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Happy Halloween, Blessed Samhain, and the Feed

OK first off the list is a pronunciation guide for one of the words up there, Samhain. When Celtic runes were transliterated into the Latin alphabet they were done so mainly on the basis of letter shapes and not by pronunciation, and some of the pronunciation rules were changed to screw up the English later by the Irish. Anywho, the word is pronounced SOW-when, not SAM-hane. This is one of the two High Holy Days for us witches, the other being Beltain (which perversely IS pronounced the way it’s spelled) on May 1. During these two times some believe the dead can converse with us should they have the desire and we slow down to listen to them. Since I have a bad enough time talking to living people and a lack of patience with slow conversation, I don’t talk with dead people. Anyway that’s the origin of the modern Halloween myth that ghosts walk among us on October 31, and that we need to disguise ourselves so that the dead may not curse us in life. I just like dressing up in costumes, but this year I will be Fat Lance again, minus the basting syringes from last year.

And if you aren’t going to get your broom registered with the FAA as an Experimental Homebuilt Aircraft then you need to be using some precautions when you fly. And seriously consider lighting to FAA standards instead of just using bicycle lights, bicycle lights belong on bicycles, not brooms.

Up first is one of several links from TX. This one almost places closure on the death of a cyclist. Amarillo Man Pleads Guilty to Killing Cyclist I can’t understand why hitting a cyclist in his lane head on did not get more of a sentence than 30 days in jail and an additional 5 days one day a year on the anniversary of the cyclist’s death. I don’t have the time, could someone look up what people have gotten for killing people in cars by crossing into their lane and hitting them head on? I’m willing to bet it was more than 35 days in jail.

Also in TX, a cyclist gets a flat and falls in front of a truck that runs her over with a trailer. Corpus Christi Woman Killed In Bicycle Accident In Austin and Cyclist dies after falling into traffic I think I classified this one as mostly infrastructure related when I posted the link to the preliminary report yesterday, as LEO in TX force cyclists to ride on the shoulder and nobody is responsible for making sure the shoulders are safe to ride on.

Several links to cyclists killed in NYC and surrounds today, also. Cyclist Killed In The Bronx This Morning and Cyclist Struck in the Bronx Today Is Second Fatality in Past Two Weeks and this one too Bicyclist struck and killed in the Bronx NYPD is claiming the cyclist ran a red without stating how they know this. Anyway, intersection wreck so use intersection protocols to avoid or mitigate damages in a similar wreck, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A cyclist is left-crossed in VA. Bicyclist injured after collision with car in Salem You know the drill by now, intersection protocols, yadda yadda, infrastructure, yadda yadda.

Final outcome of a wreck in WV. State Farm to pay $25K over child hit while riding bike $25K on more than $60K of bills, that was a heckuva deal for the insurance company.

A MS cyclist is recovering. Cyclist hit by car undergoes surgery Nothing about the mode or location, just that the cyclist was critically injured and required surgery. Last night when I filtered this mess the cyclist was in unstable condition and on the way to surgery, so things have improved.

A WI cyclist is hit and injured. UPDATE: Injured bicyclist was 55, on way home Intersection wreck that the cyclist almost avoided. Get the infrastructure right to prevent.

MO LEO know who died in an I70 bicycle wreck, but not why. Columbia police ID bicyclist killed on I-70 Apparently deer in MO ride bicycles when they cross the Interstate. As for why bloody clothes were found away from where the body was found, I have no idea.

One of several links to CA wrecks today. UPDATE: Bicyclist killed in SCV collision and Bicyclist hit and killed by truck in midtown Ventura Salmon cyclist hidden in glare from rising sun is whacked by a truck turning left. Intersection wreck so aside from not riding salmon use the intersection protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right so you don’t have salmon cyclists and regular cyclists don’t get hit.

Another cyclist hit by multiple vehicles after a hit-and-run in CA. Bicyclist struck, killed by hit-run driver in Anaheim and Bicyclist Killed In Anaheim Hit-And-Run First wreck was hit-from-behind so use the protocols to avoid or to mitigate the damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. This is the second multiple-impact hit-and-run in the SoCal area in a week, which is two too many.

