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Still a little dazed, and the Feed

Excuse me please, but the current mess in DC has had me literally banging my head against the wall in frustration. I know I shouldn’t be doing that given my already-damaged thinking organ, but what can a guy do when you don’t have millions of corporate dollars to bribe legislators to do what you want? I barely have dollars for donating to politicians, and that requires doing without something else. With the small amount of money I get from the annuity I inherited things are tight but no longer do we choose between eating and keeping the lights on and we actually have the chance to go out sometimes (like to the State Fair next week and a weekend of camping after that) without having to base where we go on what gift cards we got for Christmas. But we don’t have the kind of money to hand out to politicians that gets them to pay attention to what I think is good for the country.

I keep telling people that cars kill more people than guns, that cars are more deadly than bullets, and finally I get a media outlet that backs me up. More New Yorkers Die in Traffic Than are Killed by Guns–And That’s Best in the Country And yet the people in charge of reducing those numbers don’t really care. What Role Should Police Play in Preventing Traffic Deaths?

Something else I can’t do anything about is the rash of hit-and-run against cyclists nationwide. Bicyclists often left to writhe after collisions Making hit-and-run a felony in TX did not reduce the number of them here. Perhaps when the victim dies charging the driver with murder in a hit-and-run might start doing it, as there is a provision in the law in TX that death that happens in the commission of a felony may be charged as a murder, particularly if the death is the direct result of that felony. You can’t get much more direct than a dead cyclist in a hit-and-run. Or dead pedestrian.

Speaking of which… Bicyclist injured in hit and run accident in Ottawa County The MI cyclist fortunately did not incur serious injuries.

Apparent left cross wreck in NY. Bicyclist injured in car crash Note that the driver was not cited for causing a wreck with injury, but for driving without a license. “Don’t worry about the cyclist, just get a license and pay us our money.” Intersection wreck, so use the protocols to avoid or to mitigate injury, and get the infrastructure right to prevent, including but not limited to, charging drivers when they violate the right of way of other vehicles on the roads even if that vehicle is a person riding a bicycle.

A bad week for cyclists and pedestrians in ID. BOISE String of Cyclist, Pedestrian Accidents Claims Another Life This strongly appears to be improperly implemented infrastructure. Or maybe just a spate of really stupid drivers not watching where they are going.

A cop hit a cyclist in NC and they gave a ticket to the cyclist. Police vehicle hits cyclist No comment.

A cyclist killed in a hit-and-run in MS gets the beginnings of justice. Suspects arrested in death of cyclist Now throw in some convictions and stiff sentences and we might start seeing people act a little better on the roads in MS.

More on the OR wreck of a ICE-assist bicycle. Police: Cyclist killed in crash after riding through stop sign The comments from the Faux Nooz viewers range from slightly amusing in their stupidity to utterly revolting.

The family of a cyclist killed by a drunk driver request and get the maximum sentence allowed by CA law. Families of Cyclists Ask for Maximum Sentence for Goddard And once again we see car-crazy California the choice of weapon matters more than the damage done as the driver is only spending 11 years and 8 months in prison for killing one person and possibly killing a second and that was as much as the driver could get. Gun crimes with a similar outcome would get an automatic 20 to life sentence.

Another update on the SWCC death in AZ. Tucson cyclist killed in crash ID’d

A dead cyclist is finally identified in the Great White North. Cyclist killed in Ajax collision identified Again, this is another reminder of why you need wearable ID when you ride because you may become separated from your wallet during or after the wreck.

A cyclist in Oz was more than twice the US limit on BAC%, and nearly 4 times the limit in Oz the day after a heroic drinking binge. Cyclist four times over the limit cops $600 fine Don’t drink and ride, but drinking and riding is still preferred over drinking and driving.

More on the MD cyclist killed by a driver trying to pass on a blind hill with a curve. ‘Because the Driver Didn’t Want to Wait 15 Seconds, My Kids Don’t Have a Mother’ And the single comment on the link as I compose this post is to the effect that the only safe way to use the road is to be driving a car at the speed limit, which would make farmers trying to work their fields a but upset to not be allowed to move their equipment from one field to another.

And those are all the links about bicycles that gave me fits today.

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