Happy Halloween, Blessed Samhain, and the Feed

OK first off the list is a pronunciation guide for one of the words up there, Samhain. When Celtic runes were transliterated into the Latin alphabet they were done so mainly on the basis of letter shapes and not by pronunciation, and some of the pronunciation rules were changed to screw up the English later by the Irish. Anywho, the word is pronounced SOW-when, not SAM-hane. This is one of the two High Holy Days for us witches, the other being Beltain (which perversely IS pronounced the way it’s spelled) on May 1. During these two times some believe the dead can converse with us should they have the desire and we slow down to listen to them. Since I have a bad enough time talking to living people and a lack of patience with slow conversation, I don’t talk with dead people. Anyway that’s the origin of the modern Halloween myth that ghosts walk among us on October 31, and that we need to disguise ourselves so that the dead may not curse us in life. I just like dressing up in costumes, but this year I will be Fat Lance again, minus the basting syringes from last year.

And if you aren’t going to get your broom registered with the FAA as an Experimental Homebuilt Aircraft then you need to be using some precautions when you fly. And seriously consider lighting to FAA standards instead of just using bicycle lights, bicycle lights belong on bicycles, not brooms.

Up first is one of several links from TX. This one almost places closure on the death of a cyclist. Amarillo Man Pleads Guilty to Killing Cyclist I can’t understand why hitting a cyclist in his lane head on did not get more of a sentence than 30 days in jail and an additional 5 days one day a year on the anniversary of the cyclist’s death. I don’t have the time, could someone look up what people have gotten for killing people in cars by crossing into their lane and hitting them head on? I’m willing to bet it was more than 35 days in jail.

Also in TX, a cyclist gets a flat and falls in front of a truck that runs her over with a trailer. Corpus Christi Woman Killed In Bicycle Accident In Austin and Cyclist dies after falling into traffic I think I classified this one as mostly infrastructure related when I posted the link to the preliminary report yesterday, as LEO in TX force cyclists to ride on the shoulder and nobody is responsible for making sure the shoulders are safe to ride on.

Several links to cyclists killed in NYC and surrounds today, also. Cyclist Killed In The Bronx This Morning and Cyclist Struck in the Bronx Today Is Second Fatality in Past Two Weeks and this one too Bicyclist struck and killed in the Bronx NYPD is claiming the cyclist ran a red without stating how they know this. Anyway, intersection wreck so use intersection protocols to avoid or mitigate damages in a similar wreck, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A cyclist is left-crossed in VA. Bicyclist injured after collision with car in Salem You know the drill by now, intersection protocols, yadda yadda, infrastructure, yadda yadda.

Final outcome of a wreck in WV. State Farm to pay $25K over child hit while riding bike $25K on more than $60K of bills, that was a heckuva deal for the insurance company.

A MS cyclist is recovering. Cyclist hit by car undergoes surgery Nothing about the mode or location, just that the cyclist was critically injured and required surgery. Last night when I filtered this mess the cyclist was in unstable condition and on the way to surgery, so things have improved.

A WI cyclist is hit and injured. UPDATE: Injured bicyclist was 55, on way home Intersection wreck that the cyclist almost avoided. Get the infrastructure right to prevent.

MO LEO know who died in an I70 bicycle wreck, but not why. Columbia police ID bicyclist killed on I-70 Apparently deer in MO ride bicycles when they cross the Interstate. As for why bloody clothes were found away from where the body was found, I have no idea.

One of several links to CA wrecks today. UPDATE: Bicyclist killed in SCV collision and Bicyclist hit and killed by truck in midtown Ventura Salmon cyclist hidden in glare from rising sun is whacked by a truck turning left. Intersection wreck so aside from not riding salmon use the intersection protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right so you don’t have salmon cyclists and regular cyclists don’t get hit.

Another cyclist hit by multiple vehicles after a hit-and-run in CA. Bicyclist struck, killed by hit-run driver in Anaheim and Bicyclist Killed In Anaheim Hit-And-Run First wreck was hit-from-behind so use the protocols to avoid or to mitigate the damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. This is the second multiple-impact hit-and-run in the SoCal area in a week, which is two too many.

A cyclist is hit head on in Oz, but LEO are not blaming the cyclist for the wreck. Cyclist injured in Woronora traffic accident There is very little to go on in this report, but since LEO did not immediately blame the cyclist for riding salmon there is a very good chance he wasn’t. They did blame him for not wearing a helmet which in a head on wreck is like blaming him for not having clean underwear after the wreck. Nothing on the mode or location so I can’t say if there was anything the cyclist could have done to avoid or infrastructure to prevent this wreck.

Infrastructure! news from NYC. Riders: Concrete Wheel Stops Make For Dangerous Hazard At CitiBike Stations Apparently these devices are not readily visible against the regular pavement causing tripping and other mishaps.

Last link is a video of an intentional right hook on fellow bike blogger Ted Rogers of BikingInLA. Last night’s ride, in which I flip off an impatient driver

And those were all the links about bicycles that gave me fits today.

Billed @€0.02, Opus


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