A cyclist is hit head on in Oz, but LEO are not blaming the cyclist for the wreck. Cyclist injured in Woronora traffic accident There is very little to go on in this report, but since LEO did not immediately blame the cyclist for riding salmon there is a very good chance he wasn’t. They did blame him for not wearing a helmet which in a head on wreck is like blaming him for not having clean underwear after the wreck. Nothing on the mode or location so I can’t say if there was anything the cyclist could have done to avoid or infrastructure to prevent this wreck.

Infrastructure! news from NYC. Riders: Concrete Wheel Stops Make For Dangerous Hazard At CitiBike Stations Apparently these devices are not readily visible against the regular pavement causing tripping and other mishaps.

Last link is a video of an intentional right hook on fellow bike blogger Ted Rogers of BikingInLA. Last night’s ride, in which I flip off an impatient driver

And those were all the links about bicycles that gave me fits today.

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Still wrangling with what to do, and the Feed

Regular readers know I have two problems facing me at the moment: someone sent me a bunch of money to buy a new bike, and I have a bunch of bills that need to get paid worse than I need a new bike, and I have an overdeveloped sense of ethics. Ethically the solution is I buy a new bike that covers the parameters of the giver (buy a “cheap” cargo bike) and then spend the remainder on the bills. The problem is the bills that need paying now are greater even than the amount of money I was given to buy the bike… I will have to think about this.

Up first is a cyclist hit in TX capitol city. Bicyclist killed in West Travis County This wreck is a direct result of LEO in TX forcing cyclists to ride in the shoulder instead of the lane and nobody being responsible for clearing the debris from the shoulder to make riding safe.

Another example of what it takes to get enforcement when a cyclist or pedestrian is killed in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Caught on Tape: Teen high on K-2 when he struck, killed cyclist If the person that pulled the hit-and-run driver over did not have a cell phone to record the confession, this would have been treated as just another “accident”.

A second cyclist is murdered in AL. Delta Bike Project co-founder on Lyons Park homicide: ‘senseless killing has got to cease’ No motive has been determined for the second shooting. The motive for the first shooting now appears to have been robbery. And I don’t know how to avoid getting shot while you are riding a bike. This may be a long-held grudge against cyclists, even.

Hit-and-run in CO. Denver police searching for hit-and-run semi-truck that struck cyclist in LoDo Intersection wreck, so use the protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages and get the infrastructure right to prevent. The part about the driver leaving the scene with part of the bicycle embedded in the front of the truck caused me mild emotional distress.

An OR cyclist’s death by right hook is sent to the DA. Bicyclist’s death sent to DA’s office for study This should be a drop-dead simple case for the DA as there is a statute in OR that makes death resulting from right hooks and such felonies and is supposed to be quite easy to prove. One thing I find disturbing about the article is so much space is devoted to the cyclist’s lack of helmet use and nothing to not cutting a cyclist off when making a right turn.

Another OR wreck. Bicyclist injured in collision with school bus Since more than 90% of the body of the story was repeated in the headline, I’m going to say I will wait until this story updates before making a judgment.

More on a cyclist murdered in the Great White North. Disabled cyclist died ‘a cruel death,’ family says The driver in this case chased down the cyclist and hunted him when the cyclist managed to elude him for a short time. I make the suggestion that the driver be flogged with a bicycle chain wielded by a professional hammer thrower (to put some real muscle behind it) prior to putting him in prison.

A salmon cyclist is hit in the Great White North. Cyclist pedaling against traffic, suffers multiple injuries after being hit Note that the driver had just left a high-speed highway when the cyclist was hit, so finding fault in this wreck isn’t 100% on the cyclist (as much as I dislike salmon cycling).

Another cyclist is hit in the same city as the previous link. Cyclist injured in hit and run in Pierrefonds Regardless of who was initially at fault in the wreck, leaving the scene made it the fault of the driver. Intersection wreck, so use the protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Another link to the cyclist killed by a tour bus in Oz. Woman killed in freak crash Again the “no reflective clothing” meme is dragged from the cesspool it should stay in.

Last link is from Bikeyface, on finding romance on your bike. ROMANCING THE BIKE One reason why this happens on bikes and not in cars is bicycles engage us in the environment, including other cyclists, where cars are deliberately built to isolate us from the environment.

