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Dealing with a needy cat, and the Feed

I don’t know why but all of a sudden our cat, Brian, has become very clingy and demanding of attention (for a cat, that is). I’m giving him loving and treats and he stays pretty quiet as long as he gets the attention he feels he’s due until he gets to the “enough” stage when he moves about a foot out of reach and is quiet again for a while. Then a few minutes later he’s back. I’m not sure what’s going on but this is not Brian’s normal mode of interacting with humans. And for the first time all week I have nothing to do and no place I need to be before or after I finish the blog.

An incident originally reported as a random cyclist shooting in Houston. HPD: Teen killed when sore loser opens fire following basketball game Not something the normal cyclist has to be concerned about as most people following you are not carrying weapons, other than their cars, of course.

A PA cyclist’s assailant is convicted. Lincoln Place man pleads guilty to critically injuring bicyclist in hit-and-run in Lawrenceville The driver was drunk and dragged the cyclist and the bike for 200 yards after the wreck. The sentence is harsher than usual when the victim survives but still way low for the severity of the crime. Not a wreck a human cyclist could have avoided nor infrastructure prevent. Hopefully with the conviction and sentence other drivers will stop and think for a moment before driving drunk…

An OH cyclist is hit so hard I can’t tell which way she was going. Woman On Bicycle Dies After Being Struck By Vehicle The bike was left completely crushed and in several pieces by the wreck as can be seen in the pictures that accompanied the article. But the scene shows a straight road with no shoulders so the cyclist would have been legally obliged to take the lane to make herself visible, and physically obligated by the construction of the road. The impact site on the car looked to be fairly close to the edge of the road, so perhaps the cyclist should have ridden a couple feet further to the left so the driver could see her in time to apply the brakes. As far as infrastructure is concerned this was deep rural OH, the infrastructure isn’t even any good for motor vehicles let alone for mixed modes. The Google Maps view of the wreck scene shows a perfectly straight road, so the cyclist should have been readily visible to the driver had the driver had attention focused out the front of the vehicle.

A CA cyclist is killed in a hit-and-run. Milpitas police seek driver who killed cyclist Police are not sure who ran the traffic control but they are quite positive the driver did a felony hit-and-run. Intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent, but if it turns out the driver ran the traffic control then even proper infrastructure would not have prevented this selfish driver from killing a cyclist.

A young cyclist in OR dies after running a traffic control. Bike rider dies after hitting truck in Burns and 14-year-old boy killed in bike accident in Burns more 14-year-old dies after bike collides with semi-trailer Intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid. Infrastructure that provided a way to get from A to B without having to cross a busy highway at grade to prevent. And I have to point out that was one tough bike, notice in the picture the seat and stem are destroyed but replace them and the front wheel and the bike could be ridden home. I also see a probable cause for the wreck as the rear wheel is a freewheel hub but there are no handbrakes on the bike. Combine that with the downhill to the intersection and you get a “non-stop” wreck, no pun intended.

On the same day as a cyclist was hit in another part of town by a blind driver, a cyclist was cut off in an intersection in UT. Cedar City cyclist Life Flighted after collision with truck Intersection wreck but the description is of a wreck that human cyclists could not avoid. Truck driver is at fault in this one, no doubts about it. I’m not sure if infrastructure would do much to prevent without a serious attitude adjustment on the part of the driver. The Street View of the scene shows the driver ran a stop sign when the cyclist was hit. That translates into probably disregarding any bike infrastructure that gave right of way to cyclists over motor vehicles.

A salmon cyclist is killed in the Great White North. Cyclist killed in downtown Montreal Don’t ride salmon, bicycles can’t sidestep over a curb to get away from a motor vehicle.

North of the 49th parallel (thanks to readers for putting me straight about where the US/Canadian border is) a cyclist is “seriously injured”. 15-year-old cyclist seriously injured after colliding with vehicle Another SWSS as the cyclist “turned” in front of a moving vehicle. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Another unavoidable wreck in the Great White North as a cyclist is hit by a driver running from police in a car. SIU investigating after Welland traffic stop goes awry LEO had pulled the driver over for a minor traffic violation when the driver suddenly drove off from the stop hitting the cyclist and road furniture before completely wrecking the vehicle and attempting to escape on foot. Nothing the cyclist could have done and infrastructure without a sturdy barrier would not have helped much either. Getting crazy drivers off the roads would help so long as the crazy drivers don’t try to do what this crazy driver did. I guess what it boils down to is LEO were doing what they were supposed to do and so was the cyclist when it all went kerflooey.

More about the SWSS cyclist in far West Canuckistan. Cyclist, 36, killed by truck identified Can I just say that the level of journalism on this site seriously bothers me? The cyclist was killed colliding with a bus, not a truck.

Rare link from the UK as a driver is charged with multiple offenses against the state and populace in the death of a cyclist. Driver facing ‘death claim’ This is the first I have heard that the UK has dropped their DUI limit to 0.035% BAC, but the defendant would have been over on just about any limit in the world at 0.092%. Since the mode is not given in this report I’ll have to put it to infrastructure alone for avoidance and prevention. That and getting drunk drivers out from behind the wheel.

Infrastructure! news from the UK as a cyclist is killed by a heavy truck on the very same day as legislation is passed intended to prevent just that kind of death. CYCLIST KILLED AS HGV SAFETY ACT IS PASSED Personally I think that everyone should have the option of dying of old age or from doing something risky where the risks are known and are entirely your own responsibility, like BASE jumping. Also Boris needs to stay away from Donald Trump’s hairstylist.

More on the infrastructure changes going in at an area a cyclist died earlier this week. FDOT to designate bike lanes on Clearwater Memorial Causeway and FDOT will designate bike lanes on Clearwater causeway in wake of fatal accident The tandem cyclists were hit in the space that will be the bike lane, so this is strictly bikewashing. No actual improvements to safety, just a few bike symbols on the side of the road… Still the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike and unlikely to change

Last link is back in UT as it is demonstrated why motor vehicle-based transportation systems are not necessarily a good idea. Weird News: Runaway truck flattens vehicle, hits home in Utah The load in this truck was 5 tons more than the DOT limit for GVW (load plus vehicle) and also demonstrates why there is a load limit over and above the exponentially increasing damages done to roads by overweight vehicles. The truck’s brakes could not hold the load from pulling the truck backwards when the driver missed a shift at a stop sign…

And those are all the links about bicycles that gave me fits, and a couple that didn’t, and one that did but wasn’t about bicycles. I think I have it covered now.

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