Where’s my head, and the Feed

I should probably just skip today and tomorrow’s posts because of lack of time and concentration. I didn’t have time to get to the party store for bribe trinkets so I will have to do that today between the post and my D&D gig. We are finally in a setting where I can use my character’s abilities to climb walls and blow up monsters without having to exercise the restraint to avoid detection as a Warlock class. Warlocks are held with fear and disdain in “civilized” areas, and while those with good alignments like mine are accepted in parties of adventurers they mostly tend to not get along with groups of more than 2. When we encounter others in our journeys the size of the party I belong to calms the fear and hostility I would otherwise encounter. And the fact that I can take out an enemy at 250 feet with repeated blasts of magical power and use detect magic at will along with other skills that are innate to my character class make me useful.

From inside TX but a long way from WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell comes a report of good police work. Driver charged after Winter Texan cyclist’s death The driver hit a group ride from behind, killing the Lanterne Rouge. The driver has been charged with intoxication manslaughter instead of DUI murder because of a lack of previous DUI convictions.

A wreck in NYC. Cyclist In Serious Condition After Midtown Citi Bike Incident Nothing about why the cyclist sideswiped the curb in this incident. Gutter Bunny rider, move away from the curb and into the lane to prevent. This will also make you less prone to a buzz job.

Update on a PA wreck. Perkins admits guilt in 2012 cyclist death Even after killing someone this waste of human skin was allowed to continue to drive, and he continued to drive chemically impaired.

An IL cyclist is hit legally crossing an intersection. Oak Park man, 91, dies in bike accident This kind of report pisses me off, the cyclist was hit riding legally across the intersection and died, and all the driver will get was a ticket. Intersection protocols would not have helped in this case and the driver ignored the built infrastructure so changing the physical infrastructure wouldn’t have made much difference either. The only thing that would stop stuff like this is making the actual killing a crime instead of making it a crime when the driver is DUI for the second time or using a gun instead of a motor vehicle.

An IL wreck I have no idea how to avoid. Teen shot riding bike on North Side street Why would someone set down the perfect murder weapon (motor vehicle) and use a gun on someone where you go from a near certainty of death to a 9% chance of hitting something vital when you actually hit with a 5% chance of hitting anything at all.

Another report on a CA cyclist hit from behind. Marysville cyclist hit, killed by car The cyclist’s lights were non-functional after the wreck and not believed to have been in use prior to the wreck. You have to maintain these things people! More Bicyclist who was struck and killed on Thursday recalled as ‘good person’

A pair of infrastructure letters in PA to the same paper. Cars real threat I and Cars real threat II And in response to the opening statement of the second letter in all the wreck reports I have done since 2006 there were 4 drivers who died in wrecks with cyclists, one that may have been dead before the wreck and 3 more killed when the cyclist they hit came through the windshield and caused varying degrees of crushing injury.

A mixture of infrastructure and lifestyle in IL. Road named in honor of cyclist killed by driver in Old Town

Lifestyle in CA. Ghost bike memorial placed for Oxnard bicyclist killed Monday When I was a kid watching Roger Ramjet cartoons “Oxnard” was the punchline to about half the jokes. The other half were “Lompoc”.

And those were all the links that gave me fits about bicycles today.

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