Rushing to get the post out in time, and the Feed

I’m back from the time sink known as municipal court with a court date but nothing more than that. So I wasted 3 hours of my life to get nothing more than a firm date at which I can waste more of my life. and my money.

More on a SWSS in OH. Man injured on bike identified This sounds like a buzz job that is being blamed on the cyclist who is still unconscious as of this posting. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or to mitigate injury, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. More Injured cyclist in U.S. 127 crash identified

An ID cyclist gets merged on. Police: Bicyclist seriously injured in early afternoon Boise crash and UPDATE: Vehicle strikes bicycle rider off Federal Way and Broadway exit A “merge over” is similar to a right hook in that the driver basically tries to occupy space that the cyclist is already occupying. This is like a cross between a buzz job and a right hook and either set of protocols will let the cyclist avoid the wreck if there is an escape route the cyclist can take without a secondary wreck. Get the infrastructure right to prevent. It should be possible to get from where the cyclist was to where he was going (and at this point it looks like he was riding home from a grocery store) without having to share space with vehicles exiting a freeway.

More on the SWCC wreck in AZ from a highly credible source. 71-YEAR-OLD BICYCLIST KILLED IN CRASH

A CA cyclist is seriously injured in a pinball wreck while waiting to make a left turn. Los Gatos: Cyclist suffers serious injuries in multi-vehicle collision Absolutely nothing the cyclist could have done to avoid this wreck while waiting for traffic to clear. Physical infrastructure without barriers would not have been any help either except to move the location of the wreck (and change the weapon vehicle). Changing the legal infrastructure to make the driver at fault in the first wreck responsible for all the impacts caused by the wreck could possibly prevent the wreck, or at least provide an avenue for compensation for the injured cyclist.

A cyclist is hit by a bus in CA. Sacramento woman killed in crash involving bicycle, bus and Bicyclist v. vehicle collisions leave 1 dead, 1 injured They have video of the wreck but they still don’t know which way the cyclist was going? Intersection wreck, but what I could see of the wreck the cyclist was almost if not completely stationary, so protocols would have been ineffective. And if they couldn’t tell from the video which way the cyclist was going (hint: back it up a few more frames, bozos) then the investigators need to find a new line of work. Infrastructure to prevent.

Infrastructure! news from GA as a bill that would require cyclists to mount license plates to their bikes and basically ban group rides dies a quick death after one public hearing. Lawmaker pulls bill that could have required license plates for bicycles The stated goal was to be able to track down and ticket riders that go things the legislator doesn’t like as well as those arcane ride restrictions that would never pass 1st amendment muster. I think someone told the goof that reporting the license plate of a car running a red light or stop sign does nothing now because of long-established case law that prevents LEO from writing tickets they did not see committed directly, and that the same would apply to any laws passed for bicycles. Which reminds me, if anyone knows this idiot’s license and car, follow him with a video camera and post his driving infractions to YouTube. And guess who earned the “stupid politician” tag for today?

And those were all the links that gave me fits today, luckily this was a light day even for a Tuesday.

Billed @€0.02, Opus


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