And those are all the links about bicycles that gave me fit, or not, today.

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Read the previous post first, then leave a comment, and the Feed

Yep, all the moralizing was done in the previous post so please scroll down (or click the link) and leave a comment for me there.

Up first a kid on a bike gets hit riding to school in TX. Student riding bike to school hit by car in NW Harris County Nothing on the mode, and Google maps is trying to tell me the intersection does not exist. I see addresses for Spring Barker on both sides of Barker Cypress, but no intersection where the two cross. And the addresses for Spring Barker roughly parallel Barker Cypress for a while on one side then on the other. So, what happened? And where?

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike a report on another fatality. 89-year-old on tricycle struck, killed in Oviedo and Elderly man on bicycle struck, killed in Oviedo I can’t think of a single excuse not to see an adult riding an adult tricycle broadside, except to not be looking where you’re going. Intersection wreck, but the protocols are rendered moot by the cyclist getting hit broadside, and the driver couldn’t even handle driving with the built infrastructure so changing the physical infrastructure would not have helped much either. The only option left is changing the legal infrastructure to one of assumed liability, you hit a cyclist and you have to prove the cyclist was in the wrong before you’re out of the woods. This case the driver would never get out of the woods, legally speaking.

Also from the most deadliest state, a survivor. Injured 13-year-old cyclist returns home after hit-and-run crash Hit and run while riding on the sidewalk? TANJ!

Another one of those killings that just don’t make any sense in AL. Funeral for Bicyclist Shot and Killed Seriously, words fail me at times like this.

Another link to the senseless death of a cyclist in IL. 92-year-old cyclist dies after Madison St. accident This was not an “accident”, this was a killing.

Update on a wreck in the Great White North. Rally for Tyler; Hit-and-Run Suspects In Court Apparently our neighbors to the north (waaay north from WoaB) have a more civilized attitude about bicycles and kids getting hit. Neither the driver nor the passenger have been released from jail for this wreck.

Infrastructure! news from CA. Bike advocates and Atwater activists on collision course over Glendale-Hyperion bridge project The cyclists are complaining that the project as proposed now bears no resemblance to the project approved in the 2010 Bike Plan.

Infrastructure and bicycle advocacy from DC. When people stop being nice and start being real

And those are all the links about bicycles that gave me fits today.

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Bonus Post: I have fantastic fans and a conundrum

No wrecks in this post, just a bit of thinking out loud. I frequently mention how great (some of) you are to me. Well you just went past great and into fabulous. I got a cashier’s check over the weekend with a note that I should buy a cargo bike to replace Blue and Gigi properly. I guess “properly” means “gold plated” or something like that because the check was for $2000. I can get a fantastic cargo bike locally or a really comfortable bike from my favorite bike brand and not spend the entire $2K.

The conundrum lies in the fact that I can build a bike myself and the issue with not having a new cargo bike yet is getting the metal I need to build the bike I want. I can eventually get the metal from the Internet, but I want to get my materials and supplies as locally as possible. And it’s looking very much like I can’t get bicycle-sized tubes and wall thicknesses in single bicycle quantities locally. But I have plowed that ground many time already, to get back to the point, I has moneys I can’t give back and I do need the item I was told the money is for. Do I do the lazy thing and buy a cargo bike already built, or do I use the money to get the materials I need from a source I don’t like just to get the bike built?

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Running freaking late after seeing the doctor, and the Feed

I went to the chiropractor today. I left the house at 1200 and returned home by 2030. I could have left later except Mrs. the Poet and I see the same Dr. at the same time so I have to go to where Mrs. the Poet works to pick her up and then go to the Dr. And since it was after 1800 when the first bus of many we needed to take to get home got to the bus stop we decided to stop for dinner on the way home. Otherwise we could have gotten home earlier but then had to make dinner, which would have been a pain and taken longer than stopping for dinner. As it was we got home a little later, but fed as opposed to getting fed much later at home. It’s about a 2 hour trip from the school Mrs. the Poet works to the chiropractor, and mid-day about the same from Casa de El Poeta to Mrs. the Poet’s school. #Public transit is a time sink.

