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Well that didn’t turn out so bad, and the Feed

I’m back and only slightly poorer than before because I got a top up card for my mobile and a hamburger from that Scottish place 😉 I’m still not too happy that the city seems to have plenty of manpower available to give me a bad time, but when someone tries to kill me or cause bodily harm, or to steal my possessions, then there’s no one available to help me or even take a proper report (who tries to find a custom bike of unusual configuration without even so much as a picture of the bike?).

Another fatal bicycle wreck in South TX. Man hit by car in Edinburg and a somewhat less literate report from Faux Nooz Cyclist Killed, Driver May Face Charges If I’m reading the Fox report right the driver ran into a group of cyclists hitting 5 of them and the driver is being held pending a toxicology report. That means he was either drunk or stoned, or so stupid he couldn’t keep from hitting 5 people on bicycles riding in front of him. Hit-from-behind protocols might have been helpful for avoiding this, but getting the infrastructure right would have prevented it. That’s 2 fatal bike wrecks in 2 days within a few miles of each other…

Austin pedestrian injured in a bicycle hit-and-run. Woman injured after she says cyclist knocked her down on sidewalk How many times do I have to write it?: DON’T HIT THE PEDESTRIANS! When riding on the sidewalk because the street lacks safe cycling space, always yield to pedestrians, just like you would have motor vehicles yield to you. DON’T HIT THE PEDESTRIANS!

Update on the cyclist killed by a hit-and-run in CT. Police Release New Description Of Car Involved In Death Of Weston Cyclist and Bicyclist Thomas Steinert-Threlkeld, of Weston, dies in Bethel hit-and-run Nothing helpful here in either link.

Update on a NY fatal bike wreck. Pa. man pleads guilty to killing teen on a bike in Oneida County Now we just have to wait on the sentencing.

A cyclist is stuck under a SUV that literally ran him over in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Trapped cyclist seriously injured (PHOTOS) The cyclist was hit from behind by a vehicle turning right through the bike lane. This combines the worst of the hit-from-behind and the intersection protocols. I don’t think physical infrastructure without barriers would be enough to prevent this wreck, because that’s what was in place at the time.

A KY wreck that makes me queasy. Cyclist sent through windshield in Wednesday night crash Again the remains of the bike and the final location of the cyclist don’t match the narrative of a cyclist crossing the road. The wheel shows an impact that was mostly from the rear with a small amount of misalignment, but not the broadside impact one would expect from a cyclist crossing the road in front of a car moving at a speed high enough to cause the cyclist to wind up in the driver’s lap. Notice the complete lack of damage to the front wheel which should be displaying a typical pringle shape if the cyclist had been hit from the side hard enough to put him in the driver’s lap. If this cyclist was really crossing the road, his crossing angle wasn’t more than about 15 degrees off parallel with the road. So that makes this a hit-from-behind wreck, protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A TN cyclist is blamed for hitting the drunk driver that sent him to the hospital. Update: Driver of vehicle struck by bicycle identified The original narrative for the wreck had the cyclist cut off by the driver causing the wreck.

A story attracting a lot of attention is the missing safety device that would have prevented the death of the cyclist right-hooked by a Muni bus in S.F. CA. Bus that killed S.F. cyclist lacked safety feature and Report Of Missing Safety Device In Fatal Collision With Bicyclist Prompts SF Muni Fleet Inspection also Cyclist’s death renews bike coalition’s push for safety improvements in SoMa and this too Breaking: Muni Bus that Killed Cyclist Cheng Jin Lai Missing Key Safety Equipment Cyclist dies because a critical safety part that costs just a few bucks wasn’t replaced when it was broken. I smell a huge lawsuit coming.

Another CA cyclist is hit by a large municipal vehicle. Midtown Sacramento cyclist seriously injured in collision with city garbage truck I had to look at the Street View of the wreck scene to make heads or tails of the narrative, but it looks like the truck either left hooked or merged on top of the cyclist. Intersection wreck requires intersection protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent, which in this case seems to include training truck drivers not to run over bikes in the bike lanes when they turn. Notice that there are bike lanes on both sides of this one-way street.

Update on another CA hit-and-run. Man pleads not guilty to fatal hit-and-run near Chico State

Update on a SWSS in CA. Sacto 911: Cyclist killed in Monday accident in south Sacramento identified

An AK cyclist with reflectors and blinky lights front and rear is right crossed while riding in a crosswalk. Anchorage man on bicycle suffers injuries in crash with driver of compact car Intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. It is suggested to not ride salmon on the sidewalk however.

Update on a cyclist murder in the Great White North. Still no arrests made in slaying of Hamilton cyclist Apparently the registered owner was not the true owner at the time of this murder by vehicle.

Update on a cyclist killed in the GWN because of ? Another cyclist dies because North American trucks don’t have sideguards I really don’t understand this one, the guards also improve fuel consumption resulting in payback of the cost to install in less than a year, but they don’t get installed because ? they might save a pedestrian or cyclist from being crushed to death?

Infrastructure! news from the UK. TfL won’t face corporate manslaughter charge over Kings Cross cyclist death Apparently they can’t find anyone that was responsible for the continued construction of the intersection after the law went into effect.

More infrastructure from Scotland. Scottish cyclist deaths and injuries rise and Roads casualties at record low but more cyclists injured Same as last year, cars are getting more and more like tanks that survive wrecks that would have been fatal 40 years ago (look up Malibu vs Impala on you tube for an example of tank-like modern cars compared to what cars used to be like) but cyclists and pedestrians are still just as fragile as always.

Last link BikingInLA’s Ted Rogers almost ran into a TX driver (substitute your favorite brand of moron if you prefer). Just another right hook — from the left lane

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