Still wrangling with what to do, and the Feed

Regular readers know I have two problems facing me at the moment: someone sent me a bunch of money to buy a new bike, and I have a bunch of bills that need to get paid worse than I need a new bike, and I have an overdeveloped sense of ethics. Ethically the solution is I buy a new bike that covers the parameters of the giver (buy a “cheap” cargo bike) and then spend the remainder on the bills. The problem is the bills that need paying now are greater even than the amount of money I was given to buy the bike… I will have to think about this.

Up first is a cyclist hit in TX capitol city. Bicyclist killed in West Travis County This wreck is a direct result of LEO in TX forcing cyclists to ride in the shoulder instead of the lane and nobody being responsible for clearing the debris from the shoulder to make riding safe.

Another example of what it takes to get enforcement when a cyclist or pedestrian is killed in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Caught on Tape: Teen high on K-2 when he struck, killed cyclist If the person that pulled the hit-and-run driver over did not have a cell phone to record the confession, this would have been treated as just another “accident”.

A second cyclist is murdered in AL. Delta Bike Project co-founder on Lyons Park homicide: ‘senseless killing has got to cease’ No motive has been determined for the second shooting. The motive for the first shooting now appears to have been robbery. And I don’t know how to avoid getting shot while you are riding a bike. This may be a long-held grudge against cyclists, even.

Hit-and-run in CO. Denver police searching for hit-and-run semi-truck that struck cyclist in LoDo Intersection wreck, so use the protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages and get the infrastructure right to prevent. The part about the driver leaving the scene with part of the bicycle embedded in the front of the truck caused me mild emotional distress.

An OR cyclist’s death by right hook is sent to the DA. Bicyclist’s death sent to DA’s office for study This should be a drop-dead simple case for the DA as there is a statute in OR that makes death resulting from right hooks and such felonies and is supposed to be quite easy to prove. One thing I find disturbing about the article is so much space is devoted to the cyclist’s lack of helmet use and nothing to not cutting a cyclist off when making a right turn.

Another OR wreck. Bicyclist injured in collision with school bus Since more than 90% of the body of the story was repeated in the headline, I’m going to say I will wait until this story updates before making a judgment.

More on a cyclist murdered in the Great White North. Disabled cyclist died ‘a cruel death,’ family says The driver in this case chased down the cyclist and hunted him when the cyclist managed to elude him for a short time. I make the suggestion that the driver be flogged with a bicycle chain wielded by a professional hammer thrower (to put some real muscle behind it) prior to putting him in prison.

A salmon cyclist is hit in the Great White North. Cyclist pedaling against traffic, suffers multiple injuries after being hit Note that the driver had just left a high-speed highway when the cyclist was hit, so finding fault in this wreck isn’t 100% on the cyclist (as much as I dislike salmon cycling).

Another cyclist is hit in the same city as the previous link. Cyclist injured in hit and run in Pierrefonds Regardless of who was initially at fault in the wreck, leaving the scene made it the fault of the driver. Intersection wreck, so use the protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Another link to the cyclist killed by a tour bus in Oz. Woman killed in freak crash Again the “no reflective clothing” meme is dragged from the cesspool it should stay in.

Last link is from Bikeyface, on finding romance on your bike. ROMANCING THE BIKE One reason why this happens on bikes and not in cars is bicycles engage us in the environment, including other cyclists, where cars are deliberately built to isolate us from the environment.

And those are all the links about bicycles that gave me fit, or not, today.

Billed @€0.02, Opus

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