Up first is a story from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike for so long that I have lost track of how many years in a row FL has held this “honor”. Investigators searching for a driver who hit a 12-year-old girl while she was riding her bike Intersection wreck but it appears that since the child cyclist is not getting blamed for this wreck the driver of the weapon vehicle disregarded a traffic control so protocols are moot, get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A wreck in GA. Macon attorney killed in Monroe County bike accident The cyclist apparently left-crossed himself. Intersection protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. Situational awareness always.

A fatal wreck in IN. Evansville teen killed while riding bike and Evansville teen killed after hit by vehicle while riding his bicycle Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent, including making hitting another vehicle moving in the same direction the fault of the rear vehicle for going too fast for conditions. The weapon vehicle had headlights so the driver should have been able to see the cyclist if the driver was paying attention to what was in the road in front of them. “Dark clothing” does not give the driver a pass for driving too fast.

A hit-and-run in IL. West Point woman arrested for leaving scene of crash with cyclist Assuming hit-from-behind because no intersection was mentioned and he cyclist was not mentioned to have been salmon. Protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Hit-and-run (maybe) in MO. Cyclist’s body found along I-70 The thought had occurred to me that the person might have been murdered and the body and bike gear dumped on the side of the Interstate for passing traffic to destroy. No mode possible to discern due to the damage to the body and gear. And one thing I find odd is aside from identifying the victim as a cyclist there was no mention of finding a bicycle at the scene. (Gigi found that odd, too)

A wreck in KS. Cyclist Hit And Killed Near Emporia Not a whole lot of useful information in this report. About the only thing that can be safely assumed beyond vehicle types and time is the cyclist probably had decent lights and/or reflectors on the bike, because any lack of them would be mentioned.

A CA cyclist on a charity ride was whacked by a goon in road rage mode. Cyclist severely injured in SR-67 crash and Passing Bicyclist Injured in Road Rage Dispute Hit-from-behind wreck, but from the narrative there was no way for the cyclist to avoid the impact and the built infrastructure would have been adequate had the drivers had the sense [*Deity] gave a grasshopper’s behind. Prosecute both drivers to the fullest extent of the law. Don’t stop at the book, throw the entire library at both of them.

A cyclist is blamed for being the victim of a right hook in OR. Cyclist Dies after Colliding with Car Right hook so intersection protocols might have been able to save this cyclist’s life, get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Major wreck in Oz. Cyclist killed in crash with bus and Cyclist hit and killed by tour bus on NT highway also Cyclist killed in crash with bus Driver exceeding the visibility of his headlights hits a ninja cyclist, and I’m seriously blaming the driver for this one because it could have been anything out there, large wildlife, disabled car, Fake Jesus pulling a cross on a wheel, you just never know what you’re going to run into at night… The cyclist could have used some lights and/or reflectors though.

A wreck report that could have used just one more piece of information to make it (more) usable to this blog. Bibra Lake cyclist killed in collision with car Did you figure out what was missing? It was the direction of the bike when hit. Looking at the Street View and seeing a divided highway that tells me the cyclist was making a right (backwards left) turn and that somebody ran a red light. Since they are not immediately blaming the cyclist I have to assume it is highly likely the driver of the weapon vehicle was running the red light. Anyway intersection protocols would have not helped in this wreck and if the built infrastructure had been used as designed the wreck would not have happened.

Infrastructure! news from Scotland. Scottish Parliament to debate ‘strict liability’ civil law protections for cyclists

Lifestyle in the Great White North. Ghost bike left on Spadina for cyclist killed by truck

And final link, just plain stupid from CA. Only 11 percent of children are wearing helmets during bike accidents, study finds Nothing on how many wear helmets vs have wrecks, making drawing a conclusion impossible, especially with a helmet law in place.

And those were all the links that gave me fits about bicycles today.

