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My feet feel wonderful now, and the Feed

One of the benefits of my monthly trip to the nail spa is the removal of callus from the pressure points in my shoe temporarily relieves the pressure somewhat. This makes the shoes more comfortable, and walking a bit more fun. Which means that when I finally get to mow the lawn this evening I will do so with less discomfort. I should be getting my representative in Congress to mow, for the salary we are paying getting a little honest work out of him would be a slight return on investment. I mean seriously, the man gets $174K/an, free healthcare for him and his family for life or as long as he stays married, whichever comes first, free lunch while Congress is in session, and free haircuts. I never got free haircuts when I was in the military (except when I was blowing up stuff in other countries and they wanted my hair to look a certain way). Anyway, the price of gas has been dropping like a rock around here lately, so I’m gonna get enough to last the rest of the mowing season, or about another month and a half.

The first link I opened in my Feed this morning was a report on a serious bike wreck from BikingInLA. Breaking news: Bike rider critically injured in early morning PCH collision and Pacific Coast Highway closed south of Malibu after accident The location points to a hit-from-behind wreck, but the information shutdown points to a wreck they don’t want to talk about. More All PCH lanes reopen in Malibu after crash leaves bicyclist in critical condition

A little closer to home, the fine upstanding young citizen worthless scum that drove into a crowd of cyclists and killed one of them has his court date pushed back. Court dates rescheduled for Arkansas man accused of driving into, injuring group of cyclists

Much closer to WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell a cyclist is hit in Austin yesterday morning. Cyclist Injured On Loop 360 Car Crash Nothing yet on the mode but having been in the area this year I would say it was most likely a hit-from-behind wreck as the cyclist tried to get around one of the more intimidating barriers to non-motorized traffic in the area. Infrastructure would definitely prevent this wreck.

A NY cyclist is hit by an unlicensed driver, no criminality suspected. New Rochelle High student injured in bike-pickup accident Looking at the bike in he picture there might be some truth in the geometry of the wreck, it does look like the cyclist ran into the side of a moving car at roughly right angles, but as the victim was unconscious at the scene the testimony from the illegal driver has to be strongly discounted as to who had the right of way.

More on that assault and robbery of a MI cyclist caught on camera. 3 Arrested In Brazen Robbery Of Unconscious, Injured Bicyclist In Ann Arbor (VIDEO) Good thing that they got the perps. Bad thing that they still don’t know if the victim will survive. In TX if the victim dies then everyone can get life without parole that was a willing participant in the crime. They need to make sure they caught the guy that caused the cyclist to wreck and charge him with assault and robbery, assault with a deadly if it was a motor vehicle like lit looked in the footage of the initial wreck.

A hit-from-behind wreck in CO with a serious WTF!? moment. Bicyclist seriously injured in possible DUI crash Cyclist hit-from-behind, use the protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. And a big part of that infrastructure is not pussyfooting around with drunk drivers, to wit: “It’s unknown if the driver was cited.” The driver should not have been cited the driver should have been taken from the scene in handcuffs in the back of a cruiser or a paddy wagon and taken straight to jail. And allowed to “fall down” several flights of stairs during booking..

Another SWCC wreck in CA. Teen Cyclist Suffers Major Injuries During Collision in Pacifica I think everyone knows by now that I immediately get a major BS vibe when the only witness to a wreck interviewed by LEO is the driver of the weapon vehicle. Anyway, intersection wreck, protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Trial testimony for a driver accused of killing a cyclist in a head on collision while driving on the wrong side of the road. ‘I can’t help it if a cyclist falls over’, says scientist accused of killing rider “It’s her fault for not getting out of the way” in other words…

More crime stories. NC Court of Appeals upholds Grooms’ sentence The conviction was DUI Murder for killing two cyclists. I think I might have even had a few links to this as the story unfolded back then, because this sounds very familiar.

More about the driver in the NH bicyclist homicides. Darriean Hess posts on Facebook laugh about speeding, drug possession And you know what? I think this rises to the standard that justifies bringing the “waste of human skin” tag out of mothballs.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today, well the ones about bicycles anyway.

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