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Is anyone in Congress with the (R) behind his (or her) name sane? and the Feed

There’s a quote attributed to Will Rogers that the opposite of progress is Congress. These days that would be a masterful understatement. In gamer terms the legislative branch rolled a natural 1 on their sanity check. I’m trying to come up with something positive to say about the shutdown, and all I can think of is when the Capitol Police miss their next paycheck we can storm the grounds with pitchforks and torches without having to worry about getting shot, because the people getting paid to shoot us will be standing beside us. I really would prefer to keep politics out of this blog, but because my lab rat gig is Federally funded, I’m going to feel this myself if it goes on for too much longer.

Apparently the only way you can get any justice in NYC is if you get hit by a dog, and even then it’s a long, drawn-out battle. Central Park bicyclist injured in collision with dog can sue owners for negligence: court This wreck was years ago as the cyclist hit a dog that the owners sent across the road right in front of the cyclist. It has taken this long just to get the right to sue the dog owners.

Another cyclist is killed in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike for so long that I have lost count. Davenport Bicyclist Hit, Killed In US 27 Crash Hit-from-behind of a cyclist who was already off the road when hit, so protocols were sort of in use but still not good enough to avoid getting killed. Get the infrastructure right to prevent. Make driving off the traffic lanes and into the shoulder or bike lane to hit a cyclist an automatic manslaughter or murder charge, same as discharging a firearm into a crowd.

A SWSS in AZ. Bicyclist who veered into road hit and killed by car Looking at the scene from the few pictures available there doesn’t seem to be much of a place to “swerve” from unless the cyclist rode through the landscaping between the sidewalk and the street. I’m going to call this a hit-from-behind by a blind driver unless they can produce an outside witness who can place the cyclist on the sidewalk immediately prior to the wreck.

Left cross wreck in MI. Bicyclist injured in mishap with car at Market Avenue SW and Cherry Street Intersection protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Update on a SWCC wreck in SD. Spencer Teen Injured In Bike Versus Truck Accident Last Week Has Passed Away

A bike/ped wreck in the Great White North results in a guilty plea from the cyclist. Cyclist pleads guilty in death of Erindale grandmother I have said this before and I will have to say it again, but the cardinal rule in bicycle/pedestrian interactions is DON’T HIT THE PEDESTRIANS!

I’m still not sure exactly what happened in this bike/pedestrian wreck in the UK. Girl, 5, injured when cyclist crashed into her amid traffic ‘chaos’ in Cambridge park The author of the article seems unable to decide if the cyclist deliberately rammed the little girl or if the little girl ran out in front of the cyclist and then froze causing the cyclist to fall trying to avoid her and his momentum carrying him into the little girl. Anyway the situation was created by bad infrastructure that mixed cyclists with pedestrians including children, but still DON’T HIT THE PEDESTRIANS!

Another UK wreck that is 100% infrastructure. Cyclist broke collarbone after riding into pothole in Radford Add a little rain and potholes become visually the same as any other dirty puddle of water until you hit one. This is why I treat puddles as if they were open pits, because that’s what may be in one.

Lots of UK links today as the driver that hit a cyclist head on in her lane is told to have a nice day by the court. Doctor who killed cyclist is cleared of careless driving I don’t care what the driver does for a living, when you are passing and you hit someone in the oncoming lane that’s either careless or insane because you failed to look for the vehicle you hit.

And those were all the links about bicycles that gave me fits today.

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