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Patron selection at SJFUU on Wreck-Free Sunday

I just got back from the Patron Selection Gala Extravaganza at Sacred Journey Fellowship. As an active ritualist and as the nominator I had to present Hephaestus as my nominee. Heph and I have some things in common, a gimpy left leg among them. We are both heavy into fire and metalworking, but our love lives are polar opposites, Heph is Monogamous married to a Polyamorous goddess (Aphrodite) that accepts him for what he is and he her. I’m… not. Both of us are all about access, me for bikes in the streets, Heph for the handicapped as his level of gimpyness sometimes extends to having to use the wheelchair (hand-chariot) he invented. I suspect we both like to beat on metal as a form of stress release. Heph is all about making things, I spend more time planning because I don’t have the resources of a deity to get the raw stock I need to build stuff. Even when I have the money to buy the stock I can’t get it to where I build stuff. But that’s a subject for a different post.

The event tonight pitted Hephaestus and me, against Ganesha and the church President, and Hecate and the leader of the Faith Development Committee. There was a procession in with trinkets or candy distributed by the person representing the Deity with theme music (I used Sammy Hagar’s Heavy Metal) then three rounds of questions about how the Deity we represented would help the church and how the Deity wished the church to serve him, her, or it. As Heph is not known as a speaker my answers were short and to the point (we were supposed to aspect the Deity as much as possible). My “bribes” to elicit more votes from the crowd were in the form of chocolate coins that I threw into the crowd like a rapper at a strip club making it rain. I processed in carrying an engineer’s hammer and ball peen hammer in one hand and an anvil in the other (real hammers and anvils), then grabbed the candy from a basket I had placed next to my “throne” at the front of the crowd and proceeded with the “make it rain” effect. I could not see how the persons representing the other deities did their thing because we were hidden by a curtain at the back of the church until we made our entrances. I know that the person representing Ganesha used a rap song about the Deity, but I couldn’t hear what song Hecate used.

Then we went through three rounds of questioning and answers with voting in the form of canned goods in the first round, money in the second round, and rocks that were distributed to each member of the audience. I placed a distant second in the first round, a close second in the second round and won the third round, but as I finished second to the same Deity in both the first two rounds with Ganesha finishing third each time, Hephaestus did not win the event and cannot be nominated next year, ditto Ganesha. Our Patroness for the coming church year will be Hecate.

And that’s the way it is folks.

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Where’s my head, and the Feed

I should probably just skip today and tomorrow’s posts because of lack of time and concentration. I didn’t have time to get to the party store for bribe trinkets so I will have to do that today between the post and my D&D gig. We are finally in a setting where I can use my character’s abilities to climb walls and blow up monsters without having to exercise the restraint to avoid detection as a Warlock class. Warlocks are held with fear and disdain in “civilized” areas, and while those with good alignments like mine are accepted in parties of adventurers they mostly tend to not get along with groups of more than 2. When we encounter others in our journeys the size of the party I belong to calms the fear and hostility I would otherwise encounter. And the fact that I can take out an enemy at 250 feet with repeated blasts of magical power and use detect magic at will along with other skills that are innate to my character class make me useful.

From inside TX but a long way from WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell comes a report of good police work. Driver charged after Winter Texan cyclist’s death The driver hit a group ride from behind, killing the Lanterne Rouge. The driver has been charged with intoxication manslaughter instead of DUI murder because of a lack of previous DUI convictions.

A wreck in NYC. Cyclist In Serious Condition After Midtown Citi Bike Incident Nothing about why the cyclist sideswiped the curb in this incident. Gutter Bunny rider, move away from the curb and into the lane to prevent. This will also make you less prone to a buzz job.

Update on a PA wreck. Perkins admits guilt in 2012 cyclist death Even after killing someone this waste of human skin was allowed to continue to drive, and he continued to drive chemically impaired.

An IL cyclist is hit legally crossing an intersection. Oak Park man, 91, dies in bike accident This kind of report pisses me off, the cyclist was hit riding legally across the intersection and died, and all the driver will get was a ticket. Intersection protocols would not have helped in this case and the driver ignored the built infrastructure so changing the physical infrastructure wouldn’t have made much difference either. The only thing that would stop stuff like this is making the actual killing a crime instead of making it a crime when the driver is DUI for the second time or using a gun instead of a motor vehicle.

An IL wreck I have no idea how to avoid. Teen shot riding bike on North Side street Why would someone set down the perfect murder weapon (motor vehicle) and use a gun on someone where you go from a near certainty of death to a 9% chance of hitting something vital when you actually hit with a 5% chance of hitting anything at all.

