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Too many choices for my B-day, and the Feed

There are a lot of activities going on in my area on my birthday (depending on how large you define “my area”) to choose from as a B-Day activity. I’m partial to motorsports as a spectator activity and I have everything except asphalt oval racing to choose from on that weekend. There is a NHRA national event just down the road in Ennis, 4 or 5 local dirt tracks, and an ALMS/WEC double-header in Austin for left-and-right turn excitement. There is also a (ugh!) Cowboy’s game on my B-Day. I think I would rather be dipped in hot syrup and rolled in fire ants. Sorry, but I am just not going to participate in the TX state religion. I find the “stuff” that goes on outside the game to be offensive, degrading to women and minorities, and the fact that tax dollars were spent to provide a place for it is just… well.

A cyclist is killed in TX with most of the story hidden behind a paywall. Colorado cyclist killed in local wreck Thursday It appears to be a hit-from-behind wreck, so protocols apply and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A cyclist is killed on the sidewalk by/with a motor vehicle in VA. UPDATED: Bicyclist killed in front of Hylton High School The cyclist had already gone as far on his escape route as physically possible I don’t know what else he could have done to escape the deranged teenager at the controls of the WMD used as transportation. Given the location of the wreck there is an obvious need for segregated bicycle access to the school so that students don’t feel the need to use a motor vehicle to retain status as “independent”. More Bicyclist dies after being struck by car in Va. And people making comments on the second link tried to blame the cyclist for getting hit on the sidewalk. Seriously? Those people have problems that I’m not qualified to try to fix. And the pictures from the second link were terrifying.

Another cyclist hit in VA, this time by a “blind driver”. Cyclist injured in accident Driving into the setting sun and unable to see what is in front of you? No problem, staying out of your way is someone else’s problem, not yours. “How could anyone be so unkind, as to arrest a man for driving while blind?” ZZ Top 1977 Hit from behind protocol to avoid, get the blind drivers off the roads to prevent.

Another cyclist hit in IN (sorry). Bicyclist hit by car, breaks leg Uncontrolled intersection with really bad sight lines means the cyclist had to be halfway into the lane where he was hit just to see around the trees and undergrowth. I place this one as a failure of the county to maintain the infrastructure so that people could actually use it.

A wreck report and infrastructure report in a single article. Is Safety on Rural Roads a Problem? Unknown wreck mode, but it looks like the writer thinks infrastructure will help prevent the wreck, that and a little sense on the part of drivers.

A little closer to home is an assault with a motor vehicle in NOLA. New Orleans couple injured in CBD hit-and-run; police looking for driver And per usual there were a number of comments about how the victims should not have been there to get hit. First one was hit-from-behind but with no place for the cyclist to go because of parked cars, second one was a deliberate assault with the motor vehicle. Infrastructure would only help in that the cyclist would have maybe not gotten hit if there was a barrier between bicycles and motor vehicles. Find this attempted murderer and then “lose” him. In a gator’s belly.

Update on the Amélie Le Moullac wreck in S.F.CA as the video verifies what I was told by an anon tip the day after the wreck. New video sheds light on San Francisco cyclist’s death The video conclusively proves the cyclist could not have been any further back than the right front wheel of the weapon vehicle when hit, maybe not literally “right in front of the truck” as the tipster told me but close enough for gov’t work. Amélie would have had no warning that the truck passing her was going to turn as she was between the front turn signal and the rear signal when the signal was used. I feel almost sorry for the driver on this one, thinking he had dodged a bullet for negligently killing another human being only to have this dropped on him showing he basically drove beside a cyclist and turned right, right into and over the cyclist. I think I want the pitchfork concession and let someone else have the torches booth when the riot starts… I really shouldn’t imagine things like that, the idea of a lynch mob riding up to the driver’s house carrying pitchforks and torches on their bikes just made me giggle a bit from the juxtaposition. More Witnesses Sought In Cyclist Amélie Le Moullac’s Death

A serious wreck in OR. Man hit by Hummer while riding bike in Salem I’m not sure on this one. From the report the cyclist was lost and trying to figure out what road to take when he was hit. Don’t wander around hopelessly looking to find the road you need to take to avoid. Better wayfinding and infrastructure to prevent.

Infrastructure! news from Bolder CO. Boulder to test bike innovations Most of the things they are “testing” have already been tried in the NL and found wanting for real safety.

Infrastructure from the UK. Andrew Neather: Save cyclists from London’s lorry menace Mixing 250 lb GVW vehicles with 30-40 ton GVW vehicles on streets barely as wide as the heavier vehicle is an absolutely brilliant idea. Right up there with unshielded nuclear reactors, civil war with chemical weapons, letting babies pay with matches and knives unsupervised…

Lifestyle in CA. Ghost bikes used as memorials to remember cyclists killed in traffic collisions and Ghost Bike Left on Highway 1 After Tragic Accident

Good news from IL after a hit-and-run. Buzz helps biking beekeeper injured in hit-run Good for the victim. I hope they catch the people that assaulted her and they “fall down some stairs”.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today, now I get to go look for a 40 Gallon water heater and big (15K+ BTU) window AC unit. Mrs. the Poet is getting a bit “testy” about the heat and lack of hot water.

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