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I need (get) to buy more tools, and the Feed

Yep, that old guy thing, Always Want More Tools, has reared its head at Casa de El Poeta. I was trying to use that music wire but was stymied by the fact I did not have the tools I needed to break into the packaging! Imagine that, all those tools and none of them will allow me to get to my purchase. What I need to cut the wires containing my music wire is a pair of diagonal cutters, colloquially known as “dykes”. So I will take a short walk to the local home repair and hardware store to purchase a pair or maybe two in different sizes. What I have been using to cut wire with has been the cutter on the Vice Grip pliers as it gives me a lot of additional leverage for those days when the arthritis in my fingers acts up. But it cuts with the back of the jaws, and to snip the wires holding the music wire together I need something that will cut with the tip of the jaws. So, road trip!

The pedestrian who was collateral damages in a road rage incident between a cabbie and a cyclist in NYC last month was released from hospital this week. Video: Tourist Maimed By Cab Last Month Finally Leaves Hospital Yep that pedestrian, and that road rage incident. The driver has yet to be charged in the assault.

A cyclist is critically injured running a red light while riding 2-up on a single rider bike. Teen Injured In Car-Bike Accident Remains In ICU And with the non-helmet wearing we have the trifecta of blame the cyclist. Intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. Oh and don’t ride 2-up on a bike only made to carry one person.

Update on the deadly car/4 cyclist wreck in NH over the weekend. Bicyclists in deadly N.H. crash shared bond What wasn’t in this report but was an update to a link I already posted is the driver of the weapon vehicle had already been stopped once and ticketed for driving without a license. Had she been arrested for illegal possession of a deadly weapon this wreck would not have happened. Had she been given the ticket and the car impounded until a licensed driver could pick it up this would not have happened. I smell lawsuits coming, whole herds of them, and they stink. More Video Shows Stretch of Road Where Danvers Cyclist Was Mortally Wounded

Another report on the charity cyclist injured in a buzz job in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Cyclist Riding for Charity Injured in Hit-and-Run While on His Way to Miami The cyclist was just a couple of days away from completing a more than 10K mile trip around the US to all 30 MLB stadiums.

Another blind driver kills another cyclist. Mass. woman killed in crash while raising money for M.S. charity This has not been a good weekend for MA cyclists riding for charity. Hit-from-behind by a blind driver, protocols to avoid or to mitigate the damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. As part of that infrastructure make driving while blind a crime. ZZ Top, we need you to update that song from the ’70s “Arrested For Driving While Blind”.

Update on Dale Stetina. Dale Stetina, ex-pro cyclist injured in Lefthand crash, moved to Craig Hospital for rehab Rehab from brain injuries has come a long way from when I had my wreck, but it’s still a tough row to hoe.

More on that left-crossed cyclist killed near SLC UT. Cyclist killed after colliding with minivan I notice they have already started blaming the cyclist for not wearing a glow-in-the-dark clown costume. Still an intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. More Police identify cyclist, 58, killed in crash with minivan in Sandy

Another link to the kid right-crossed in CA while he was going to school. Boy on bike hit, killed by SUV outside Byron school And more BYRON: 12yo boy killed riding bike to Byron Middle School And we have another victim of a blind driver. Right turn that went directly over the cyclist that had just passed in front of her face. Nothing a cyclist of any age could have done to avoid this nor could infrastructure that still allowed parents to drop their kids at school in light armored vehicles. Also Hundreds attend vigil for 12YO boy killed near school

Update on the CA cyclist injured on “Nerd Avenue”. Bicyclist in critical condition following hit-and-run in Chico They found the driver, now will they prosecute? Hit-from-behind wreck, use the protocols to avoid, but from the description of the wreck I don’t think anything short of barrier protected infrastructure would prevent a wreck like this.

Update on a wreck in the Great White North. Popular cyclist killed on the road Nothing new on the mode, she “fell” into oncoming traffic.

An act of terrorism in Oz. Mountain bike riders lucky to escape rope strung between trees on Clarence downhill run Just glad that nobody got hurt this time (unlike the last 3 times).

Infrastructure! news from just down the road a bit. Say Goodbye to 267 Parking Spaces on Lavaca and Guadalupe Goodbye and good riddance.

Infrastructure news from CA, good news this time. Cyclists will get 3-foot buffer under new law Just another law for CHP to ignore or wrongfully interpret.

And those were all the links about bicycles that gave me fits today.

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