Another report on a CA cyclist hit from behind. Marysville cyclist hit, killed by car The cyclist’s lights were non-functional after the wreck and not believed to have been in use prior to the wreck. You have to maintain these things people! More Bicyclist who was struck and killed on Thursday recalled as ‘good person’

A pair of infrastructure letters in PA to the same paper. Cars real threat I and Cars real threat II And in response to the opening statement of the second letter in all the wreck reports I have done since 2006 there were 4 drivers who died in wrecks with cyclists, one that may have been dead before the wreck and 3 more killed when the cyclist they hit came through the windshield and caused varying degrees of crushing injury.

A mixture of infrastructure and lifestyle in IL. Road named in honor of cyclist killed by driver in Old Town

Lifestyle in CA. Ghost bike memorial placed for Oxnard bicyclist killed Monday When I was a kid watching Roger Ramjet cartoons “Oxnard” was the punchline to about half the jokes. The other half were “Lompoc”.

And those were all the links that gave me fits about bicycles today.

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I have to buy hammers and horseshoe pins, and the Feed

I am part of the Patron Selection Process at my church this year because one of my nominees made the finals in spite of some dirty tricks trying to bring some of the other nominees into the game. So I will take a break today and go buy altar decorations from either the nearby home store or Harbor Freight (I already have the anvil, but I need some BFH to go on the altar next to it) and bribes from a party store.

Up first is a prominent political figure killed riding a bike in UT near where I used to ride. Utah Judge Anthony Quinn killed in canyon auto-bike accident and Utah judge killed in auto-bike accident also Utah judge killed in bike accident Cyclist killed by driver that veered all the way across the road and on the oncoming shoulder, not a wreck that human cyclists could avoid, and one that infrastructure would not help prevent without a barrier which would be highly unlikely for this area in the Dutch model.

An update on a hit-and-run wreck in OH. Licking Co Prosecutor To Look Into Hit-And-Run That Killed Teacher From the comments it appears the family of the driver in this case is too well-connected politically to prosecute at the local level so they had to move to someone who could not be harmed politically.

Update on a CA hit-from-behind. Bicyclist dies in Yuba County accident Now they are saying the bike had non-working lights instead of none at all. Protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. Include hitting another vehicle from behind as prima facie evidence of driving too fast for conditions.

Update on a MA wreck. Family of cyclist killed in Boston files lawsuit If you can’t get a criminal prosecution, go for the wallet!

And last links are from Jolly Olde. ‘First aid’ penalty notice scrapped and ‘Good Samaritan’ gets parking ticket while helping cyclist I have already heard mutterings about a “police state” mentality concerning this one, and I agree ticketing people pulled over to help at a wreck seems a bit on the extreme side…

And those are all the new links that gave me fits about bicycles today.

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Well that didn’t turn out so bad, and the Feed

I’m back and only slightly poorer than before because I got a top up card for my mobile and a hamburger from that Scottish place 😉 I’m still not too happy that the city seems to have plenty of manpower available to give me a bad time, but when someone tries to kill me or cause bodily harm, or to steal my possessions, then there’s no one available to help me or even take a proper report (who tries to find a custom bike of unusual configuration without even so much as a picture of the bike?).

Another fatal bicycle wreck in South TX. Man hit by car in Edinburg and a somewhat less literate report from Faux Nooz Cyclist Killed, Driver May Face Charges If I’m reading the Fox report right the driver ran into a group of cyclists hitting 5 of them and the driver is being held pending a toxicology report. That means he was either drunk or stoned, or so stupid he couldn’t keep from hitting 5 people on bicycles riding in front of him. Hit-from-behind protocols might have been helpful for avoiding this, but getting the infrastructure right would have prevented it. That’s 2 fatal bike wrecks in 2 days within a few miles of each other…

Austin pedestrian injured in a bicycle hit-and-run. Woman injured after she says cyclist knocked her down on sidewalk How many times do I have to write it?: DON’T HIT THE PEDESTRIANS! When riding on the sidewalk because the street lacks safe cycling space, always yield to pedestrians, just like you would have motor vehicles yield to you. DON’T HIT THE PEDESTRIANS!

