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Long day coming, and the Feed

I will be taking a camping trip next week and the sleep pad I have been using since the last decade of the 20th Century basically expired on my last trip, so I have to make a trip to the sporting goods store for an air mattress. Also I have an event to attend tonight at my church, so there is a time constraint. Fortunately the Feed is especially small today.

Up first is somewhat breaking news about a Mormon missionary getting smacked by a car. Breaking news: Mormon missionary killed in Arcadia bike collision and Mormon missionary dies after being hit by vehicle in California Nothing so far on the mode or location, I’ll keep an eye on this one.

Another kid killed in CA, this one getting hit by a train. Authorities ID teenage boy on a bicycle who was hit by a commuter train in Riverside I keep telling people that avoiding trains is easy, just don’t ride where trains go when the trains are there. This kid didn’t do that, but went around/under the crossing arms after one train passed only to get hit by another train going the opposite direction.

Kids seems to be the theme for today as a GA cyclist is injured by a kid driving a golf cart in the road. Cyclist injured in PTC cart collision The kid was driving in the crosswalk when he hit the cyclist riding in the street. So, intersection protocols to avoid and stop letting kids drive golf carts on the sidewalks to prevent.

Another report on the OH cyclist hit by a dump truck/semi. Jackson Twp. cyclist killed in collision with dump truck Nothing new to relate, just a new link.

A killer driver awaits sentencing in Enn Zed. Sentencing due over cyclist death I’m hoping for a stiff sentence combined with a lifetime ban on driving.

Infrastructure! news from NYC. Cyclist Detained By Cops For Running Red Light Ends Up With Nerve Damage I was wondering how many drivers pulled over for running a red light at an empty intersection immediately start getting their cars vandalized by police before the ticket was even written?

And those are all the links about bicycles that gave me fits today.

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