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Up first a kid on a bike gets hit riding to school in TX. Student riding bike to school hit by car in NW Harris County Nothing on the mode, and Google maps is trying to tell me the intersection does not exist. I see addresses for Spring Barker on both sides of Barker Cypress, but no intersection where the two cross. And the addresses for Spring Barker roughly parallel Barker Cypress for a while on one side then on the other. So, what happened? And where?

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike a report on another fatality. 89-year-old on tricycle struck, killed in Oviedo and Elderly man on bicycle struck, killed in Oviedo I can’t think of a single excuse not to see an adult riding an adult tricycle broadside, except to not be looking where you’re going. Intersection wreck, but the protocols are rendered moot by the cyclist getting hit broadside, and the driver couldn’t even handle driving with the built infrastructure so changing the physical infrastructure would not have helped much either. The only option left is changing the legal infrastructure to one of assumed liability, you hit a cyclist and you have to prove the cyclist was in the wrong before you’re out of the woods. This case the driver would never get out of the woods, legally speaking.

Also from the most deadliest state, a survivor. Injured 13-year-old cyclist returns home after hit-and-run crash Hit and run while riding on the sidewalk? TANJ!

Another one of those killings that just don’t make any sense in AL. Funeral for Bicyclist Shot and Killed Seriously, words fail me at times like this.

Another link to the senseless death of a cyclist in IL. 92-year-old cyclist dies after Madison St. accident This was not an “accident”, this was a killing.

Update on a wreck in the Great White North. Rally for Tyler; Hit-and-Run Suspects In Court Apparently our neighbors to the north (waaay north from WoaB) have a more civilized attitude about bicycles and kids getting hit. Neither the driver nor the passenger have been released from jail for this wreck.

Infrastructure! news from CA. Bike advocates and Atwater activists on collision course over Glendale-Hyperion bridge project The cyclists are complaining that the project as proposed now bears no resemblance to the project approved in the 2010 Bike Plan.

Infrastructure and bicycle advocacy from DC. When people stop being nice and start being real

And those are all the links about bicycles that gave me fits today.

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