Update on the cyclist killed by a hit-and-run in CT. Police Release New Description Of Car Involved In Death Of Weston Cyclist and Bicyclist Thomas Steinert-Threlkeld, of Weston, dies in Bethel hit-and-run Nothing helpful here in either link.

Update on a NY fatal bike wreck. Pa. man pleads guilty to killing teen on a bike in Oneida County Now we just have to wait on the sentencing.

A cyclist is stuck under a SUV that literally ran him over in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Trapped cyclist seriously injured (PHOTOS) The cyclist was hit from behind by a vehicle turning right through the bike lane. This combines the worst of the hit-from-behind and the intersection protocols. I don’t think physical infrastructure without barriers would be enough to prevent this wreck, because that’s what was in place at the time.

A KY wreck that makes me queasy. Cyclist sent through windshield in Wednesday night crash Again the remains of the bike and the final location of the cyclist don’t match the narrative of a cyclist crossing the road. The wheel shows an impact that was mostly from the rear with a small amount of misalignment, but not the broadside impact one would expect from a cyclist crossing the road in front of a car moving at a speed high enough to cause the cyclist to wind up in the driver’s lap. Notice the complete lack of damage to the front wheel which should be displaying a typical pringle shape if the cyclist had been hit from the side hard enough to put him in the driver’s lap. If this cyclist was really crossing the road, his crossing angle wasn’t more than about 15 degrees off parallel with the road. So that makes this a hit-from-behind wreck, protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A TN cyclist is blamed for hitting the drunk driver that sent him to the hospital. Update: Driver of vehicle struck by bicycle identified The original narrative for the wreck had the cyclist cut off by the driver causing the wreck.

A story attracting a lot of attention is the missing safety device that would have prevented the death of the cyclist right-hooked by a Muni bus in S.F. CA. Bus that killed S.F. cyclist lacked safety feature and Report Of Missing Safety Device In Fatal Collision With Bicyclist Prompts SF Muni Fleet Inspection also Cyclist’s death renews bike coalition’s push for safety improvements in SoMa and this too Breaking: Muni Bus that Killed Cyclist Cheng Jin Lai Missing Key Safety Equipment Cyclist dies because a critical safety part that costs just a few bucks wasn’t replaced when it was broken. I smell a huge lawsuit coming.

Another CA cyclist is hit by a large municipal vehicle. Midtown Sacramento cyclist seriously injured in collision with city garbage truck I had to look at the Street View of the wreck scene to make heads or tails of the narrative, but it looks like the truck either left hooked or merged on top of the cyclist. Intersection wreck requires intersection protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent, which in this case seems to include training truck drivers not to run over bikes in the bike lanes when they turn. Notice that there are bike lanes on both sides of this one-way street.

Update on another CA hit-and-run. Man pleads not guilty to fatal hit-and-run near Chico State

Update on a SWSS in CA. Sacto 911: Cyclist killed in Monday accident in south Sacramento identified

An AK cyclist with reflectors and blinky lights front and rear is right crossed while riding in a crosswalk. Anchorage man on bicycle suffers injuries in crash with driver of compact car Intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. It is suggested to not ride salmon on the sidewalk however.

Update on a cyclist murder in the Great White North. Still no arrests made in slaying of Hamilton cyclist Apparently the registered owner was not the true owner at the time of this murder by vehicle.

Update on a cyclist killed in the GWN because of ? Another cyclist dies because North American trucks don’t have sideguards I really don’t understand this one, the guards also improve fuel consumption resulting in payback of the cost to install in less than a year, but they don’t get installed because ? they might save a pedestrian or cyclist from being crushed to death?

Infrastructure! news from the UK. TfL won’t face corporate manslaughter charge over Kings Cross cyclist death Apparently they can’t find anyone that was responsible for the continued construction of the intersection after the law went into effect.

More infrastructure from Scotland. Scottish cyclist deaths and injuries rise and Roads casualties at record low but more cyclists injured Same as last year, cars are getting more and more like tanks that survive wrecks that would have been fatal 40 years ago (look up Malibu vs Impala on you tube for an example of tank-like modern cars compared to what cars used to be like) but cyclists and pedestrians are still just as fragile as always.

