More Mule duty musings and the Feed

The cat is pestering the heck out of me because we ran out of cat food this morning. More will be procured this afternoon when the regular grocery run is made, but all he gets until then is water. As you might understand this makes him desiring of physical attention (“You didn’t feed me, do you still love me?”) than his normal cat behavior (“I will let you pet me now”). And he keeps extending his claws when he’s happy, unfortunately he’s happy while propped up against my injured leg, the one that sends back strange information when stimulated.

A SWSS fatality in LA. Bunkie man killed in bike-car crash in Avoyelles Parish Once again the narrative is provided by the driver of the weapon vehicle. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A MA story that gets different every time I open this link. Bicyclist hurt in accident in Worcester The initial report did not know if the cyclist was turning or going straight, but either way this is a right hook. Protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. It appears the cyclist may have used the recommended right-hook escape route but not quickly enough to avoid the impact.

More on a MA wreck. Former Holden teen killed in bicycle accident This was the teen hit from behind on a highway through a residential area.

A NJ cyclist is injured when a driver “stops” but doesn’t stop at a stop sign. Two hurt in Rumson crash, police say The driver made one of those “perfunctory stops” that technically obeyed the law without actually obeying the law. Nothing the cyclist could do as he was already in the intersection when the driver ran the stop sign, and as there was a traffic control device that was ignored by the driver physical changes to the infrastructure would not have been much help either. I think the only preventative for this would be something on the order of assault charges filed against the driver.

A child is struck in OH. Child On Bike Injured When Hit By School Bus Intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages and get the infrastructure right to prevent. Since this appears to be a wreck inside a residential area the Dutch model would be a 20 km/hr speed limit and strict driver liability for hitting children.

Update on a KY cyclist getting killed. Name of bicyclist killed in early morning accident released Still the same story, just with a few more names attached to it.

Another cyclist gets hit by a train, this time in IL. Bicyclist killed in collision with Metra train in Mount Prospect The age of the victim makes it likely that the cyclist did not hear the train, or that something impaired his ability to get off the track when he discovered the train was coming. The fact that he was on the tracks when the crossing arms were down does not say he didn’t get caught with the arms coming down after he had started crossing. And I’m the guy that usually blames the cyclist when one gets hit by a train.

Another wreck in IL gets blamed on the driver driving blind (!). Man injured in serious Aurora bike accident identified The driver pulled over to make a right turn and hit the cyclist from behind. Protocols to avoid, and infrastructure to prevent but I’m just so glad a blind driver got a ticket for almost killing a cyclist I could just plotz.

Update on the SC cyclist killed at an intersection. Coroner identifies cyclist killed after colliding with SUV And I find it interesting that when the cyclist was still alive the report was the driver was driving like the video game “Grand Theft Auto”, but after the cyclist died it was all the cyclist’s fault. More CCSO: Cyclist hit on Folly Beach has died

News from a country where killing a cyclist is taken somewhat seriously. Bail hearing put off in cyclist fatality case The driver has been held without bail since the death.

UK story about getting a serial cyclist killer behind bars. Motorist who killed cyclist to find out if sentence will be increased And Judges reject appeal to increase sentence of motorist who killed cyclist So, killing cyclists is still just fine and dandy in the UK, so long as you use a motor vehicle to do it.

Lifestyle in TX. Local Group Helps Injured Cyclists

Last link is Bikeyface getting it right, again. NOT ATHLETIC I get a similar reaction to people finding out I ride for transportation. And I tell them that many of their excuses to why they “can’t ride” will go away after a few days of riding.

And those are all the links about bicycles that gave me fits (sometimes of happiness) today.

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3 responses to “More Mule duty musings and the Feed

  1. Curious about the SC bicyclist who died in Folly Beach. Where did the wreckless driver comment about driving like grand theft auto come from? I didn’t see that on news.


    • I only saw it for a couple of hours when I first filtered the links around midnight, then the story changed to cyclist runs stop sign. I’m trying to track down the original copy because it was like 2 completely different wrecks. The Feed Folder still has the excerpt from the original report, but outside of the first sentence I don’t have anything, anymore.


      • Thanks. It was my brother on the bicycle and I’m just trying to get information to give my family some peace. We are not from area and it is difficult to get information other than the news feed or paper.


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