I think I get to stay home tomorrow, and the Feed

I’m fortunate to have a small Feed today because I had to use DART to go run an errand which managed to kill about an hour and a half. I had to go pay my last cell bill before I switch carriers next month.

More on the left-crossed cyclist from UT. Bicyclist killed in Sandy crash was competitive racer All the pictures I have from the crime scene show a bike too badly mangled to be sure if there was a light installed or not. More Murray man killed in auto-bicycle accident

A salmon cyclist in CA proves why you should ride with rather than against traffic. Cyclist killed in collision with garbage truck SWSS wreck but getting hit head on did not improve the chances for survival. Use the hit-from-behind protocols to avoid while riding with traffic, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Another CA wreck that LEO are sitting on until facts are known. Car Collides With Bicycle, Seriously Injuring Cyclist That usually means the cops got there before the cyclist was removed by the ambulance and the cyclist was able to speak. More as I know it.

Update on that wreck on “Nerd Avenue” in CA. Woman succumbs to injuries from Sunday hit-and-run And this just went from assault to murder…

Another SWSS salmon cyclist dies, this time in NC. Colfax bicyclist killed in crash wore no helmet, swerved in front of truck Assuming the report is accurate ride with traffic and use hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. More Update: Colfax bicyclist did not wear helmet, swerved in front of truck

When I first filtered this link the cyclist was still alive in a Schroedinger’s Cat kind of way. Coroner identifies cyclist killed after colliding with SUV Another thing that changed was the party that ran the stop sign, when I first read the link they compared the driver’s actions to the video game “Grand Theft Auto”, now they are blaming the dead cyclist. If the story as it’s linked now is correct, intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and whatever version was correct get the infrastructure right to prevent. More Bicyclist badly hurt on Folly Beach

Another SC wreck. 9-Year-Old Fatally Struck While Riding Bike Kid wasn’t even riding in the street, but was too close to the road when a semi passed and sucked him into the wheels. I don’t know how you would avoid this wreck other than not being a 9YO boy riding a new bike in the driveway. More 9-year-old on bicycle struck and killed by 18-wheeler on SC 72 in Whitmire

Hit-and-run in IA. Polk City cyclist seriously injured hit and run collision Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

An IL wreck that is just “WTF?” Updated: Bike rider, 72, dies of heart attack after being hit by car in Niles If the cyclist really had a BAC% of 0.13 then he was either an alcoholic or he wouldn’t have been able to ride the bicycle to get hit, but to be checked out and then die 20 minutes after the wreck makes me say they missed something. No mode given so I can’t say how to avoid, but get the infrastructure right to prevent. More Cyclist dead after fatal hit and run in Niles

A KY cyclist dies after getting hit from behind. Bicyclist struck, killed on Preston Highway identified The wreckage indicates an impact from the left, which indicates the cyclist may have been preparing to make a left turn when he was hit in the inside lane. Protocols to avoid and infrastructure to prevent.

A MI wreck that brought an angry sigh to my lips when I read about it. 8-year-old on bike killed in hit-and-run in Detroit Dragged like that the driver had to know he hit someone, there ain’t no deer in that part of Detroit. The Street View of the scene shows an arterial adjacent to a playground where the boy was initially hit with lots of signs reminding drivers to drive carefully around children in the street. Initial reaction is “not the kid’s fault” and that driver inattention was at least partially if not totally to blame. The bike frame was mangled nearly beyond recognition in the wreck, I can imagine what the victim looked like after the wreck…

A somewhat happy report from KS. Car-bike accident results in no serious injuries Other than the wreck itself nothing was actually said about the wreck, so, INFRASTRUCTURE!

Update on the driver that hit 4 cyclists head on in NH. New Hampshire woman charged with negligent homicide in crash that killed 2 cyclists 2 homicide charges, 2 assault charges (should be assault with a deadly since of the 4 assaulted 2 died) and not one word about driving without a license being illegal possession of a deadly weapon.

More on the CA 3 foot passing law. Bicyclists to get three-foot buffer under new California law and New law requires 3-foot clearance to pass cyclists on roadway

Infrastructure from MA. Letter: Brookline ‘hostile’ to bicycles

And those were all the bicycle links that gave me fits.

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