Daily Archives: September 15, 2013

Pride in Dallas, Wreck-Free Sunday

Yep, I had another massive run of things I had to be doing that kept me from the computer all day Saturday and most of Sunday.

Saturday I had to remove the non-functioning window unit that weighs over 100 pounds from the window while I had someone there to help move it. Then almost as soon as I got done with that I had to pack up my laptop and head out to my bi-weekly game of D&D. I did have time to shower and enjoy that new water heater before I left, but that was about it. When I finally got to the game we finished up the combat we had become engaged in during the last session, and almost immediately got tangled up in another mess because our drunken wizard decided to cast “invisibility” on himself and wander off from the party as we were placed in protective custody after the battle, because we had just been semi-ambushed by a group that was using poisoned teeth on their agents to prevent capture. Nobody has ever blamed that wizard for being excessively cautious… or terribly bright either because while the rest of the party was in jail waiting to get the story checked out and our innocence proven, he went from bar to bar asking questions and making himself a target and sure enough he got waylaid outside a bar in a bad part of town. We managed to find and rescue our wizard at about the same time as he managed to get away from his captors, because our rogue decided to burn down a city block. And I’m the one with the Chaotic alignment?

Then today I had volunteer service at the HRC booth at Dallas Pride Day over in Lee Park. I helped people sign petitions and handed out prizes as other people told me which prize had been won. Then I wandered around a bit, got hot and tired and called my ride and went home. I had just enough time to eat dinner before I had to turn around and attend evening services at church, where I assisted with the service. This isn’t like the old days when I had to put on the whole show myself, I’m just bit player now, no longer the star. But I still had to be there. Anyway as I was doing the wandering around thing at Pride I was offered a water bottle and a tote bag, which seemed a bit heavy for just a water bottle and tote bag. When I checked out the contents I found in addition to the water bottle I had also been given about half a case of condoms. This is about half a case more than I would have the opportunity to use productively for several years… The condoms would have expired long before I had the chance to use them. I thought it was amusing. I gave the condoms away at church (we do that kind of thing all the time).

I could write more but it is late and I need to read a lot of links tomorrow because of not doing the post yesterday. Also my feet hurt from having been on them so much today. So I’m no longer in the mood to write.

PSA, Opus