injured in Ely Crash Hmm, there is a 4-way stop at that intersection. I wonder why the only one to get a ticket was the cyclist [cough]windshield bias[cough]?

Another blind driver, this time in ND. Vehicle-bicycle crash in Grand Forks results in minor injury Sure just plow right into that space you can’t see, there probably isn’t anything in there that will get hurt if you do. [thunk!] Oops!

More on the rider that went head over teakettle after getting run off the road by a wrong-way driver in CO. Former Olympic cyclist making ‘incredible progress’ after brain stem injury, brother says As a brain injury survivor myself I honestly wish a full recovery for this cyclist.

Update on a DUI wreck from yesterday in CA. Driver in deadly Morro Bay accident facing DUI charges One cyclist still in the road, one launched over the guardrail, and one of those died. The pictures are still haunting me. All I had yesterday was a wreck, now we have nauseating pictures to go with them. Not something that human cyclists could have avoided with the guard rail cutting off any escape routes and the cyclists hit about as far away from the wreck as they could get without jumping that guardrail.

Another link to that hit-from-behind by a blind driver in CA. Bulgarian tourist killed in Mission Bay Park accident This outlet blames the wreck on the cyclist’s lack of a helmet instead of the driver not seeing the cyclist in front of him.

From north of the 42nd more on a hit-and-run death. Cyclist killed in Richmond; RCMP say it was a hit and run The “key evidence” left behind was the front license plate along with a buttload of front end bodywork. Driver was still drunk when LEO found him. I don’t think finding a vehicle missing significant amounts of its front end including the license plate would have been too hard to find anyway.

More from north of the border. Welland cyclist struck This one appears to be from West Canuckistan also, but there sure isn’t a whole lot of information now. There was a lot more when I filtered the links.

Lots of links from the Great White North today, I think this one might be more infrastructure than wreck. Toronto cop ‘doored’ on duty wants police to track incidents Since the province designated wrecks as involving motor vehicles in motion only (bicycles no longer count) LEO in Toronto have stopped counting door prizes, which means they stopped counting a frequently fatal wreck mode.

An unusual incident from the UK. Elderly cyclist injured after bike rage attack outside science centre I seriously can’t remember seeing anything like this since I began posting this blog back in 2006.

Lifestyle from the Windy City. Memorial created for cop killed on bike RIP cyclist.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today. Now I’m going to take a nap so I will be calm and collected when I go help write the ritual for next Sunday’s service.

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