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I must be crazy, I’m making another stab at getting the stuff I need by taking the bus, and the Feed.

Well I’m about to try to get my stuff again, but this time I’m only going to one place. And there is nothing in the Feed Folder at the moment so I can’t even begin to filter until I get something. And I’m back with the stuff I left for a few hours ago. This trip was not so bad I left at 1030 and was home before 1330 with the music wire.

A minor wreck in TX. Minor injuries noted in bike wreck Intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A MA child is killed while riding a bike. Boy struck and killed while riding bike Nothing on the mode of the wreck, but as it was a kid hit by another kid, I’m going to go out on a limb and declare it infrastructure-related. If they were following the Dutch model then the likely area for the wreck would have had a 20Km/hr speed limit which would 95% of the time resulted in little more than scrapes and bruises. More Boy Struck And Killed While Riding Bike In Mass. and 13-year-old struck, killed on bicycle in Hopkinton, Mass. That last link shows a highway running through a residential area as the scene, and the most likely mode of the wreck as hit-from-behind. The victim was struck just a few feet from his home as he entered the driveway.

A CT double wreck injured 2 boys. Two Boys Injured After Being Hit By Car While Riding Bikes Intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid or to mitigate damage, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. And I was so relieved to find out that the driver was not injured when hitting 2 little boys with a light armored vehicle. [/sarcasm]

A NC double hit-and-run with one fatality that might turn into two. 1 cyclist dead, another injured in hit and run Hit-from-behind at high speed on a minor highway that is a connecting route between neighborhoods. The Street View of the location shows an area with good sight lines and no shoulder on the road, but 2 lanes in each direction leaving one to pass with. Since lack of lights and/or reflectors was not mentioned I have to assume they were present because if there’s anything The Media likes to do is blame the victims when someone riding a bike gets hit. I’m going to place this one in the infrastructure category as the location was about as bad as you can get for bike riding with the 45 MPH speed limit and no place to get away from motor vehicles with curbs on both sides of the road, so infrastructure to prevent and put a shock-sensitive claymore mine pointed back to avoid. Well not avoid so much as to leave an identifying mark on the weapon vehicle.

More on the victim of that left cross in CA. Former Amazon CFO killed while riding bicycle Now maybe something will be done about drivers who kill… Nahh, nothing will change in the near future about cyclists getting killed on the roads. Long-term, maybe, but with the gutless passing law on Gov. Moonbeam’s desk after he vetoed two previous bills being the best legal infrastructure CA can seem to muster.

And those are all the links that gave me fits about bicycles, or something like that.

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I’m beginning to feel like Sisyphus now, and the Feed

OK I spent another $5 on a bus pass and spent another 6 hours out on the roads trying to get 2 things done, buy music wire and pay the communications bill. When I got to the place to buy the music wire it had not made it in to the store yet, in fact they just called my cell to let me know I could pick it up tomorrow as it arrived this afternoon. The other thing I was trying to do was pay that bill, so I went to two places that I could get to on the bus in a reasonable amount of time that were listed on the Verizon web site as being payment sites where I could pay my bill in person. Of the two the first one was open but was no longer a Verizon affiliate, and the other was just gone except for the sign. In the parallel between Sisyphus and what I have been stuck with, I’m the guy that’s supposed to take delivery of the stone and get Sisyphus to sign off the delivery, but he’s never there because he let the stone roll back on him…

And before I could do the post I had to take advantage of having my son come by so I could install the window AC that required 2 people to lift it (and 4 to deliver it). The bad part is it is now almost 2200, the good part is it is finally under 25°C in the living room after several days of seeing readings of 31 and higher on the indoor weather station and about 90 on the oven thermometer I was using to read the room temperature… BTW today was another grocery day that I didn’t have to carry groceries for because my son was here with his car. I’m not going to say that it isn’t nice to have a car available, but it would not be a requirement if I had a working bike with some cargo capacity.

Another link to that SWSS wreck in OK. Elderly Tulsa Bicyclist Injured After Struck By Car And the comments said the cyclist “shot out of nowhere”, so it must be true then the cyclist was teleported into the middle of the street… and that bike is showing an awful lot of damage from the right to have been making a left turn. Unless he was making the left from a different street from the one he was hit on. Intersection protocols for that one then to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Update on a wreck that explains why so many people are killed riding bicycles in NYC. 13-Year-Old Hit By Driver On Queens Sidewalk Dies At Hospital They still haven’t given the driver a ticket for driving on the sidewalk after one of his victims has died, but bike riders are ticketed for riding from the bike rack directly to the street and not even getting in anyone’s way. That’s a $270 ticket for riding on the sidewalk BTW, which is $270 more punishment than the driver of the SUV has gotten so far.

