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Mule day again, and the Feed

Mule day is different without a bike, that’s for sure. Mrs. the Poet picks up more stuff from the stores on other days on her way home from work, leaving less to haul home on my back. And most times my son brings his car by so he can borrow our washer and dryer and then drag our groceries home. I enjoy getting to spend some time with my son almost every week. And with the heat I enjoy not having to carry an ALICE ruck full of groceries home on my back.

A cyclist is hit from behind by a blind driver in UT. Cyclist killed in crash Sure just drive right into that space you can’t see, there is probably nothing too fragile in there… Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or to mitigate damage, and get the infrastructure right to prevent, including making driving while blind the equivalent of driving blind drunk. The outcome is the same, the punishment should be, too. More Friends Remember Cyclist Hit And Killed In Crash

A cyclist is blamed for his own death in WY. Cyclist killed in truck collision and Mystery Bicyclist Killed North Of Sheridan And once again we get a SWSS because the only surviving witness to the wreck was the driver of the weapon vehicle. Hit from behind wreck, so use the protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. As I was doing the links the thought occurred to me that the cyclist might have been blown off course as the second link describes the cyclist as moving from the shoulder all the way to the opposite lane of travel in seconds, which would have rendered the wreck unavoidable by human cyclists. I personally have been moved over most of a lane by gusts here in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, and from what little time I spent in WY I know they can get some mighty strong winds out there as “there ain’t nothin’ to stop the wind except a couple of strands of barb wire” and there are winds that come howling off the Rockies into the plains to the east. Also this wreck is a good advertisement for wearable ID like dog tags from your local ArmyNavy store or a RoadID available from the BikeJournal store.

This MD cyclist appears to have been cut off by a driver that failed to see him as the driver was making a right turn. Bicyclist Injured in Lexington Park Accident The only impact marks I can see are the front wheel of the bike and the left front corner of the car in front of the front wheel. This tells me the driver “didn’t see” the cyclist or misjudged the speed of the cyclist when he pulled out. Since this is a right cross instead of a right hook the “turn right” protocol does not apply and turning the other way will just throw you in front of fast traffic in the mail lanes of travel the best course of action is to tuck and roll over the front of the car and dissipate as much energy as possible without actually hitting against anything abruptly. This is a rather advanced technique that I would only expect of cyclists trained in the martial arts.

Update on an OH hit-and-run. Hilliard: Cyclist injured in alleged hit-and-run on Dublin Road “Alleged” hit-and-run? How about just hit-and-run since there was a victim in the road and nobody reported it until a second vehicle showed up later? Anyway this is still a hit-from-behind wreck until declared otherwise by LEO, so protocols to avoid and infrastructure done right to prevent.

Another IN cyclist hit. Bedford Child On Bike Suffered Minor Injuries After Being Hit By Car See, I’m not an invertebrate punster, I resisted making the pun about the state’s postal abbreviation. Anyway, hit from behind by a driver that was driving too fast in a residential area (topped a hill and “she saw 8-year-old Deshawn Owings on his bike in her lane of traffic” when she hit him. That is the definition of driving too fast for conditions. No time for the cyclist to react so protocols would have not been applicable. Get the infrastructure right to prevent including reducing the speed limits in residential areas where children are present.

A MI man is killed by a drunk driver. Man killed in bicycle, minivan crash on Detroit’s west side Interesting that when a cyclist runs a red light or stop sign it gets prominent mention, but when the driver does it it’s never even mentioned? Since this was a drunk running a traffic control the usual intersection protocols don’t apply as there is nothing the cyclist could have done within the bounds of human capacities, infrastructure probably would not have helped either given the traffic control being ignored by the driver…

Update as another MI wreck turns fatal long after the fact. DHS graduate killed in car/bicycle accident The cyclist is being blamed for disregarding a traffic control. Intersection wreck, protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and fix the infrastructure to prevent.

Lots of wrecks in “M” states today as this young MN cyclist joins the toll. Boy struck by motorcycle while riding bike The kid never even got to the road when he was hit by the rider of a malfunctioning motorcycle. At times like that the motor rider may be concerned with not wrecking all on his own and may falter in paying attention to other things and also the bicyclist’s visibility may have been obstructed. IOW nobody had a decent chance of seeing the other rider in time to avoid impact.

All I can get from this MO wreck is it was the cyclist’s fault because no helmet. Lee’s Summit teen bicyclist seriously hurt in crash Seriously, the kid is unconscious because of the wreck, and that’s the best the driver can come up with?

Another MO cyclist is seriously injured in a right hook. Teenager Injured in Bicycle Crash Since the rest of the report is hidden behind a paywall that’s all I know about this wreck.

Update on Dave Stetina. Family of injured former Olympic cyclist Dale Stetina announces more progress in athlete’s recovery Go, Dave, go!

An AZ cyclist is hit. Elderly man on bike hit, killed in Apache Junction Mode of wreck not released but the bicycle shows signs of a heavy front impact and the location is near where a side street entered a main road.

Another link to the news about Amélie Le Moullac, the cyclist right-hooked by a delivery truck in S.F. CA. Wrongful death lawsuit filed in cyclist death That a civilian found the video that SFPD claimed didn’t exist in 15 minutes of asking around is utterly disgraceful and should lead to another lawsuit against the SFPD IMHO. More Family Of Bicyclist Killed In San Francisco Files Suit

Update on another CA fatal bike wreck. Police Address Fatal Bike Crash at Committee Meeting Still aggressively trying to not blame the driver for this wreck that was clearly not the fault of the cyclist.

Another fatality in the state that kills more cyclists and pedestrians than any other in the US for years and years and years. BSO identifies bicyclist killed in crash and years and years… LEO still appear to blame the cyclist for the left cross wreck.

A SWSS wreck in far West Canuckistan. Nanaimo cyclist killed by collision with bus The narrative is the cyclist jumped off the curb against traffic directly in front of the bus. No pictures of the wrecked bike or any other physical evidence supporting the driver’s story, so I am withholding judgment on this one.

More on the gentle caress on the back of the hand dealt to a killer driver in the UK. ‘This is not a punishment’: Partner of cyclist killed in accident hits out at sentence bodchris in the comments section seems to be unaware the road tax was abolished in 1937 in the UK.

Not the usual kind of wreck I cover. Man suffers fractured bones after vulture flies into cyclists I dunno how the heck you can avoid getting divebombed by a vulture except to climb faster and not look like you’re about to expire…

Infrastructure! news from MA. Wellesley looks to make cycling safer

And those are all the links about bicycles that gave me fits today. And a couple that didn’t.

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