Last link BikingInLA’s Ted Rogers almost ran into a TX driver (substitute your favorite brand of moron if you prefer). Just another right hook — from the left lane

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Still trying to get caught back up, and the Feed

I’m still not caught up with the Feed and my e-mail, and what is worse I have a court date tomorrow morning that will put me even further behind and I really need to mow the grass after all this rain we have had and PERIODS! I need to remember to use periods after completing a thought. Sheesh, you would think I hadn’t written anything since high school with all the “ands”. Periods are much easier than “ands” so why expend more effort than required and at the same time reduce readability?

The court date is for the fence that we had partially disassembled at the order of the city a few years back, turns out they didn’t really want partial disassembly, they wanted it either gone or replaced. Well they should have mentioned something earlier than 4 years later. And they should have specified remove or replace instead of the notices about our fence leaning. What we had standing was a section of chain link that supported our grape vine for many years (back before the Great Crash of 2001) and what amounted to a privacy screen that prevented people on the street from seeing into the back yard. It didn’t do anything about people in the back alley, but the fence never did that even when it was complete.

A wreck a long way from WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, but still in-state. Police: Cyclist killed on Price Road Hit-from-behind wreck by a drunk riding a motorcycle, use the protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A salmon cyclist is hit in GA. Man On Bicycle Killed By Drunk Driver Given the reported speed of the weapon vehicle the direction of travel for the cyclist would not have made any difference one way or the other in this wreck, a car moving over 80 MPH is going to be nearly instantly fatal no matter which direction you’re going.

Update on a wreck in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Cyclist killed last week identified This kind of wreck is why it’s more dangerous to ride against traffic than with it. Another link Cyclist killed last week identified

A cyclist is injured in a UT wreck where the narrative makes no sense. Cyclist injured after hit by car in Cottonwood Heights The cyclist was truck as he pulled behind some cars waiting at the light, according to the narrative, which makes no sense as there was nothing to cause cars waiting at the light to hang over the active travel lanes of Wasatch where the cyclist at the back of the pack would be exposed. Somebody is making “stuff” up.

A CA cyclist is hit-from-behind. Bicyclist Killed in Forestville Car Accident Identified Another blind driver making the streets dangerous to anyone not driving a car. Use the protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A road hazard AK cyclists have to deal with that we in the Lower 48 don’t. AK Beat: Another moose shot, killed in Anchorage’s Kincaid Park Nearly as bad as a road-raging cager, only slightly less smart.

A cyclist is murdered (police term, not mine) in the Great White North. Police seize truck connected to cyclist killing Not avoidable by a human cyclist and I don’t think changing the physical infrastructure would do anything to prevent it either. As deliberately pursuing and killing people is already against the law changing the legal infrastructure would not help either.

A wreck that again has some puzzling aspects in the Great White North. Cyclist, 60, seriously injured after being struck by car on Finch Avenue Looking at Google Maps there are several driveways to shopping and dining near where the cyclist was hit that would have required riding in the passing lane to get from the bike lane to the access point for the retail. Since lights and reflectors were not mentioned it can be assumed the cyclist was at a minimum legally equipped, so hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A really stupid driver in Canuckistan. Driver stops to blame injured cyclist Driver crowding or crossing the center line hits a cyclist head on and demanded he get out of the ditch to remove his bike from under her vehicle, then leaves the cyclist laying in the ditch to drag the bike under her vehicle until she found someone to ask for a hammer to beat the bicycle out from under her vehicle. She gets arrested for DUI and hit-and-run but is on probation from a drug conviction… And it keeps getting better and better.

A cyclist in Oz is killed when a piece of equipment comes unsecured on a passing truck. Woman dies from massive head injuries after being knocked from bicycle in accident with truck I have no idea how anyone could have avoided this wreck or prevented it as the safety catch that was supposed to restrain the stabilizer failed to work properly.

Hit-and-run in Oz. Cyclist injured in what’s believed to be a hit and run Other than the bare facts of the wreck happening I don’t have enough to tell you how to avoid or anything.

Lifestyle in Oz. Lost cyclists rescue Wedgetail eagle and the first-person account THE RIDE OF THE YEAR

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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