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Still trying to get caught back up, and the Feed

I’m still not caught up with the Feed and my e-mail, and what is worse I have a court date tomorrow morning that will put me even further behind and I really need to mow the grass after all this rain we have had and PERIODS! I need to remember to use periods after completing a thought. Sheesh, you would think I hadn’t written anything since high school with all the “ands”. Periods are much easier than “ands” so why expend more effort than required and at the same time reduce readability?

The court date is for the fence that we had partially disassembled at the order of the city a few years back, turns out they didn’t really want partial disassembly, they wanted it either gone or replaced. Well they should have mentioned something earlier than 4 years later. And they should have specified remove or replace instead of the notices about our fence leaning. What we had standing was a section of chain link that supported our grape vine for many years (back before the Great Crash of 2001) and what amounted to a privacy screen that prevented people on the street from seeing into the back yard. It didn’t do anything about people in the back alley, but the fence never did that even when it was complete.

A wreck a long way from WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, but still in-state. Police: Cyclist killed on Price Road Hit-from-behind wreck by a drunk riding a motorcycle, use the protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A salmon cyclist is hit in GA. Man On Bicycle Killed By Drunk Driver Given the reported speed of the weapon vehicle the direction of travel for the cyclist would not have made any difference one way or the other in this wreck, a car moving over 80 MPH is going to be nearly instantly fatal no matter which direction you’re going.

Update on a wreck in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Cyclist killed last week identified This kind of wreck is why it’s more dangerous to ride against traffic than with it. Another link Cyclist killed last week identified

A cyclist is injured in a UT wreck where the narrative makes no sense. Cyclist injured after hit by car in Cottonwood Heights The cyclist was truck as he pulled behind some cars waiting at the light, according to the narrative, which makes no sense as there was nothing to cause cars waiting at the light to hang over the active travel lanes of Wasatch where the cyclist at the back of the pack would be exposed. Somebody is making “stuff” up.

A CA cyclist is hit-from-behind. Bicyclist Killed in Forestville Car Accident Identified Another blind driver making the streets dangerous to anyone not driving a car. Use the protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A road hazard AK cyclists have to deal with that we in the Lower 48 don’t. AK Beat: Another moose shot, killed in Anchorage’s Kincaid Park Nearly as bad as a road-raging cager, only slightly less smart.

A cyclist is murdered (police term, not mine) in the Great White North. Police seize truck connected to cyclist killing Not avoidable by a human cyclist and I don’t think changing the physical infrastructure would do anything to prevent it either. As deliberately pursuing and killing people is already against the law changing the legal infrastructure would not help either.

A wreck that again has some puzzling aspects in the Great White North. Cyclist, 60, seriously injured after being struck by car on Finch Avenue Looking at Google Maps there are several driveways to shopping and dining near where the cyclist was hit that would have required riding in the passing lane to get from the bike lane to the access point for the retail. Since lights and reflectors were not mentioned it can be assumed the cyclist was at a minimum legally equipped, so hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A really stupid driver in Canuckistan. Driver stops to blame injured cyclist Driver crowding or crossing the center line hits a cyclist head on and demanded he get out of the ditch to remove his bike from under her vehicle, then leaves the cyclist laying in the ditch to drag the bike under her vehicle until she found someone to ask for a hammer to beat the bicycle out from under her vehicle. She gets arrested for DUI and hit-and-run but is on probation from a drug conviction… And it keeps getting better and better.

A cyclist in Oz is killed when a piece of equipment comes unsecured on a passing truck. Woman dies from massive head injuries after being knocked from bicycle in accident with truck I have no idea how anyone could have avoided this wreck or prevented it as the safety catch that was supposed to restrain the stabilizer failed to work properly.

Hit-and-run in Oz. Cyclist injured in what’s believed to be a hit and run Other than the bare facts of the wreck happening I don’t have enough to tell you how to avoid or anything.

Lifestyle in Oz. Lost cyclists rescue Wedgetail eagle and the first-person account THE RIDE OF THE YEAR

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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