A MA cyclist is killed. Boy, 13, is struck and killed by car while riding bike in Hopkinton Notice that anything the driver might have done to cause the wreck is not mentioned, but the fact they don’t know the cyclist had a helmet on is right there… Nothing on the mode nor location of the wreck, but since there was no intersection mentioned I’m going with either a hit-from-behind or some kind of a salmon wreck with the higher probability on the hit-from-behind because this outlet loves to mention anything a cyclist did wrong or might have done wrong, to wit in this report the unknown helmet status. More 16-year-old was driving car that struck, killed bicyclist, 13, in Hopkinton this is a breaking story as I type this so information I read may not be the same as what you click on.

A NC salmon cyclist is killed. Man on bike killed in collision with bus in downtown Raleigh Intersection wreck so the protocols apply, including the requirement to ride with the flow of traffic instead of against it, to avoid the wreck or to mitigate damage from it, and get the infrastructure right to keep people from riding against traffic in the first place.

An OH cyclist is hit-and-run. Local Teacher Hopes to Raise Awareness for Fellow Bike Riders Hit-from-behind, use the protocols to avoid or to mitigate the damages, and get the infrastructure right so bicycles and dump trucks don’t have to share space.

A wreck in MI turns fatal. Police: 16-year-old dies after bike crash with SUV near Mount Pleasant Intersection wreck, it will be interesting to find out who failed to follow the traffic control. Intersection protocols to avoid, infrastructure to prevent.

Another hit-and-run in MI. Bicyclist critically injured in hit-and-run in Detroit Suspected drunk driver. I don’t know what else to write, except INFRASTRUCTURE!

A really bad wreck in CO. Driver charged with DUI, vehicular homicide in Hwy 50 accident Here I am getting the update when I never saw the initial story…Hit-from-behind wreck that the leading cyclist was able to avoid with the protocols, but the back rider never had a chance. As they were on bike infrastructure putting in “get the infrastructure right” means get the drunks off the roads as well as physical infrastructure. More Driver arrested after bicyclist killed in accident and Police: Driver on drugs hit, killed bicyclist Not just drunk, stoned, too.

Aftermath of a bike wreck in CA. Santa Anita Canyon Injured Cyclist Rescue (Photos) Nothing on the wreck, but it looks like something caused the cyclist to leave a perfectly good road to fall down a cliff. I’m hoping it wasn’t something silly like an allergy attack… but on second thought at least that would be preferred to being run off the road by an angry maniac.

Another CA cyclist is involved in a left-cross wreck Woman Killed Bike Riding Down Highway 35 From the description there was nothing a human cyclist could have done to avoid this wreck but infrastructure might have prevented it. More Bicyclist Killed After Colliding With Minivan In San Mateo Mountains and Update: Woodside resident Joy Covey killed in bicycle-van collision on Skyline Boulevard And the comments are actually mostly respectful and halfway intelligent as I type the post.

Update on a different CA bike wreck. Police: driver on cell phone when she hit and killed bicyclist I keep telling people it’s not the thing in their hands that’s the problem, it’s the talking to someone that’s not there to keep an eye out with you so they don’t know when to shut up.

A cyclist in far West Canuckistan is right-hooked by a… trolley? Langford Trolley strikes cyclist towing children I’m going to go with a bus that looks like a trolley rather than an actual trolley on tracks. Right-hook means intersection, which means intersection protocols to avoid the wreck or to mitigate the damages from the wreck, and get the infrastructure right to prevent public transit from almost taking out a cyclist and her kids.

A fatality in the Great White North. Female cyclist struck and killed in Toronto’s west end Umm, OK she “fell” all of her own accord and got hit by a car in the other lane. Infrastructure caused the wreck, only infrastructure could prevent it. More Female cyclist falls off bike, killed after struck by vehicle on Lake Shore Boulevard

An act of terrorism in Jolly Olde. Cyclists cheat death after riding into lethal trap Apparently whoever put up the trap reset it after the first incident because they got another cyclist. More Cyclists injured in head-high rope trap in Bryn and Two riders in Manchester knocked off by rope strung across path; police appeal for help also Trip-wire purposely left strung across footpath in Wigan injures two cyclists

Words fail me at times. Memorial to cyclist killed in Lincoln vandalised

Lifestyle from CO courtesy of WoaB friend Belinda. Let’s rally for Dale Stetina to recover strongly and ride again! As a fellow drain bamaged individual watching a man come back from the dead is just awesome! Go Dale! WoaB strongly suggests that you support this if you can. Curses will not be invoked I’ll just be very disappointed in you.

And a lifestyle story from CA. Fourth Annual Share the Road Ride, Oct. 5 WoaB endorses this ride. Go for it.

And another lifestyle story from SC. Organizers hope Respect Ride set for Saturday will bring awareness to bicycle safety, curb fatalities

And even the deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike has lifestyle stories. New Smyrna Beach boy hit by car dies

And those were all the links that gave me fits today/night.

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