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Near deaf and with numb hands after mowing the lawn, and the Feed

I delayed mowing the lawn until this morning because of back issues after carrying the gas back from the gas station last night. While I was mowing I saw the codes guy drive back and forth in front of and behind my house 4 times. I might be paranoid, but that’s a bit much. And I couldn’t get the neighbor’s fence out of my yard because it was too heavy and floppy (as in not rigid enough to get the whole thing up by pushing or lifting in one location) to do it by myself. I fear I’m going to get a ticket for allowing the neighbor’s fence to sit in my yard.

What infuriates me about this is I’m down: 3 stolen bicycles, one wrecked bicycle, 2 cars, a fence, and somewhere above $250K in expenses from either inaction or direct action of the City but I can’t get any law enforcement in my favor. Every action of law enforcement I have been subject to has been against me, even when the laws were in my favor and written to protect me. I still to this day have not gotten a full report on my wreck from 2001, just preliminary reports with the identity of witnesses redacted. So I have been unable to interview witnesses on my own to establish that I was hit by someone driving a City vehicle. Not to mention the cop that told me I wasn’t allowed to make a left turn from the street while riding a bicycle this June…

A NE cyclist appears to have run a stop sign. Bicyclist, 23, critically injured in Omaha crash Intersection protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. And don’t run stop signs.

Not much information in this MN link as I post it now. Teen injured after truck hits bike in West Duluth No mode or precise location yet, the good thing I’m taking from this is they are not blaming the cyclist.

More on that wreck on the PCH that was breaking news as I composed yesterday’s post. Bicyclist Critically Injured After Being Hit By Truck On PCH The wreckage is horrifying, but puzzling. The frame is crushed and in pieces but the wheels appear to only have minor damage, leading to two possible conclusions: The wheels are insanely strong and rigid and the bike was hit from behind as originally reported or The wheels are insanely rigid and strong and the bike was hit from the side and carried/dragged from the point of impact to the current scene some distance away. I don’t see any of the protocols helping much in this wreck without adequate infrastructure to back them up.

Also from CA is this SWSS. Cyclist, age 70, badly injured in collision The Street View of the scene shows a bike lane moving from the far right to the left of the right turn lane that motor vehicles must merge across. So intersection protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right, including driver education and the loss of license for drivers who fail to merge correctly, to prevent.

Update on another tragic wreck in CA. Organs donated by Livermore nursing student killed by alleged drunken driver help three recipients

We get a rare cyclist-on-pedestrian hit-and-run report from WY. Highway Patrol seeking information about cyclist involved in hit and run crash near Cheyenne The cyclist left the scene with a bloody face, indicating a possible concussion. That’s the thing about a cyclist/pedestrian wreck, the cyclist is usually injured as bad or worse than the pedestrian.

A cyclist is hit-and-run in the Great White North. Arrest made in Thunder Bay hit-and-run Glad they caught the driver, that wasn’t the case when I first filtered the link. This was not the kind of wreck that a human cyclist could have avoided and as the driver was on the wrong side of the street and reported to have aimed the vehicle for the cyclist, I’m betting infrastructure would not have helped much either. Treat this case as an attempted murder and make drivers know that targeting cyclists with a vehicle is exactly like targeting them with a gun.

A cyclist riding an assisted bike in Oz hits a guy wire to a power pole. Cyclist hurt after hitting wire The cyclist had an assist motor so he should have been OK riding the street so why did he hit the guy wire in the sidewalk? Actually from looking at the closest guyed power pole in Street View he had to have been considerably off the sidewalk to have managed to hit that. More Cyclist critical after motorised-bike crash in Camillo

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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