Garfield was psychotic about Mondays, and the Feed

For those wondering about the headline, you are probably unfamiliar with American newspaper comics and I really can’t help you in this space. Google “Garfield I hate Mondays” with the quotes and come back, I’ll wait… Has the cultural illiterate left yet? 😛 😉 Anyway, as Garfield was a cat and did not work he had no reason to hate any particular day of the week over any other day of the week, hence the psychotic diagnosis. As I wrote in my last post I had a bad weekend, they can’t all be zircons.

Up first when you ride on a highway through a national wildlife refuge in TX during the shutdown, you get a ticket for trespassing. Cyclist gets citation for riding in national park I see this as a potential entrapment charge, no sign and people in civilian clothes telling him the road was closed.

Moving to NYC we get a wreck that drives me crazy even though it isn’t a person on a bike. 2-Year-Old Killed By Alleged Drunk Driver In Queens killed walking in a crosswalk with his mother…

From PA, if someone can’t see something as big as a small car in the road in front of them (with a slow-moving vehicle triangle on it), what chance does a cyclist have? Lancaster County Amish family of 4 treated, released after crash All I have to say is I’m glad I don’t share the road with that driver.

Similar news from AZ. Steller: In Tucson, lives of walkers, cyclists are cheap

An OH wreck where they can’t figure out which way the cyclist was riding… Bicyclist seriously injured in crash and Bicyclist Seriously Injured in Crash I think the reason they can’t tell which way the cyclist was riding is related to the reason they towed the weapon vehicle away from the wreck, the crash was too violent to leave much evidence intact on the bike. I’m going to go with a hit-from-behind wreck as it is most consistent with the limited information I have until they pull up video of the cyclist riding salmon. So protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Still in OH. Police Look for Driver in Cyclist Hit-Skip As a victim of a deliberate assault by a driver, this does not sound like a “loss of control” wreck to me, more like “bicycle rider, 100 points!” Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid if that was even physically possible, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A PA cyclist literally crashed a Columbus Day Parade. Columbus Day parade marcher injured

They haven’t found the driver in this hit-and-run update from AZ. Motorist who dragged AZ bicyclist 108 feet still missing

I’m absolutely positive “bad decisions” are the reason why so many people have been killed in ID by people driving in motor vehicles. A string of ‘bad decisions’ behind run of pedestrians and bicyclists accidents in Boise Except they weren’t “accidents” and the common thread is someone driving a motor vehicle.

A CA wreck involving a cyclist and a deputy hitting head on. Officials: Investigation into fatal crash involving deputy expected to last several months Several months, long enough for the report to fall off the front pages and into the deep round file.

Still looking for the driver in this hit-and-run from Enn Zed. Police renew appeal for help in cyclist’s death Wreck was 4 years ago.

A little good Infrastructure! news from CA. Mike Gatto’s Hit-and-Run Legislation goes to Governor Brown in the Wake of Recent Tragedies This is a bill that benefits every road user, not just us on two wheels. Anyone on the road can be hit-and-run…

Another link to that quarter-million dollar payout for bad infrastructure in Tacoma. Tacoma ordered to pay $242,000 to cyclist I think what won the case for the cyclist was the cones directing traffic around the road defect had been removed so the cyclist though the defect they were directing people around had been repaired. And sovereign immunity does not apply for things government is supposed to be doing… (hmm, suing Congress for not doing their jobs?)

Sometimes you have to tell the cops about the laws, some don’t get the memo. Gina’s Story and “The 3 Foot Law” This is MD infrastructure, but it could be anywhere with a passing law.

Last link, since a big part of the problem with bike shoes is the cleat makes the heel lower than the toes making high-heeled bike shoes would be a no-brainer. Bringing Sexy Back to Biking: High Heeled Cycling Shoes

And those are all the links that gave me fits…

Billed @€0.02, Opus

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