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Still struggling with making the beer-view mirrors, and the Feed

One of the things that has nothing to do with the “Crash of 2001” that has been a long-term issue with me is a lipoma on my neck restricting my ability to turn my head. It interferes with the ability of the muscle it sits over to stretch and contract making turning my head to see what is behind me pretty much impossible when I’m out walking, and completely impossible when I have a full-face helmet blocking my vision to the side. To counter this I have mirrors on both sides of my helmet so I don’t have to twist like an owl to see what’s behind me. Well, had mirrors at any rate. My previous source for making the support struts that move my mirrors over far enough to allow unobstructed rear vision around the side of the helmet was a stash of stainless steel spokes for a 27″ wheel bike I no longer own, but those are gone now. My backup had been sticks of music wire from the local hobby store, but that went out of business and the store that replaced it does not sell music wire. That leaves me with having to purchase a coil of music wire locally, which has the problem of not being straight and leaving sloppy-looking arcs instead of simple, direct lines between the visor and the mirror. So I have to figure out how to make coiled music wire straight, or at least straight enough to use. This has been a bit trial-and-error in execution as I counter-bend the wire enough to make it straight but not curve in the wrong direction. I know how this is done to convert the coils to sticks for selling in hobby stores but that requires machinery I will never have access to. Also the high-carbon steel of music wire is much less ductile than the spokes I used to use making the mirrors, and as the music wire is not threaded I can’t simply use a spoke nipple to clamp the mirror in place after adjusting it from side to side. I have to make a structure inside the bottle cap that prevents the mirror from rotating in the vertical axis, which keeps the mirror pointed in the direction I want it too but makes getting it pointed in that direction a pain in the thumb and index finger.

What this all amounts to is it is taking much longer to get my safety gear together than it took to get the bike together. The bike has been ready to go for almost a month now (long enough that I had to pump the tires back up), but the helmet is still sitting in the box waiting for me to finish it. And I still need to buy some gloves since the former snow bike is a standard diamond frame bike and I will be putting pressure on my palms while I ride, again. Interesting note, the former snow bike is almost the exact same color as Blue. I have a couple of choices for this bike’s name because of that. This bike has almost no personality to suggest a name which leaves me with color and previous use to suggest the use of Blue Too, or Snowy as the moniker for this bike which is converted from a BSO.

A wreck report that rivals what you get in the UK for the dearth of information present, from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike since before I started writing this blog however long that was. Child struck by vehicle while riding bike in suburban Boca Raton The good part, they didn’t blame the kid for “playing in the street”. The bad part they didn’t blame the driver for failing to control a deadly device so that it did not cause harm.

A wreck in TN that falls into the “not avoidable by humans” category (I need to start tagging those wrecks). Two killed in separate traffic accidents The driver of the weapon vehicle lost control after attempting an illegal pass, crossing the centerline and hitting the cyclist on the opposite shoulder of the road head on. Infrastructure would not help absent a physical barrier like a jersey barrier or similar as the weapon vehicle went on to hit other things on the side of the road after killing the cyclist.

OH wreck that sounds like a right hook. Man on bike killed in collision in Jackson Township Killed by a semi in an intersection and they aren’t immediately blaming the cyclist, but beyond that nothing concrete. The location and lack of blame being placed on the cyclist are the only things I can point at to back up my pop assessment. Intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. More Jackson Twp. cyclist killed in collision with dump truck

Update on an IA wreck. Injured Polk City bicyclist upgraded to fair condition The lack of physical evidence is severely hampering this hit-and-run investigation.

What appears to be a deliberate attack on a cyclist. Bicyclist dragged, killed by hit-and-run driver in Detroit Hit-from-behind but not much chance to avoid as the wreck seemed to be intentional considering the distance the cyclist was dragged with him and his bike making noises under the vehicle. Infrastructure would have to be barrier protected to prevent. And when they find the killer driver murder charges would be appropriate.

A left cross in CO. Boulder cyclist killed when hit by car Tuesday night in Fort Collins Driver not paying attention to all the traffic lanes before making his turn kills a cyclist. Intersection wreck, protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure RIGHT to prevent.

Update on a NM wreck. Grant County man charged in May crash that killed Albuquerque area cyclist Not the kind of wreck a human cyclist could avoid…

More on the sentencing of a killer driver in CA. Cayucos woman who killed bicyclist gets 11 years in prison It really all depends on what weapon you use when you kill as to what kind of sentence you get. Use a car and the max is less than 12 years, use a gun and it’s a minimum of 20 to life.

A wreck in the Great White North leaves a cyclist in serious condition. Thank [*Deity] they have a decent health care system in Canada. Injured Cyclist In Critical Condition The puzzling thing is that between the narrative and the location you have to think the cyclist ran the stop sign, but if he did this particular news outlet would be on it like stink on poop, and it isn’t even mentioned as a possibility. Very strange. Anyway, intersection wreck so use the protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Lifestyle in ID. Cyclists take ‘one last ride’ to honor man killed

And that appears to be all the bicycle links that gave me fits today.

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