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It’s too hot to not ride a bicycle, and the Feed

OK I know that headline really has a lot of people confused, so I will explain. I had to go pay the storage shed rent today before the late fees start accumulating, and the helmet modifications are still not done. So I could either walk in just over an hour total, or I could spend 2 hours taking the bus. Since most of that 2 hours would be spent waiting outside for a transfer I chose to spend that time walking rather than standing. With the temperature currently 99°F and the heat index even higher this makes for an uncomfortable walk, and an even more uncomfortable standing around waiting for a bus. Now I shall consume a quart bottle of cold Gatorade to rehydrate and cool down. But had my bike and accoutrements been finished, my time out of air conditioning would have been about a half hour (but I still would have needed that Gatorade). So, it’s too hot to not ride my bike.

Another death and an injury in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Largo cyclist dies, Clearwater police arrest hit-and-run There is a big hunk of that tandem missing from the scene of the crime, I wonder if they found it at the driver’s residence when they found his vehicle missing its windshield. Hit from behind so use the protocols to mitigate the damages and get the infrastructure right to prevent. More Hit-and-run suspect: I don’t remember anything

A NY cyclist is killed in a hit-from-behind wreck at speed. Driver arrested in hit-run death of Amityville cyclist Don’t click on the photo gallery if you have a weak stomach. From what I could see of the scene from the pictures there was no reason to hit the cyclist as there was a lane to the left of where the cyclist was hit and ample space to slow and move to the next lane and pass, and also no place for the cyclist to escape if someone did not move over to pass. So hit-from-behind protocols could not be used here without sacrificing the bike and most likely a fair amount of skin or a broken bone. Infrastructure to prevent.

A CT cyclist is hit when he “veered” from the sidewalk. Bicyclist injured after weekend crash in New Haven Not enough information for avoiding, but infrastructure to prevent.

A VA cyclist crossed the road to hit a pickup truck head on? Bicyclist injured in collision That’s their story and they’re sticking to it, the cyclist crossed the road to hit the pickup truck.

A cyclist is right-hooked where the Mayor of Chicago was having a press outing. Rahm rushes to help injured cyclist clipped by turning truck Intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. Given who was there and how he now knows personally what crappy infrastructure can do, maybe this intersection will get fixed, leaving a couple hundred thousand to go.

Another link to the cyclist hit at a 4 way stop in IA. Cyclist Injured in Ely Crash Still blaming the only one that was not left on scene to talk to LEO.

A NE cyclist is hit by an SUV with no driver at the controls because he was having a medical emergency, but the cyclist still managed to attend to the injured driver before getting carted away in an ambulance himself. Bicyclist struck by SUV, assists driver This falls in the hit-from-behind category of wreck with little chance of avoiding the wreck, and infrastructure would have been of little to no help in controlling an unguided 3 ton projectile as witnessed by the number of previously solid objects left as rubble in the path of the wreck.

A cyclist was either run off the road or rode wide into a pullout area and lost control in CO. Cyclist killed in Colo ID’d as New Orleans man Not sure if this was excessive speed on the cyclist’s part or on the part of a motor vehicle that left no trace because the cyclist was successful in avoiding the wreck with the other vehicle like the Dave Stetina wreck. More Cyclist Killed In Colorado ID’d As New Orleans Man

Speaking of the Stetina wreck, here’s an update on his condition. Former Olympic Cyclist Upgraded To Serious Condition After Crash You know it’s bad when being unconscious and paralyzed is getting better…

A hit-and-run in CO. Driver Flees After Hitting Cyclist Intersection wreck and as the cyclist is not badly injured he may have been using the protocols without knowing it. Infrastructure to prevent including taking the cars away from people that commit hit-and-run. Let the driver watch the car get shredded into tiny pieces on its way to becoming new bicycles.

Another link to the Morro Bay wreck in CA. UPDATE: Bicyclist Killed From Car Crash in Morro Bay And this is still not an avoidable wreck.

Update on the CA right-hook fatality where the video of the wreck that SFPD said didn’t exist showed the driver of the truck to be at fault. Family of bicyclist killed in SF files suit Given the DA’s track record on similar wrecks there is less than a 10% chance the DA’s office will even file charges, and about 2% that the driver will get convicted.

Serious Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot moment from CA. Assailant uses cane to attack bike rider No description of what triggered the attack, if anything.

More on the drunk driver that killed a cyclist in Canuckistan. Cyclist killed in Richmond hit-and-run and Cyclist killed, hit-and-run driver found This was the wreck where most of the front of the vehicle was removed in the impact including the license plate which was found near the cyclist’s body.

And just when I thought the UK had regained some sanity about drivers killing people on the roads I read $&*t like this. Driver who killed cyclist given community order and Driver who killed cyclist given community order Two hundred forty freaking hours of community service for killing in cold blood! TANJ!

Infrastructure! news from practically my back yard. Dallas’ Months-Old Cyclist Protection Law Isn’t Being Enforced, Records Show Given the high (snerk!) levels of enforcement of every other traffic law the fact that there were no tickets issued on this one comes as no surprise.

Infrastructure from CA. Bay Bridge bicycle lane named for bike advocate

Infrastructure from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike the last 9 years running. South Florida roads may get more room for cyclists

And those were all the links that gave me fits today, well the ones that had anything to do with bicycles, anyway. I had a lot of fits about other links that didn’t have anything to do with bicycles.

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