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“Hey, baby, wanna help me kill all humans?” and the Feed

I’m using Bender’s favorite pickup line not because I really want to kill all humans (I think a large number are cute and cuddly and fun to be with) but rather because I’m getting disgusted with a large chunk of said human race, starting with the juvenile idiots that shot up where I was camping last week. But I’m not going to limit my disgust to just them when there are so many others who are richly deserving of summary execution: drunk drivers who kill, Tea Party Congresscritters, talk radio bloviators, people who destroy the environment for a small personal profit at a large public expense, I could go on for pages (and I might at some point in the future). Basically I think people that lie, cheat, and steal as a business model need to get beaten with large heavy things, like when Dorothy dropped that house on my sister. If you would like you can add to that list in the comments, who do you think needs a permanent “time out”?

Today’s post will be a collection of the links I got since Saturday, so I will be skipping the links from Wednesday through Friday last week to both eliminate dead links and to keep the post under a manageable size. I apologize for all the deserving stories that I will perforce ignore, but it can’t be helped.

Down the road a bit from WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell a driver loses his mind on camera. Grandfather, 74, confronts cyclists with baseball bat after running one biker off the road and suddenly stopping in front of another, causing serious injury When the Daily Mail says you’re a nutter, the shoe definitely fits. Hit from behind protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. And get that nut off the roads before he kills someone.

A little further afield from WoaB, in El Paso. Truck in hit and run accident found Little girl walking bike through the crosswalk is hit and nearly killed and the driver leaves her to die, along with a few parts off the weapon vehicle. No way for a human cyclist to avoid this wreck, and physical infrastructure without barriers would not have been much use either.

A cyclist in AR is killed by a LEO, no criminality suspected… Harding grad student dies after bicycle collides with White County deputy’s patrol car and White Co. deputy hits, kills Harding University grad student, Courtney Book Nothing on the mode or any information that might cast the LEO in a negative light… Not saying there may be a coverup going on here, but you know what they say about a duck.

A CT cyclist dies in a multiple vehicle hit-and-run. Weston bicyclist dead after Bethel hit-and-run Hit by one vehicle that knocked the cyclist under the second vehicle then the first vehicle leaves the scene. I have no idea how a human cyclist is supposed to avoid a wreck like this as he was doing everything right when he was hit by the first vehicle. There is a possibility that getting the infrastructure right could have prevented this wreck.

A NY cyclist is killed by a blind driver. Police ID woman, 74, killed while riding bike on Kirkland road and Woman, 78, killed while riding bike on NY road Driver travelling an unknown distance down the road not looking out the front by his own admission is not charged with killing woman legally in the lane, TANJ! Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and charge drivers that admit they were at speed not looking where they were going with murder when they kill someone. More Bicyclist killed in Saturday accident identified Oh [*Deity]! Update: Pickup truck driver ‘looking into soybean field’ hit, killed 74-year-old bicyclist not wearing helmet At least the comments on this link were (mostly) sane.

A PA student is injured in the chinese fire drill that is morning drop off in suburban schools. Spokeswoman: Manheim Twp. student hospitalized after riding bike into bus This one is hard to explain unless you have been to a suburban school and seen the drop off, which for most schools is 100% set up for people driving cars, with walkers and cyclists left to fend as best they can. A cyclist seriously needs to have precognitive situational awareness to survive in that madhouse.

A cyclist is injured trying to cross a road in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Cyclist flown to hospital following wreck From the narrative it appears the cyclist was either faced with a short light or a defective light that would not detect a bicycle and was forced to cross on the red, while the Street View shows a simple loop dipole traffic sensor which is the second worst for detecting bicycles (and motorcycles) trying to cross the road. So, intersection protocols to avoid with special attention to legal techniques for dealing with defective traffic signals to avoid this wreck, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Another cyclist in the most deadliest state. Teen critically injured after bike strikes pulled trailer Driver bullies cyclist off the road and doesn’t move over any as he passes… More 13-year-old in critical condition after Cape Coral crash

A cyclist is killed by a city bus making a turn in S.F. CA. Bicycle Rider Struck, Killed By Muni Bus and Cyclist Killed by Muni Bus, Streets Closed (Update) also Cyclist Killed By San Francisco Bus No mention on which direction the bus was turning, as a right turn could have been the cyclist’s fault but a left turn was totally the bus driver’s fault. Anyway, it was an intersection wreck, intersection protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. Late link Bicyclist fatally struck by Muni bus This link states there is some uncertainty if the bus driver was legally in the intersection. That makes it twice as hard to avoid with intersection protocols if the driver was running the red. Also Cyclist Killed By Muni Bus Identified At 78-Year-Old SF Man

Update on a fatal CA wreck. Following Deadly Crash with Bicycle, Attorney Due in Court Tuesday This was the driver accused of being impaired by prescription drugs at the time of the death.

A CA cyclist is hit by a train and they aren’t blaming the cyclist? Cyclists struck and killed by Metrolink train in Palmdale That the cyclist was not immediately blamed for being on the tracks is puzzling, the only thing I can deduce from the wreck narrative is the possibility that the crossing signals were defective or inoperable for some reason. More Cyclist struck and killed by LA-area train

Another CA cyclist is hit from behind. Bicyclist struck by SUV, killed in Forestville No lights or reflectors at night, not a good combination. Use the protocols to avoid including being properly lighted after sundown to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. More Forestville man killed in bicycle crash And in this report the bike had reflectors the driver failed to see.

A SWSS in CA. Cyclist killed in collision with SUV Hit-from-behind protocols might be able to deal with these blind drivers to avoid wrecks like this, get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A cyclist in the Great White North was so bothered by bad driving on his commute he mounted a camera to his bike. Avid cyclist feared for safety on busy Ottawa commute And shortly after he mounted the camera he was killed in a traffic wreck. More Ottawa cyclists, friends, gather to remember slain bike enthusiast Mario Théoret and Ghost bike honours cyclist killed at busy intersection

A [*Deity]awful wreck in the Great White North. Cyclist dies of injuries after caught, dragged by trailer in downtown Toronto Cyclist minding own business in bike lane is run over from behind by a trailer hanging out past the sides of the towing vehicle. This only goes to show that even in the bike lane you have to be alert for a hit-from-behind wreck.

Another wreck in the GWN. Cyclist seriously injured after being struck in Mile End No lights or reflectors and her helmet was strapped to the handlebars. Add that to running a stop sign while passing a stopped vehicle… let’s just say that there are no protocols for this one because the cyclist was riding like a suicide.

A wreck in Oz that was not believed to involve a motor vehicle. Cyclist airlifted to hospital after crash Not much to go on other than the fact that there was another cyclist on scene to witness the wreck.

Another Oz wreck, a buzz job this time. Bike rider hit in Vic cycling event Buzz job, use hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Not sure how to classify this link, but it’s about a cyclist so it definitely goes in this blog. Proposal would rename park after girl killed in accident

And after posting all hose links I’m no longer sure about what I put up there in the first paragraph about not wanting to kill all humans. Well, I still don’t want to kill all humans, but the list of potential survivors got a lot shorter today.

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