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Still very angry, well slightly pissed, and the Feed

Well after sleeping on it I’m not as upset that I spent 6 hours and $700 and still don’t have an AC to keep the living room cool. Mind you I’m not even close to being happy about it, but I’m not seething any more. I’m still significantly upset that the $250 water heater is almost 3 times that installed. I mean WTF? I had better get back to people getting hit by cars while riding bicycles, that makes me slightly less angry than getting ripped off for a water heater.

A wreck in ME that sounds almost identical to a wreck in GA last month. Augusta Cyclist Hurt Last Month Dies Another left cross, intersection protocols to avoid or to mitigate damage, and infrastructure to prevent.

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, another victim is killed. FHP: Woman fled scene after hitting, killing teen on bike Intersection wreck that apparently the victim had no chance of avoiding. Since LEO are not publicly blaming the cyclist for being there to get hit I’m going with the cyclist had the right of way in the wreck. So get the infrastructure right to prevent.

More on the FL cyclist hit head-on in the bike lane. Investigation Continues Into Lake Hollingsworth Bicycle Fatality OK alcohol may be involved with the driver of the weapon vehicle, not much of a surprise there. I figured it was either that, a massive failure in the steering, or the driver was a homicidal maniac that finally snapped when he saw the cyclist. Of course that last one could still be valid, homicidal maniacs frequently only snap after consuming alcohol to excess.

A cyclist in TN gets hurt in a wreck. Humane Educational Society director Guy Bilyeu injured in bike wreck No vehicles involved, he fell on a segregated bike path. I don’t have any information about what caused the fall.

A wreck in CO leaves an injured cyclist in its wake. Boulder man hurt after bike-camper collision Serious buzz job there as the cyclist was able to touch the truck before getting hit by the wider camper. The picture of the scene showed a soft shoulder next to a steep drop off and then a barb wire fence, or basically about the worst possible escape route short of going off a cliff.

North of the 49the parallel a cyclist is killed in a vehicular assault. Cyclist involved in hit-and-run dies in Saskatoon hospital Sure they are calling it a hit-and-run now, but the narrative is one of assault with a motor vehicle. The argument, the “cyclist was leaning up against the vehicle,” and the rest of it all point to a deliberate use of the motor vehicle as a deadly weapon against the cyclist. And danged if I know how a cyclist can avoid that. Infrastructure might prevent it by getting the cyclist away from the armed lunatics.

Also in the Great White North we get a different kind of SWSS. Motorcycle, bicycle rider in hospital after collision You would think a motorcycle rider would know to leave swerving room for another cyclist to dodge road debris. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or to mitigate damage, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. Clean streets with storm grates that aren’t bicycle traps would be a fantastic start for most cities, but Montreal should be beyond that part as they have a reputation for being one of the more bicycle-friendly cities in North America.

A real blood-boiler of a story from Oz. Cyclist hit by car challenges police over fine, video evidence I should warn people about the video, it opens up with the helmet camera footage of the wreck in question, complete with the sound of the leg breaking and the cyclist’s screams of pain. I found the video disturbing myself. Notice from the complete video that the white Jeep made not only the buzz job that nearly killed the cyclist but an earlier buzz that had to abort because of cars in the way. Also notice that the cyclist was using every trick in the hit-from-behind protocols except mirrors, and was using frequent head checks on his blind side to make up for not having mirrors (and head checks show up much better in helmet cam footage), but he still got snuck up on and hit. Infrastructure to prevent.

Infrastructure! news from KY. Bike signs on River Road stir debate Politicians don’t know the law, surprise surprise.

A “safety” article that never mentioned drivers watching for slower vehicles in the roads, just placed all the onus for survival on the victims. Time to brush up on bicycle safety

Another “safety” article from the Great White North that blames the victims. Ride a bike? Why you should wear more than just a helmet Really now, body armor to ride a bike on a city street? Why not require helmets and fireproof overalls for drivers?

And those are all the links that gave me fits today, at least the ones about bicycles. There were a couple more about motorcycles in the feed as well as the “stuff” I get from my regular news sources.

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