It’s another Monday, duck! And the Feed

I realized last night that I totally forgot to mention which Me (pronounced like May but without the diphthong) I got at the Sumer celebration Saturday night. I have to protect and practice Moon Magick for the next 6 months, which means I have to find a female who has not yet reached menopause to do this in my magickal tradition. That should be interesting for the next few months. And you thought that title for the blog was just historical and an homage to the movie The Wizard of OZ ? Nope, the author is a practising witch who rides a bicycle. And don’t ask me for love spells, because I’m quite certain you wouldn’t like the outcome. If you want me to cast a spell to make someone love you prepare for a total spiritual makeover because I don’t change the target of the desire, I make you change to what the target wants. If you’re not 100% behind that then you’re out of luck with my love spells…

And I’m going to have to put the neighbor’s fence back in their yard because all this rain has made the grass grow again, which means I get to walk behind the (scatological swear word, deleted) lawn mower again. What I really need to do first is to get a heavy roller and smooth out the yard a bit while the soil is soft enough to move so I can actually walk behind the mower without fear of turning an ankle. But that is an expense that is not in the budget.

More on the hit-from-behind wreck about 3 hours’ ride west of WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. Bicycle rider killed in Fort Worth crash Brightly lit wreck scene, lack of bike lights not mentioned in police report and driver had choice of 3 lanes counting the one the cyclist was hit in… Add in the driver swore at the cyclist then made a u-turn to hit him and you have a carbon copy of the wreck that killed me (temporarily, of course).

Another hit-and-run just down the road a day’s ride from WoaB. Two women on bicycles hit by vehicle in South Austin Two cyclists hit-from-behind in the same wreck = drunk driver, driver that deliberately hit cyclists, or all of the above. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or to mitigate the damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. And the comments that showed up at the link had nothing to do with the article I was reading or likely any article on that site…

A cyclist in PA is almost involved with a fatal wreck caused by a speeding driver and a passenger not wearing a seat belt so the blame is placed on the cyclist? 1 Killed, 1 Injured After Driver Swerves To Avoid Cyclist, Crashes In Mercer Co.

A wreck in NY leaves a cyclist with serious head injury. Man riding bike suffers head injury after crash The cyclist was “swerving” into the oncoming lane and sideswiped a utility trailer? Assuming this is an accurate narrative the way to avoid is to hold your line in your lane, and infrastructure to prevent.

A wreck in NC that could happen to anyone trying to make a left turn on a bicycle. Moped Rider Dies Following Accident In Onslow County The rider was making a left turn when he was hit-from-behind by someone trying to pass on the left as he was making the turn. Intersection protocols don’t really apply to this one as this is outside the normal circumstances for the majority of intersection bike wrecks. The problem that needs to be solved is the perceived “right” of drivers to pass a cyclist as soon as they get to one regardless of what else is going on including oncoming traffic, cyclist making a turn, or lane blocked by debris. More Moped rider dies after collision with van Friday

Update on the progress in prosecuting a CO wreck. Woman charged in crash that killed cyclist This was the drunk driver that hit and killed a cyclist because she was late for her court date on a previous DUI charge.

A CA cyclist finds a truck in the middle of the road with no room to get around. Cyclist injured in crash into winery truck near Glen Ellen The stopped truck is clearly in view in the center of the road with a bluff face on one side and heavy woods on the other. I don’t know what a cyclist is supposed to do in a case like this, but riding at a speed that you can stop in the distance you can see would help.

A cyclist is killed as collateral damage in a multi-vehicle wreck in Canuckistan. Cyclist killed on Wapiti Road Cyclist was hit-from-behind by a vehicle leaving the road to plow through another vehicle on the road and then several more in a parking lot. As I post this the possibility of a medical emergency causing the wreck had not been ruled out. More Cyclist killed in Friday crash on Wapiti Road.

Infrastructure! news from CA as surprise! they discover that chip seal does not need aggregate the size of baby heads to protect extend the life of existing pavement for a few years. Highway 1 – Chip Seal Update Turns out that fine gravel or even coarse sand will do the job just as well, without vibrating cyclists’ eyeballs out of their sockets…

A “Ghost Bike” for a deceased MD cyclist. ‘Ghost bike’ and rally pay tribute to bicyclist, coach, mom This was the cyclist killed because the driver couldn’t wait until it was safe to pass and pulled out on a blind hill, then cut back to the right when a car topped the hill in the oncoming lane.

A really off-road bicycle accessory. Man Pedals Across San Francisco Bay on Water Bicycle Make it adjustable so that I could bolt my LWB Stratus and get a decent seat to sit on instead of the ass-hatchet, and we might have a deal.

And that is all the bicycle news that gave me fits today.

Billed @€0.02, Opus


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  1. Hmmmm. Have any leads yet on that female who has not yet reached menopause? 😉


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