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I’m going to get piano wire, and the Feed

OK I see question marks popping over everyone’s heads over that headline, so a quick explanation is in order. I got spokes that were too short to make Beer View Mirrors when I picked up some broken ones at the LBS (all they had on hand were ones that broke in the middle) so I’m going to the local Hobby Lobby to get some music wire to make the struts for the mirrors. I have the time because there is nothing in the Feed folder this morning. So there will be a time lapse between the opening paragraph ant commencing on the main body of the post. And I’m back, minus music wire. None of the places I went that sell crafts and hobby supplies had any music wire, in fact I was told it had been a while since they carried it. So, I guess I have to find an internet source for this once-common hobby supply. Seriously WTF? with not being able to get music wire? And a quick Google Search gives me a local vendor for industrial quantities of music wire at a price that I can afford I just need to buy 95 feet at a time. Seriously that’s like $0.12 a foot for as much as I need…

Blotter report on a bike wreck in NY. Police: Disorderly Youths; Injured Cyclist; Burning Package Reported Other than the cyclist’s broken arm there is not enough to discern the mode of wreck or even if there was another vehicle involved. Infrastructure to possibly prevent the wreck.

More links to that terrifying wreck in VT. 2 bicyclists injured in Vt. crash Still horrifying to read a day later… And with even more information. Two bicyclists critically injured; Shoreham man faces drunk driving charges

A wreck in GA injured a young cyclist. Young Boy on Bicycle Hit and Injured on Cherokee Road SWSS wreck with unconscious rider removed from the scene before he could be interviewed by LEO who took the driver’s version as gospel, again. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, an update on an earlier fatality. Letter from Lawyer Alleges Driver In Lake Hollingsworth Bike Crash Was Drunk This was the cyclist hit by a salmon driver a short while back.

Update on an OR wreck. Cyclist still recovering after hit-and-run crash Cyclist was lit and reflected way past common sense, and still got hit from behind.

A cyclist is injured in a possible act of terrorism in CA. Cyclist’s neck gashed in possible prank on Folsom trail To call this a “prank” is to vastly underrate the danger. At least the comments show the seriousness of the incident. Seriously, this is like about the second most dangerous thing you can do to a cyclist.

A wreck of unknown cause in the Great White North. Cyclist seriously injured in Burlington and Cyclist seriously injured in rural Burlington accident Severe head injuries despite wearing a magic foam hat, whodathunkit? except every person that knows bicycle helmets. At this point LEO are not ruling out hit-and-run, but that is only one of the hypothesis on the table. Also on the metaphorical table are front flat and debris that caused a front-end washout at speed (essentially the same effect from different causes). If it was hit-and-run then it would have been a buzz job, hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and infrastructure would have prevented two and a half of the three potential causes.

Infrastructure! news from PA as someone tries to sabotage a bike race. Reward offered in Millersburg bicycle race incident This has become a common tactic to harm cyclists on known heavy traffic routes. This time it could have been fatal had it not been that higher skilled riders went first through this area.

When you have a small area to cover and need to keep moving over it constantly, nothing beats a bicycle for security patrols. Secret Service to procure 90 TREK bikes for its bike patrol And if it’s good enough for the people that protect the POTUS, it’s good enough for anybody.


Another “safety” article, this one from KS. Don’t become a statistic; follow bicycle safety rules This one is actually pretty good, but nothing my regular readers don’t see some of every day. It is good to get it all in one place from time to time.

Last links, I don’t normally cover racing, but this is more like R&D for the future of cycling. ‘Flying Scotsman’ Cyclist Obree Sets A New Speed Record Obree goes more than double nickels on a prone bike with a crappy fairing, while Sebaastian Bowier set a new absolute world record at 83.13 MPH. If there was a safe place on the roads for vehicles like this, with electric assist or even tiny ICE people could ride long distances burning little to no fossil fuels.

And those are all the links about bicycles that gave me fits.

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